Choosing Kitchen Lighting ~ What's Your Style?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Recently I shared how difficult it has been to narrow down a choice for the kitchen backsplash and the same is true about the lighting.

With so many styles, materials, and finishes available...choosing kitchen lighting is mind boggling!

So sweet friend, I would love to know. . .

what's YOUR lighting style?

Pick your number(s)...

~ 1 ~

~ 2 ~

~ 3 ~

~ 4 ~

~ 5 ~

~ 6 ~

~ 7 ~

~ 8 ~

~ 9 ~

~ 10 ~

~ 11 ~

~ 12 ~ 

~ 13 ~

~ 14 ~ 

~ 15 ~

~ 16 ~

~ 17 ~

~ 18 ~

~ 19 ~

Can't wait to hear your choice(s)!

You can follow our kitchen remodel here...Kitchen Remodel Diary.

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  1. I love numbers 14 and 18 I love a pretty chandy to give the kitchen a little glam and sparkle ;-)


  2. Aaaaahhh! So hard to choose many lovelies. I have a three way tie...4, 12, & 13. Looking forward to seeing what you choose! Jane

  3. One would think picking out lighting would be rather simple....not so! For me, (I'm a bit of a coo-coo bird), especially in the kitchen, cleanliness would be an important consideration. I'm a bit of a that would require a certain "moody"ness. Another factor would be...what direction is the kitchen facing....If there is good natural lighting or...not. I want a certain comfy feeling in a kitchen, elegant and lovely but at the same time warm and practical....canned lights would cost sooooo much money. Of course the design sensibility of the home would be a strong determination of my choice. Sooooooo...(drum roll please)....I would lean toward 13...just love it....would be easy to clean....Honorable mentions, for a variety of reasons, would be: 9 moody, really like; 16 very pretty; 2 love the kitchen but too many canned lights; 6 easy to clean. Choosing lights what a wonderful problem....! Ahhhhhh!

  4. I love lanterns also, but I've always wondered is there a lot of glare from the bare light bulbs with the lanterns? So, aside from the lantern lights, I really like number 9, with the shaded light over the island and also the sconce on the wall over the sink that matches, and I also like number 17 with the shades and wrought iron.

  5. 6, 14 and 18 are beautiful. Gotta say,though, that they are all gorgeous. Not a bad one in the bunch.

  6. I like a lot of these because they go with the design of the room so well. It's hard to pick one but I do like #16.

  7. I like #4 school house lights the best, but I've read that hanging pendants are on the way out and countertop lamps are "in!" Go figure!

  8. 12 makes me swoon! So many lovely lighting choices out there today! Awesome round up!

  9. So many great options but I love #2 and #4!

  10. #2 and#10 would most closely resemble the look of our new lighting (and kitchen). I have chosen three lanterns. Two will go over the island (marble top with a black base) and the third in the hall entry near by. The back splash is a pain.. I need to revisit your other post. There are so many decisions! xxleslie

  11. Your inspiration pictures are amazing. I wouldn't know what to choose, but I love the simplicity of school lamps as # 4 and the industrial look of #5. # 8 and #11 look very French kitchen.

  12. Love 4 and 10. If it were my kitchen I would choose 4.

  13. I don't care for anything with tiny bulbs, or that appears difficult to change out bulbs, therefore, my choices would be #1 (although I can't see the bulbs in that one) and #6. My taste is very simple and non-elegant. I don't have an elegant bone in my body.

  14. Oh, lots of nice choices. I like 2, 4, and 13. Good luck!

  15. Definitely #9!
    In fact, that is the fixture we ordered:)

    Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  16. You have me hanging..I love all of them! I did do a double take at #5. What a great collection you found. I have no doubt you will find the perfect lights!


  17. This is a tough choice, but I love lanterns... 2 and 10. But I also love 13. I would be concerned about the one with the fabric shade in a kitchen, but I loved it, too. I found two lanterns for two different rooms after seeing them on a blog, and I am crazy about them both.



  18. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    All the kitchens are dreamy, but I LOVE numbers 1, 6, and 7 most!
    I think I'll grab a second cup of coffee and drool over them again ;0)
    Looking forward to following your remodel.
    Have a relaxing Sunday, Cindy,

  19. No.13 & No.18 Yes there is a lot of choices! Go for what you love!
    Just found your blog. Lovely to say Hi!

  20. I love 10.....and the best part about glass is that when you clean them they'll dazzle! Wouldn't these be great at Christmastime with live greens?

  21. #4 is my favorite. I liked many of them but cringed at the thought of cleaning them after they got greasy.

  22. Are you kidding Cindy? I can't pick just one! I actually have lighting very similar to #5 except mine are made of mercury glass. I also love crystal chandies in the kitchen (14,18) and the beautiful glass covered candle sconces (#10) and the more industrial look of #'s 14 and 18. I like a little bit farmhouse and a little bit glam! Have you made your choice yet? Can't wait to see what you do!

  23. Love the rustic look of number 2...and love the kitchen in #3 as I am contemplating having my kitchen island painted the color of that island and love the contrast with the cherry cabinetry...but I am so loving great bling in the kitchen as the gorgeous chandy in #18..


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