Friday, November 15, 2013

I've been wanting to add a little Fall color to the dining room,
so I gathered a few dried hydrangea blooms and mahogany pods, things I have on hand.

Thinking they would look nice with a bit of shine,
I placed them in a silver pitcher
on a mirrored stand.

I have a thing for the popcorn plant.
It is a staple in Charleston flower arrangements, but is very hard to find.  
Every time we are in SC I search for them, and a while back came upon a few bunches, so I quickly placed them in my buggy.  I was excited to have finally found some.

Thinking the bright white and gold tones would add a nice touch, a bunch was added at the base of the pitcher.

This is Bella, she's a blue point Himalayan and most days this is where you'll find her.
I think I'm bothering her because she just keeps staring at me, bet she is thinking...
"Please go away so I can get back to my nap!"

It is getting dark too early these days, which doesn't make for easy picture taking...

A little Fall color in the dining room, this will do for now!

So sweet friend, what have you been up to?


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  1. Hi Cindy! Oh, your arrangement is beautiful. Love your pretty hydrangeas with the pods up on the glass. I've never heard of a popcorn plant before but it's beautiful! I love it. You always do make everything look so pretty.
    Be a sweetie,
    Sheila ;)

  2. The popcorn plant is very interesting! I've never seen anything like it.

  3. I've been cleaning and sewing! The flower arrangement is beautiful, I've never seen a Mahogany Pod, they are beautiful and add such a nice height and colour to an arrangement. The popcorn plant is wonderful, isn't it!
    Your cat is beautiful!!! I wouldn't mind having one like that.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Cindy, Please share where you found the popcorn plant? Since you mentioned putting it in your cart, I'm guessing a place like The Fresh Market or faux at Hobby Lobby. It looks wonderful and I had never heard of it until about 2 minutes ago from you!


  5. Doing stuff, stuff, stuff. Your arrangement is so pretty!

  6. Hi Cindy, I love your display. I have never heard of the popcorn plant. It's pretty. These shorter days make me want to climb into bed early.

  7. Your table is just gorgeous! Beautiful pictures.Love those beautiful fall elements.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. We don't have mahogany trees in our neck of the woods so I'm seeing the pods for the first time ever! At least, I'm assuming that's where they come from :). And the popcorn plant is also new to me. I learned TWO new things today! Lol. Love the arrangement.
    And your cat is absolutely beautiful, btw.

  9. Oh Cindy, that arrangement is beautiful! And you know I love that plateau mirror! Your cat is gorgeous, my sister used to have a Himalayan. Happy Friday to you.

  10. Hi Cindy.

    I love your popcorn plant, would love to have something like that in my neutral universe home!

    Your Bella certainly lives up to her name - she is gorgeous! I had a Lilac Siamese once who was so exotic and beautiful - had him 19 years. He is still missed after being gone 11 years now.

  11. I've never seen a popcorn plant. How cool! Everything looks really nice!

  12. I love the arrangement of the mahogany pods and hydrangeas...I never heard of the pods and they are stunning. As is the popcorn plant. These must be native to the South.

    We have a condo in Asheville. Are you anywhere near? We just love to escape there!!


  13. I am with Jeannie on this I have never seen a popcorn plant...and I'm so glad you shared it. That is a great plant, glad you found it! Love your arrangement of hydrangeas BTW...:-)

  14. Very cool, not sure I have ever seen that! Lovely photos.
    And I have a Bella too...she's a Ragdoll with blue eyes :)


  15. Popcorn Trees are considered an invasive species in North FL where my parents live. They had to chop theirs down, which made me sad, because I think they are so pretty. But they do spread like wildfire and take over everything around them.

    Your arrangement is beautiful. I'm glad they sell the popcorn branches somewhere. I wonder if they are grown in a controlled area?

  16. Just the right fall touches for your pretty table. The popcorn plant is interesting, I have not heard of that? What a beautiful fluffy cat!! such pretty eyes looking up at you...have a great week end.

  17. oh, i think karianne over at thistlewood farm was trying to identify this flower she used in her lazy boy room. check her out and maybe you can help. i really like those pos things also, what are they? suzi

  18. Beautiful arrangement! You have the best taste!

  19. I love the bouquet, your amazing chair and your gorgeous cat! A post full of eye candy.

  20. OOh! I've never seen the popcorn plant before! Love it! Beautiful photos Cindy!

  21. I love decorating with hydrangeas. The flowers are just gorgeous.

  22. So pretty, Cindy! Love your beautiful kitty! Hugs, Christy


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