Sunday, December 1, 2013

We have been trying to eat healthier.
It is time consuming to read and compare boxes,
finding the calories, fat, sugar, carbs, etc.
and then deciding whether to purchase this one or that one based on what is written on the box.
Hmmm, guess the key here is to stop buying packaged food in a "box"!

I've been totally confused  lately with all the news that so much of the food we eat is either
has no nutritional value at all!
I already read the box trying to sort out all the other factors to consider when eating healthy,
but now I have to wonder if the strawberries in the box are real?  Fake ingredients, isn't that crazy!?

I usually take baby steps when trying new things, like eating healthier.
One thing that has been shocking is how much more expensive it is to eat healthy.
So when we switched to EVOO as one of our smarter choices
for cooking and drizzling on salads,
my ears perked up while watching a show that said most of the
EVOO we use isn't real because it's been diluted with other oils.
Evidently the Olive Oil business is very lucrative and diluting the olive oil with other oils is a way to charge the higher price of EVOO with the hopes most consumers won't know the difference.

Though it isn't fool proof,
it was said that a good indicator of your EVOO being "pure",
is to place it in the fridge for a few hours,
and if it is real it will thicken.
So I tried it.
I went to the pantry for my Costco's Kirkland brand EVOO
and after a few hours in the fridge it hadn't changed a bit.
So I left it over night, still no change.
I'm no expert, but coming from Dr. Oz, I decided to get my next bottle from the grocery store where there were more options to choose from.

I purchased this bottle which was the middle of the price range for EVOO.
And before I opened it, I put it in the fridge.
A few hours later, guess what...

It was solid...

Yup, solid!
Turn it all the way over and not a drop...

Does this mean it is is 100% pure?
Who knows?!
Dr. Oz says this is a way to know and if I'm paying for "the real thing"
I want to know, as best I can, that I'm getting the real thing!

In doing a bit of research on Olive Oil I found that you can have your EVOO tested
to make sure it is a quality product.  Yep, click right here for how to get your EVOO Tested!
Now, that link is just to be fun, I sure won't be doing official testing on ours.
But don't you think it is crazy
that companies can sell us their EVOO and it's not?!
Or sell us their Blueberry Muffin Mix, and there may not be a "real" blueberry in the mix?!


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  1. I think a lot of things are crazy in the food industry! Another thing that's crazy, is sodium. When Michael was in the hospital, they put him on a low sodium diet... but would allow him to have broth? Guess they didn't look at the sodium on that! Talk about gag at a gnat and swallow an elephant!

  2. Wow! I've never heard this! I do remember reading something about also checking the region that it comes from...I don't remember! LOL!! It's pretty much all I use, too! Thanks for the tip! ~Christy

  3. Cindy...this is great info (and I love Dr. Oz!). When it comes to olive oil, I also look for "first pressed, cold pressed"...then you know you are getting the best.

    Yep, so much info, but hopefully if consumers are smarter, manufacturers will stop messing with us!! :)


  4. Oh, I can't believe olive oil would be mixed with something else... But it's true it should turn solid in the cold... It even happens in supermarkets during winter. Real olive oil is expensive, but it's worth the price. It also taste so good, all on its own on a salad!

  5. Wow! I just learned something...I am going to have to try this out....You are so right, good foods cost good money...very expensive.. Blessings!

  6. Who would have ever thought?! I guess it's just really hard to trust labels.

    The most interesting thing I've learned about food lately was about cranberries. I have always heard that they are good for bladder infections and all that but figured it was wives tale. I heard a physician from Baylor University talking the other day about the chemicals in North American cranberries that prevent bacteria from adhering to our bladders...and preventing UTIs. Not that this is something that happens every day but it sure is good to know and understand. She said there is research going on right now with cranberries and the health of our teeth and hearts. Something to pay attention to. :)

  7. I have never heard this and have been buying Evoo for years! Very frustrating.

  8. Wow, I never knew that!!! thanks so much for sharing!



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