Pink, Red, and a Little Girl

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It was so nice having a long holiday weekend. 
There were a number of yard chores to do that I couldn't do alone,
a dead plum tree to cut down and a few Leyland cypress trees to plant.
Having a long weekend allowed Mr. Heart to help me get those things done.

Even though we have a chain saw, he prefers using the ax to cut down trees, says it's more fun.
(crazy if you ask me)
Of course he wanted to use the ax on the dead plum tree, which takes a lot longer than using a chain saw,
so I reminded him of how many things were on our to-do list and asked if he would please have a little less fun this time and use the chain saw?
We make a good team, he cuts the tree down and then cuts all the limbs and stumps to the size required for the city to haul them away and I drag all the limbs and stumps to the curb.
He agreed to use the chain saw and we got everything done...yipee!  

We have finally finished limbing up all the trees, cutting out all the dead branches, and getting all the dead trees taken down.  It feels great having all that finished!

I wanted to share a few pretties with you.
While outside working I noticed the first flush of the New Dawn roses was almost missed...

New Dawn is a climbing rose and this one is growing on the courtyard fence.
I noticed it was about to bloom just before we headed to the beach for mother's day week and when I got back in town many of the petals were already dropping off.  This rose blooms throughout the spring and summer, however the first flush is always the best for this particular rose, and I almost missed it!

This sweet little girl is surrounded by the New Dawn rose, she is my favorite garden statue...

A closer look at this beautiful rose,
the color is a soft pink when the buds begin to open,

 fading to a pale pink, almost white, just before the petals fall...

A gift from the garden lives on and on.

These red amaryllis were transplants from my uncles garden,
and every year when they bloom I think of him.
(taken with my cell phone)

There are three pink peony bushes in the garden and one hasn't bloomed the past two years.  I believe it is getting too much shade and needs to be transplanted in a new spot with a little more sun.

Peonies are so pretty, as they are beginning to open...

And especially once in full bloom...

There are a few red rose bushes in the front beds just before the front porch
and they are in full bloom..

I finally got the pots and urns planted out back, I'll be sharing that with you soon.
So what chores did you get done over the weekend?

Hope you are having a GREAT week!

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  1. All your blooms are so pretty, Cindy. I think my peonies are finished blooming for the season, and I didn't take one single photo.

    You know I love your pretty pink New Dawn. I hope you will share your post with us for Pink Saturday this weekend.

  2. The New Dawn roses are pretty, but those amaryllis - gorgeous! I love seeing others' gardens as they unfold, especially noting the timing of different plants in different regions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your yard is just beautiful!!! Such a beautiful time of the year. Peonies are my absolute favorite...wish the bloom time was longer. Mine are finished for the year. But what a blessing during their glory!! ~Christy

  4. You have such beautiful flowers. I still have several pots that need planting.

  5. Beautiful flowers- all of them! Love the pretty pink roses- good thing you didn't miss seeing them! Obviously you live in a much warmer climate than me- those amaryllis are fabulous! I only knew them as a "Christmas flower". Someone I know in Texas showed pictures of hers growing in the ground like a lily would here. I was so surprised! I adore peonies- mine won't bloom for a little while yet. I wish they lasted longer! That's a stunning picture of the red rose!

  6. Your garden is beautiful and I love your statue!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  7. Hi Cindy! Sounds like you got so much done this past weekend. Everything looks so pretty too. That's a gorgeous rose and the little girl statue is so sweet! I love Amaryllis and yours are lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. What gorgeous have captured them wonderfully with your camera! Love roses of any color but that soft pink one as it is opening is breathtaking. When I see peonies, I always think of my sweet mom because she always had them growing in our yard. When I was little, we would always cut some of them and take them to my grandparent's grave on Memorial Day. I was also able to get out and do some cutting back of my azaleas and rhododendrons...the weather was so perfect over the weekend!

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous Cindy, most especially the New Dawn rose!

  10. You have such a beautiful garden! Only one of my peony bushes bloomed this year......I was so disappointed since they are my favorite flowers. Happy Wednesday!!!

  11. We did yard work as well, Cindy. Hubby still has a few beds to mulch this weekend. Your peonies are beautiful. I would love add some to the gardens next year. They are just such a graceful flower. I love your roses, too! Our knockouts have had a lush first bloom and are putting out buds for the next flush.

  12. Cindy, Your roses are just gorgeous. That pink one at the top doesn't look real! .. and the peony is always a favorite of mine. It was a weekend of yard work for many! Seattle is still rainy but I feel it waning and we are all looking forward to more sunshine. Enjoy your day! xxleslie

  13. Your roses and peonies are gorgeous, and wow! the amaryllis are spectacular and a beautiful reminder of your uncle.! I've never seen any growing in the ground. Your growing zone must be warmer than here. Gotta check them out online.

  14. You DID get a lot of work done! I'm happy to say I no longer have those kinds of chores and oh, am I relieved!

  15. Your flowers look gorgeous and your photos are amazing!! It all looks so beautiful!

  16. Such beautiful flowers. I like the pinks best.

  17. Amazing and beautiful photos, Cindy. How funny is this- I spent over an hour today calling anyone within a 1 hour drive to see if they had any New Dawn roses in stock. Not a one to be had! I ended up ordering one from David Austin and JUST got an email from them saying they would mail it in the SPRING! WHAT? It IS Spring here! I am going to have to call them tomorrow.

    You got a LOT of work done there, Cindy. xo Diana

  18. Your plants are so pretty! Every May I think that I will slow down and really enjoy my flowers but once again the month is over and I hardly saw them. Glad you got that tree taken down!


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