Got To Get This Off My Chest! ~ We're Moving In

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We're finally moving in!

There's a big room to fill
we have furniture, lamps, and pictures to fill it with,
but I have to confess I find it a bit daunting deciding what comes in and what goes where.

Just so happened the first two pieces were red,
don't worry...they won't be staying side by side!

In case you were wondering,
the floor guy came back to do his "patch work."

He sanded the bad spots and then painted those areas with sealer..
we all know where this is going...right!

These floors were just installed...
they are brand new...
and at this point I don't remember now how many redo's there have been because of mistakes they have made and wanted to fix, but because there was already so much sealer on the floor, we were assured this patch job would look great.
And then under his breath, his almost silent comment...
"Well, it won't be perfect...but almost like the other.  Not perfect but close."

Sure enough,
the finish is dull in these areas.
In some light you can't tell,
but when you can see can see it!

But it's no big deal...right!?!

I am taking a   D - E - E - E - E - P   breath as I write this,
I've just got to get IT off my chest!

You know, it's like when you go to the car lot to buy a new car.
It's dark gray and shiny and has all the features you are wanting.
It costs $--- and you pay $---
and you are excited!

when your brand new car is delivered it's the exact same brand new car that you picked out,
there's a GREAT BIG scratch across the hood.
No big deal, right?!?!

I mean, it's still a BRAND NEW car,
it's the right color,
it's shiny,
and it has all the features you want,
AND they can touch up that GREAT BIG scratch with some touch-up paint!
And when it dries, it will be ALMOST perfect!
That's OK, right?!?!

It is beyond frustrating
considering several of the companies we are working with that come across as though we are CRAZY
to want certain things incorporated in our design.
We are CRAZY to ask any questions.
And we are CRAZY to want something BRAND NEW to look BRAND NEW!
And if we do...we are asking WAY TOO MUCH.

Pay them their price,
their design fee,
BUT smile no matter what you are given
and DON'T make suggestions,
and DON'T ask questions.
And if they make mistakes and delay the process, it's OK!
But, if we ask questions to understand what they are suggesting,
or give input on what we would like,
it's a BIG deal because we are being demanding and delaying the process.

Whew, it feels GOOD to get that off my chest!

 OK, moving on...

It's a work in progress, but at least we're moving in...

Thanks for letting me vent, you're such good friends!

Can you relate?  I'd love to hear about it...

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with people like that!

    I just don't get people who call themselves professionals and charge like professionals, but can NOT deliver something promised, PROFESSIONALLY done!

    I just had an Artist complete 5 1/2" x 8" Watercolor Paintings of each of our 4 Pups...and waited over a month to get them. While we did see a copy of the paintings on-line, when the finished product was delivered, I was dissatisfied with 2 of the paintings. I'd mentioned some concern about them, before the Artist shipped them and he told me to just look at them, I'd probably like them much more in person. NOT! After receiving the paintings, I notified him immediately of my problems with the 2 paintings. He said to have all of the paintings framed and matted and then decide of I liked them better. WHAT? Pay all that money to say that I still don't like them? That they don't work? When I told him that, he said he didn't want to work with me any longer. I have decided to "crop" all 4 paintings and have only head shots of each pup. Disgusting, but I give up with him. Hope things work out for you!! Jan ♥

  2. I do not blame you for being upset that your floor is not perfect. It is so expensive to have any work done and when you pay $$, it should be perfect.

    Can't wait to see the finished room!

  3. not a penny would they get till it was ALL correct.

    what is properly finished looks terrific

  4. Hi Cindy.
    Tried to leave you along comment, went to publish it, and it disappeared, augghhh!!!

    You have every right to vent. Their responses are unacceptable, unprofessional and bullying.

    Clearly despite all of their hot air promises, their standards of workmanship are low, they don't care that they are low, and I would bet they don't even know how to do it right, or none of this would have happened.

    Trying to blame the customer as being too picky-- in order for them to avoid responsibility is a common trick, and disgusting.

    If you haven't paid them in full yet - don't.
    If you paid by credit card, dispute the charges.

    Other than THAT, congratulations on moving in, and may you have many happy healthy years in your new home:)

  5. I understand Cindy!!!! I had hardwood floors done by "professionals" once.. I was so disappointed.. I asked them to come back.. they did and the job was excellent. I know it will be hard to see the spots and know they are not just what you want...I will say the floors as a whole look great! I am excited to see how you pull things together... I love the red chairs!!! Focus on the overall and get some great decorating done.. Blessings!

  6. The days of a word is golden are over. No way should we EVER be made to feel as though we're asking to much to want things perfectly right - ugh- my heart goes out to you. They floor is heavenly - try not to let this stress you out too much. But it does suck you ever EVER had to experience that. (sending comforting hugs.)

