Snowballs and Fringe in the Dining Room

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Snowballs and I go way back.  Not the kind you form from freshly fallen snow, but the kind that grows on branches.  

For as long as I can remember, my momma had a snowball bush growing just outside her kitchen window.  A bright and sunny window that welcomed the afternoon sunlight ... a cheerful spot that could turn a most ordinary day into a breath of fresh air.  I loved doing dishes in momma's kitchen, that says a lot right there.  I have so many memories of momma's snowball bush full of blooms in springtime, and the sun filled window making a rainbow of colors that danced in the soapy dishwater.  Mostly, it was momma making this time special...and I still enjoy washing dishes in her sink beneath the sunny kitchen window...even though the snowball bush is long gone.

So, I made sure to plant two in my garden and the memories flood back every spring as they bloom in my garden and I bring them indoors to enjoy, like these in the dining room.

The snowball blooms look a bit like hydrangea, though they are rounder (snowball) and not as sturdy.  They don't last as long indoors either...but they are beautiful none the less.  Two snowballs broke off the stems and I couldn't leave them on the ground, so they've been placed in two small bowls.

Another springtime bloomer is the fringe tree.  It is dainty, like clouds of fleecy white with just a bit of delicate and beautiful to see when there is a bit of breeze.

To display in this pewter coffee pot, I have placed a small glass canning jar inside to hold the water and fringe tree stems.

More fringe tree blooms in this Staffordshire dog.


I wish spring blooms lasted longer, I will sure miss being able to bring in these snowball and fringe tree blooms.  Do you have a favorite spring flower?  What's blooming in your garden?



  1. So pretty, Cindy! I wish the spring blooms lasted longer as well. My mom had a snowball bush and I've always wanted one. My prom pictures were taken in front of hers.

  2. Oh Cindy,

    Such a wonderful surprise seeing your blog in my inbox again.

    I have wondered what the difference was between the two plants.

    Beautiful memories you described. Do these dry well? I'd give it a try turning them upside down. I dry many hydrangea in the fall and use them then and next spring.

    I dry new in fall again. You could enjoy them.


    1. You’re so sweet...thank you! Snowball blooms don’t last as well in water nor do they dry well, they are much more delicate than hydrangea.
      I do dry hydrangea, but don’t have much luck in them retaining their color.
      Have a blessed day!!!

  3. I loved seeing our snowball bush bloom when I was a kid. It was huge and loaded with blossoms. I don't know how many 'rootings' my mother gave to neighbors but it was quite a few. I also loved lilacs and they grew in the ditch across from our farm house. Wonderful memories...oh...and below that was a field full of sweet violets.
    Stay safe- xo Diana

  4. So pretty! I remember my Grannys lilly of the valley. It smelled so sweet and we would cut some for the kitchen table. I miss that so much!

  5. How pretty a room and I especially like the silver pitcher holding the fringe.

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Was so nice to see you posted, have missed you here in blogland. Hope all is well with you and yours during this crazy virus time. Your snowball arrangements are stunning. They are just such
    beautiful blooms. I have seen some of those trees when we have traveled up thru Georgia and South
    Carolina, They are take your breathe away beautiful for sure. I love hydrangeas too! When I was
    a kid we used to see a lot of Wisteria vines growing and their fragrance is heavenly and they
    are such a beautiful flower as grape was my Mom's favorite flower.
    Take care and how is that Grandbaby coming along?? Gosh, I bet he's close to a year old or so.
    Blessings hon,


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