Dog Days of Summer

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We are enjoying the last of summer at the beach with our extended family


these fur babies came with us because





Dog days of summer...

Dylan is my sisters Standard Poodle...

Daisy is our daughters Shih tzu...

and this is Max her Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix...
(so they were told, he's a rescue)

Last but not least is Ellie-Mae our Maltipom...

Maltese pups have ears that lay flat
Pomeranian pups have ears that stick straight up
Ellie-Mae has one ear that is always sticking up and one that is always laying flat

so we joke that we know which which half of her is which,

her right side is Maltese and her left side is Pomeranian...

and we of course love every inch of her!

They are so much like children,
it's the end of the day and she is tuckered out!

Are your pets like a part of the family too?  Would love to hear about your fur baby...

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  1. My fur babies have all crossed the rainbow bridge and I miss them terribly. *sigh

  2. I am green with envy that you are at the beach! That is too lucky!!

    Love each one of those darling pups! That is amazing and too cute about Ellie-Mae's ears! Chihuahua's seem to be mixed with so many breeds. We have one mixed with terrier and also one mixed with Rat Terrier (much like a Jack Russell). We love them terribly and they, too, go almost everywhere with us.

    Jane xx

  3. Such cute pup! I love the cute ears:)

  4. love all those dogs. mine died 23 years ago and I still can't bring myself to adopt another.

  5. Sweet babies! Ours crossed the rainbow bridge in 2006, yet left us the legacy of long walks in our neighborhood, which we still enjoy. As we walked today, we passed two neighbors with their "new" fur babies, and they all looked so happy, I wish I had my camera at the time. Both gals lost their fur babies just within the last 3 months, both swore they'd kick each other's butt if they got another, and there they both stood, playfully gesturing the kick to each other, with fur babies in their arms. Sweet!
    Enjoy your days at the beach, Cindy.

  6. Oh, Cindy. They are all so darling. I sure miss our Buddy, he went everywhere with us. Glad you are having a good time now get back to that kitchen, I'm getting antsy to see it!!..Happy Thursday..Judy


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