    If you want a smile be sure to visit my latest post - GOOD news I am sharing!! ♥

  7. How maddening that has had to have been...what is their problem??? Well, regardless, the room is looking fabulous! The red against the crisp white walls is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it finished! I hope you are enjoying our lovely snow :)


  8. But what a beautiful, light-filled room!!
    I would get a full refund AND file a lawsuit :)

  9. Oh I can definitely sympathize with you. I have rehabbed/lived in 14-or is it 15- houses...anyway- it is always something. With this last one-they came in and plastered and the contractor had taken it upon himself to put a wall where I told him that I did not want one. I took a sledge hammer and took that wall down BY MYSELF before the plaste could dry. He about had a heart attack when he came to check the work...and so did my husband. He said -you should have just left it. WHAAAATTTTT? No way! Anyway, I never regretted doing that for one moment! xo Diana

  10. What happened to quality custumer service? These days you are lucky if most businesses even thank you for your business.

    Your floors do look beautiful, and I know it will all be gorgeous.

  11. Oh I just can't wait to see how this room turns out my fellow red loving friend!!

    Your floor really is beautiful. It would drive me insane too to have little spots that don't match but I'm a perfectionist. Here's another way to look at it - your floor is a hand finished process (by that I mean a person did it not a giant machine in a factory). Things that are hand finished are going to have little quirks and that's what makes them special and unique.

    Once all of your pretty things are in there you won't notice those spots so much any more.

  12. I've had problems with each and every thing I've had made in the cottage, so I can related. I can't help that the grout between my tiles is not the same colour everywhere since the plumber flooded the house, but after a while, I only shrug about it and nobody else but me notices. I'll be the same for you, don't worry. Your floor looks gorgeous and nobody is going to crawl on it to see the little mistakes!

  13. Perhaps you need to mention the company's name?

  14. The floors look gorgeous Cindy! I'm sorry about the issue the the floor guy.. These things happen and I just don't get it. You would think that people would want to make EVERY client totally happy. Mistakes happen, things get over looked. Just fix it and move on! Enjoy decorating the room!

  15. I think your guy did an excellent job. I had to look twice to find the repair. It is impossible to make repairs of the sort "perfect". It's not perfect, it's a repair. It is never going to be perfect. Once you get the furniture and rugs in the room, you will never even notice it.

  16. Cindy it's so frustrating when things like this happen!! Your floor looks beautiful...but I totally get it... you paid big $ for a job and you expect it to get down right and if a mistake was made fix it the right way even if it is more work!!
    We had the same thing happen to us when we had our pool deck poured. The concrete started to crack after the first day in so many spots and they wanted to come in and patch it!?! NOT HAPPENING!! I complained so much they came and ripped the whole deck up and poured a new one.

  17. You have paid for a service, and you have not received the service promised. I would insist the floor be redone or money be refunded. - Do it like a Southern girl, with a smile, bat your eyes, and be FIRM! Then, bring them a cup of hot tea while they fix it.
    If not, it will grate on your nerves every time you see it.
    Better yet - just give me their phone number. I'll have a chat with them!

  18. Cindy, you are far more patient than I!

    It does look pretty, but I understand you! I get it!



  19. Oh Cindy, I don't blame you one bit for wanting it PERFECT! It's brand new, for goodness sake! We had our floors refinished last year. We got home from vacation to see that they had the kitchen island off center. I was SO upset. Luckily, I called them and they said, 'yes we were worried about that and expected a call from you.' Hmmm... Anyway, they fixed it and all is good. So, my advice is to stick to your guns and make sure you're completely happy with their work!
    Enjoy the new, beautiful space!


  20. Definitely don't blame you for being upset. For the most part, construction people we have dealt with have been great, but for those few who try to mask their ineptness, we have a Rule that we don't break -- we always withhold a fair portion of the agreed-to price until the job is finished to OUR satisfaction. Those floor pieces should have been removed and replace, even if it meant they had to remove a whole bunch of them and refinish the entire room. Others may not notice this flaw, but you will see it every single time you walk into that room. I really hope they stand behind their work and make it right. A call to the Better Business Bureau might be in order.

  21. A few years ago, we had an insurance claim for damage and the company handling the claim employed a guy, who lived approximately 170 miles from our city. He didn't show up on time, nor did he return when he said he would. So, I got my act together one day and emailed the long ordeal to an insurance claim person, that we had briefly shared the problem. When I went back over the very idea, that the company could not be found in our city which has far more new construction than a tiny town 170 miles away and carefully wrote the no show times and all the details. Within 5 minutes of the agent reading our nightmare situation, she called Bob's office and said we would be choosing whichever company we wanted of the local ones we knew. Let me tell you, things happened and the no show guy became a real no show. She not only talked to Bob, but called to apologize to me for all we had endured. I grew up believing in cooperating with others, but our nightmare had gone on for 5 or 6 weeks. We got the company we knew and trusted and they also knew that they might get some more business once they fully pleased us. In truth they actually did better than ever for our repairs. And I'm almost sure that they were given more work. We do praise the ones, who do great work in a timely manner. Wishing you success in getting your wrongs corrected.

  22. I don't blame you! I would be furious!! We have 100 year old long leaf pine wood floors. They need to be refinished so badly. But I'm terrified to let anyone touch them because of stories like this!


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