A COZY FIREPLACE ~ The Focal Point of the Room!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There is nothing like a cozy fireplace.

No matter where the fireplace is located,
a family room, bedroom, or porch,
it's the focal point of the room.

As we move along in updating things around here, our great-room fireplace comes to mind.
It is currently brick, so we go back and forth about painting the brick,
Mr. Heart wants to add a wood stove,
maybe we should cover it with sheet-rock,
or we could cover the brick with stone.
There are many options for updating a fireplace.

I love stone and when we added it to our front porch
my hope was to use the same stone to reface the fireplace.
You can see the porch stone here...Stone Front Porch.

Stone comes in every shade, size, and texture imaginable, so the possibilities are endless.
This wall of stone is grand, definitely the focal point of this room...

Simplistic, but striking...

Oh how I wish this was in my bedroom...

Just a touch of stone...

No brick at all, just fancy trim and molding...

Oh yes, English cottage style, so warm and inviting...

A bit of tile and built-ins...

Love the check curtains in this picture, the fireplace is nice too...

Maybe we should paint the brick...

Cover the brick with plank boards and a primitive quilt...

More plank boards, it looks so nice...

In my dream of dreams,
I would love the great-room to be covered in old pine or maple wood panels...

My friend Christy of Our Southern Home has a gorgeous study covered in wood panels,
I love her fireplace...

Baby, it's cold outside!
Maybe Mr. Heart should add a wood burning stove to the fireplace...

This fireplace is unique,
with its wood burning stove, surrounded by stone, and topped with an old wood mantel...

Here's another...


So many options, aren't there!

Here's what we have to work with...

A closer look now that everything has been torn out...

The mantel is old ~ a reclaimed piece ~ and I like it.
So for now we will get rid of the brass doors,
clean everything out of the fireplace,
paint the firebox, 
and replace the old lava rock with new rocks...

They come tomorrow to finish the floors...yay!

With everything else going on, there won't be any stone refacing of the brick at this time,
but it's starting to look a little bit better!

What does your dream fireplace look like...stone, tiled, an insert?

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  1. Great inspiration pics! Even a little update to a fireplace which like you said, is a focal point of the room, is exciting and very worthwhile. We refaced our painted brick with stone veneer and are thrilled with it! Hubby did it himself and he said it was his most rewarding project! Hope you enjoy your new look too!


  2. Love all the inspiration and I like what you have done so far with your fireplace!

    I love painted brick....but it is a commitment. :)

    Happy day to you!

  3. Oh I love a stone fireplace! Ours was multi colored brick and I painted it...twice now! ;) I would LOVE to reface it in stone at some point though.
    Can't wait to see everything complete!


  4. Hi Cindy! Such pretty fireplaces to dream about. Yours looks pretty too. I do like it better without the brass doors. We had the old screen you pushed back and forth and just tossed it and bought a pretty freestanding fireplace screen. Again, you'll come up with the perfect solution. Aw, go ahead and do builtins on each side of the fireplace like mine. We'll be twinsies again!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Your living room is gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing the many pretty fireplaces. Good luck on your remodel!

  6. Cindy, you've shown such pretty fireplaces and rooms. Then when I saw the last one I thought, oh that's pretty! And it was yours. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Your room is really coming along well..............I have really wanted to paint my fireplace white.........but I really wish I could see how it would look with
    our dark slotted pine next to it, have seen pics with a dark mantle and white fireplace and that looks good. Problem is once you do it there is no
    turning back.............ahhhhhhh. Scary! All those fireplaces you showed were very pretty............one thing about stone that you should know or
    at least it is what the stone mason told me if you are gonna have children around it...........it can cut them if they run into it.........and he told me
    a story about a lady who had it and what happened, so that changed my mind and we went with brick instead, since Scott was only 3 at the time,
    but if you are gonna have grandchildren right up the street, you might want to do some research on it............just a thought!!

    Hope you are having a good week,

  8. Great looking fireplace! When it's completely done, I'm sure it'll be awesome! What wonderful looking fireplaces you shared with us! Love the first one! We have a granite and wood fireplace and it faces both our great room and living room. I'll be back to see the finished fireplace soon!

  9. I love the ones with stone and heavy moldings....we have to finish our fireplace in our Reno so thanks for the great inspiration pictures. I also like the painted brick ones as well..... I know, I'm not much help!!

  10. Love all your inspiration photos Cindy!! What about whitewashing your brick...I love that look!

  11. We are having similar fireplace thoughts. We have stained wood wainscoting below the chair rail which I want to paint. I am still selling that idea to my husband. And, that idea includes what to do with our fireplace brick.

  12. I have a fireplace problem myself Cindy, I need to re-do mine seriously! And I would love for it to be stone - for sure! Just because I need it to go all the way up to the ceiling (and ours is 25 feet). However, cost is getting the way of this project, hopefully someday. I love yours and love that your keeping it in your kitchen, it's always nice to have fireplace everywhere in the home, totally agree with you on that. Love the changes so far, excite to see your new floors!

  13. I love all these! I like the touch of stone and white painted brick best! :D

  14. I truly enjoyed all of the beautiful fireplace/mantel inspiration..you must be so excited and anxious about your remodel…I am with Martina…I think the brick would look beautiful with a whitewash effect…but whatever you decide, I know it will be truly beautiful.

  15. I'm going to pin some of your pictures! Amazing inspiration! I live in a stone cottage, but weirdly enough none of the stone fireplaces were still there when I bought, so I found an old mantel that I use to add some charm.

  16. So much beautiful inspiration! You have great bones to work with. We have a fireplace that is in the corner, and it puts out almost no heat whatsoever. It's difficult to decorate around too. My hubby talks about putting a woodburning stove in its place too. I can't wait to see what you decide on! Have a great weekend!

  17. I do love that bedroom picture with the fireplace, too, Cindy! That would be a dream bedroom for me. I love the stone fireplaces. Friends of ours had stone done on theirs recently all the way up to the vaulted ceiling like in the first picture. It really made it the focal point of the room. We have tile on ours, with no current plans to change it, but if we did I think my husband and I are in agreement that it would be stone.

  18. You had so many wonderful fireplace photos! I'd love to visit some of those homes - wish they were bred&breakfast inns:)

    You did an excellent job on redoing yours - much prettier now!


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