On the Farm

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Farm life,.

It's like a step back in time when I visit.

On my sister and her husbands farm there are
Friesian horses,
every kind of duck,
a pond full of turtles,
Bonita the deer,
field upon field of hay and sunflowers,
beautiful gardens,
and the list goes on.

My sister and her poodle Dylan.

She loves her Friesians,
they are beautiful!


Bonita, the deer they've raised since a baby.

You can see God's amazing handiwork everywhere.
Such a peaceful place.

Hope you enjoyed these scenes from the farm!

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  1. My words escape me as I try to describe your photos. Absolutely breathtaking...there, I found a couple :) What a heavenly place...and those sunflowers....oh my gosh...just stunning! Thank you for sharing this, Cindy :)

  2. Just beautiful, the horse, the sunflowers………… etc.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  3. All city folks should be required to visit a working farm/ranch once a year. Having lived both places, I can say we mold to our environment...city life revolves around hardscape...country life revolves around growing things and working in an environment of amazing creation. Just like our kids will mold into a friend group, adults can become calloused and jaded without an infusion of everyday beauty, smelling the earth, or summer rain on fresh cut grass, seeing the sunset over a field. Thank you for sharing. Are sunflowers a $ crop for them? My aunt planted them for a rotation crop one year and it turned into that.

  4. Oh my what a fabulous farm!...just loved seeing the "residents" of the farm!..you truly got some great shots of the horses in motion...and must say that the field of sunflowers are just magnificent...truly must be so great to be able to enjoy seeing them every day!

  5. A beautiful place, and enjoyed seeing all the residents. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful place. And I love all the residents. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  7. Oh, Cindy, how beautiful! I have really enjoyed your photography too - so wonderful! That first picture of the barn with the sunflowers at the bottom looks like a painting! I loved this.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Sooo pretty! I would love to live in a place like that. Gorgeous pictures!

  9. This is so Amazing!1 It would be a Dream come True for Me
    Just Beautiful!1 Many Blessings and I will Like you from my
    personal Page and Share You on my Business page. Thank You
    for Sharing.

  10. Oh MY GOSH!!! Your photos are gorgeous.....the farm is fabulous! Your sister wouldn't want to adopt a grown daughter, or another mother, or a grandmother, I can be any one of those lol! I would give almost anything to live on a place like that! Just beautiful and the animals are awesome and so is that sunflower field!

  11. What a gorgeous spot and your photography is amazing!

  12. It sounds so beautiful Cindy!
    Look at those sunflowers!!! Gorgeous!
    I'd love me a little farm and farmhouse! lol
    I love the new look to your blog...so pretty!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  13. Such splendour!! The sunflower shot is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thanks for sharing, and the smile, Cindy!!


  14. Wow, Cindy! Your photos are amazing. I love every one and I'm going back through for another look. The third photo of the horse is a fantastic capture. So powerful. The ducklings are so sweet. The sunflowers are incredible. It's just a great collection of photos. What a beautiful farm. Thanks for making my day with this post. I enjoyed it so much. xxx Nancy

  15. Loved their beautiful horse and those gorgeous sunflowers!

  16. What a beautiul farm. The beautiful photography captures the peace of the place. Blessings, Linda

  17. amazing place. I love all your sisters animals. your photos are beautiful too!

  18. You are an amazing photographer - to capture all that beauty - just amazing ( I can't even capture a bell jar properly )
    Happily pinning practically every one of them
    What a beautiful post Cindy !

  19. Someday I keep telling myself;). The black horse rearing up is such a beautiful and powerful picture, AMAZING! I understand that has to be A LOT of work but look at all the rewards:). Thank you for sharing and your sister from the side makes me think of Meryl Streep:).


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