Farmhouse Kitchen with a Twist ~ My Special Place

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I often travel to this special place.

It's located down the road a spell and just around the bend...

It's old.

Made of stone and wood.

Full of history.

If these walls could talk, the amazing stories she could share...

I linger on the side wrapped porch,

enjoying the cool breeze and endearing squeak as I rock back and forth on the porch swing,

capturing views that few words can describe,

those my heart will remember forever...

Greeting me as I step inside the front door are dark wide plank floors,

white shiplap walls,

antiques and family heirlooms,

 and a doorway leading to the most important room in the house...

There is another way to enter this important room,

from the back,

through the old screen door, 

the one that slams each time a child runs in or out,

the door our closest friends and family enter when they come calling,

the one where kitty peers out watching the birds fly by..

And the room in this special place,

the one that I visit dream of the most

is  the
fa r m h o u s e  style  k i t c h e n!

Our home was built in 1973 on old farm land,

and though it's not the historic charmer that both Mr. Heart and I would be thrilled to own,

we love our home and are thankful for it.

So as best we can on our remodeling journey

we try to incorporate a nod to the past and charming details along the way...

like a stone porch...

and leaded glass doors for the entry...

and of course these days the kitchen remodel has all of our attention
and I'm longing for mine to be finished.

Farmhouse style kitchens may be rustic or fancy,

the cabinetry may be painted white, blue, green, any color, or stained in a warm wood tone.

The style may be primitive, French, English, or modern ... it's a personal preference.

A farmhouse kitchen has a certain feel,
a special place, inviting, cozy, warm, a sanctuary,
it feels like home.

Whatever the twist of style,
color or type of cabinetry,
farmhouse kitchens do share the same basic necessities that you'll see repeated in these examples...

Warm and inviting,
this primitive style farmhouse kitchen with several shades of blue evokes thoughts of days gone by.
I can just imagine gathering to this farm table for some baked bread fresh out of the beehive oven.

Cupboard style cabinetry,
farm sink,
rustic ceiling and beams,
tin lighting,
bread boards,
wooden bowls and a tray housing napkins,
a plate shelf displaying blue and white dishes,
blue and white canisters for storing dried goods...

This green cabinetry is so bright and fresh.

Beautiful leaded glass windows,
wood flooring,
subway tile,
old wooden door with brass hardware,
farm sink,
farm style faucet,
enamel pitcher,
and a fancy chandelier...

A little twist of modern in this kitchen...

glass front cabinets,
wood flooring,
open shelving,
cup pulls,
plate rack,
farm sink,
bridge faucet,
flush mount lighting,
brass hardware,
and braided rug...

A combination of painted and stained cabinetry, I love this look...

paneled backsplash,
exposed beams,
tin lighting,
wood flooring,
pitcher full of flowers,
copper pots and kettles on the rangetop,
black toleware trays on display,
a mix of hardware too...

Blue and green cabinetry is nice,
but I do have a thing for white farmhouse kitchens.

Like this one with glass front cabinets,
red appliances,
wood flooring,
kettle on the rangetop,
and a rooster backsplash behind the range.

Roosters are a must in a farmhouse kitchen,
maybe not as the backsplash,
but there should be a rooster somewhere in a farmhouse kitchen...

Plain and fancy here...

painted and natural wood cabinetry,
huge cherry hood over the rangetop,
glass front cabinetry,
pretty china,
exposed beams,
wood flooring,
wooden trays and bowls,
displays of fruit,
a Windsor chair,
and did you notice...there are two farm sinks...lovely!
Oh, and a rooster too...

Plank ceilings,
exposed beams,
a crock full of utensils,
glass front cabinetry,
vintage themed lighting,
wood flooring,
subway tiles,
enamel pot on rangetop,
fruit and flowers on display...

Another combination of white and cherry cabinetry...

vintage style lighting,
glass front cabinetry,
cup pulls,
wood flooring,
custom steel vent hood,
farm sink,
farm style faucet,
bowls of fruit,
subway tile...

A twist of fancy...

glass front cabinetry with arched mullions,
cup pulls,
marble subway tiles,
planked ceilings,
wood flooring,
open shelving and plate racks,
farm sink,
bread baskets,
fruit on display...

A French twist...

no upper cabinetry,
subway tile and marble,
pottery filled with fruit and onions,
farm style faucet,
vintage lighting,
baskets for storage,
love the cow head...

Other elements of a farmhouse kitchen often include

blue and white, salt boxes, transferware and spatterware, vintage linens,

dishes, dishes, dishes,
S o A p S t O n E ...

cupboards are a must,
a primitive flour bin cupboard...

a fancier flair...

all white and built in...

rustic shelving and enamelware...

glass canisters and Blue Willow cups for scooping...

fresh baked pies cooling in the window sill  or at least a kitty...

farm sink with a blue and white dish for soap...

vintage lighting,
sack cloth runners,
vintage coffee churns,
red and white checks...

a French country twist with time worn shutters,
fleur chandelier,
blue and white transferware...

yellow earthen ware and hens...


and living here in the South
we love do love our sweet tea and Jesus!

We are in the final stages!
I can't wait for my farmhouse kitchen with a twist to change from being a dream to a reality!

Do you dream of a special place?
Does yours have a squeaky porch swing
screen doors that slam

Join us each week for AMAZE ME MONDAY...


  1. Sweet kitchen dreams, Cindy. I noticed blue dishes repeating. :)

  2. No matter what country we're living in, with every gathering we've ever had - everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen! Someday when we're finally settled, our final home will be built around our Dream Kitchen!

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Love the picture you painted and what a fun post. Enjoyed it, I am in love with those 2 white kitchens in the middle of
    the post especially the one with the french twist, love those cathedral style window in those cabinets, gorgeous.
    Can't wait to see your new kitchen, bet it is gonna be everything you dreamed of.........
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Can't imagine have any of those wonderful kitchens... except in my dreams.

  5. This is very well-written Cindy, you made me dreamy-eyed reading thru this post! Can't wait to see your dream realized in your new kitchen. :-)

  6. Cindy, these are such beautiful images. There are elements that I love in each one! A farmhouse kitchen just exudes warmth and invites everyone to linger. Great inspiration!

  7. I love each and every photo! I have a white, and black, kitchen and I am always looking for ideas.sheila@mykentuckyliving

  8. Oh Cindy! My head was spinning by the MANY choices, I would have such a hard time deciding! I can't wait to see yours, and was wondering how it was coming along!

  9. I love this post SO much, my friend! Just love it!

    I am about to embark on a small project, and these are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    I can't wait to see your final project!


    Sheila... who is finally re-surfacing after a loooooong blog break!

  10. Loved this post, Cindy. There is so much to dream about here. I love a farm-house kitchen and plan to work that into my new home in the future. It will say, "Come on in and stay for tea." When you mentioned the screen door it made me think of my grandmother's farmhouse. The old wooden screen door was off the summer kitchen and to this day (50 years later) i still remember the sound it made. Nice memory. Hugs, Deb

  11. Love every single picture! I pinned quite a few, wow, white cabinets, ironstone, farm tables. Love, Love and yes a screen door to boot. Di@Cottage-wishes

  12. You open one's eyes to so many possibilities.

    You are a talent with words and with the decorative arts.


  13. So much amazing inspiration. Can't wait to see your kitchen, Cindy!
    Mary Alice

  14. LOVE all of your inspiration photos beautiful!!

  15. Oh, so enjoyed this and saw a few ideas for our new home. I'm having painted and stained cabinets in my kitchen but it is not a farmhouse kitchen. Loved all these!!

  16. It's amazing the different variations of finishes in these kitchens, yet they are all so cozy and "just right". Thanks for putting together this collection of kitchen pictures - great inspiration!

  17. What a dreamy- dream of a home! I like everything except the cat, but if it belonged to a neighbor, I would let it visit, give it a sardine treat then send it home. Hey . . . you said to dream!

  18. Gorgeous selection of kitchens! I'm starting to think about kitchens a lot lately. Not sure whether to move or re-do the one we have now, but either way, a new kitchen is on my mind... :-)

  19. So much loveliness in one post! Enjoy your weekend!

    xo Kat

  20. Loved all of the gorgeous inspiration and can't wait to see yours!

  21. I have the same dream Cindy! Our home is perfect minus the fact that the kitchen is so small. I wish there was a way we could expand it and make it into our dream kitchen. Thanx for sharing your wonderful inspiration sat THT.

  22. I love a farmhouse, especially the kitchen. I would love to own one but alas, that wont happen. I really enjoyed this post

  23. Oh my! I think I pinned practically every photo!

  24. Positively inspirational! Love all these photos thank you for this lovely post.~

  25. Wow, what eye candy!!! Don't know which one I love best!!! Can't wait to see what you have chosen for your remodel.....

  26. Absolutely marvelous examples you've found, Cindy - can't wait to see what style and elements you settle on! I'll be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  27. This is such a beautiful post, Cindy! Your words and the photos definitely capture the feel of a farmhouse kitchen. Although farmhouse style is not my style, the sentiments of what the style evokes seems to transcend any style -- a place for our families to gather, to share good food, and all those special moments we hope will be remembered forever.

  28. What gorgeous kitchens! I always love this style. From the Colonial to the French and everything in between, it is all good! Thanks for sharing this at HSH!


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