Friday, August 30, 2013

In preparing for our upcoming project I have been searching for ideas for the kitchen.

From cabinetry options to space planning, it is wonderful these days how we have so many beautiful kitchens to view with just the click of a button!

Each unique in their own way,
white and bright or dark and cozy,
they are all amazing!

Take a peek and choose your favorite(s)!










Aren't they amazing!
Do tell, which is your favorite and why?   Can't wait to hear!

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    Oh, the white ones have it hands down for me.
    I love love love white........and they look so
    clean and pristine. Do love the galley one with
    all the windows too, but was wondering if it would be too hot for Florida with all that sunshine coming in the windows. Sure would be a nice view tho........

    Hope your doing well and your yard work is coming along fine. We are suppose to have
    a few cool days, have to say it is nice to
    get up to it being 70 rather than 80, but
    that want last too long unfortunately.

    Take care,
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. The second one draws me in, even if it's a galley and doesn't look real spacious. I love the French doors and all that light. Too hot for that here.

  3. Love the last one the most! So classy and elegant! I'm drawn to white more. :-) But all of them are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. #5 for me- I love the all white look and the size/layout of it, too. But what I really love is how bright it is and all the light that floods the room- xoDiana

  5. Great kitchen features here, so much inspiration! I'm so glad I have mine ready, lol...

  6. Omg! They are all beautiful, ohhh but my heart skips a beat for #1 it's just crisp and bright, and the details are to die for.


  7. They are all just gorgeous but my favorite is number 5!

  8. oh dear! White it is! #5! well - maybe #9! just definitely the whites - hands down! what fun! enjoy your journey!
    Pink Hugs,

  9. I would say I'll take one of each please....but I really love the stone walls and slate floor one. It appeals to my inner country farmhouse girl that I can't shake. I love the clean whites and modern look of some of the others but my heart always goes back to the more rustic browns and comfy look. Where are you leaning for your own kitchen? You have the project going!

  10. These are such beautiful images Cindy. I have been doing searching for ideas for our kitchen in our new home. We should be starting in a week. There is so much out there!


  11. Hi Cindy! Love all this kitchen inspiration. The kitchen is so important .. the center of the home:) I'm partial to white although my kitchen also contains a little black (two toned). I've got marble backsplash and island, with a black granite counter on one side. My floors are soon to be stained a little darker. I've got a lot of neutral/white and want the contrast. Have fun!

  12. They are all my favourites, Cindy, I love each and every one of them! I love the first one best, possibly, the black counters, the white cabinetry and the bling that those gorgeous chandeliers bring to the room!

  13. I love #2 despite its long and narrow look. Those windows - oh, my! I love being outdoors and the room is so open to the garden that it would feel like cooking outside.

    I have to add that I do not cook and I don't think my husband would like the corridor style. He prefers an open area where everyone can visit with him while he cooks.

  14. HI CINDY! Let me try this comment got eaten up!

    Thank you for coming to visit and leaving a comment. I love the first picture because of the chandeliers!!! GOOD LUCK on your kitchen make-over! Anita

  15. They're all gorgeous with so many great ideas. I'm drawn to the white kitchens but #2 is the one that really caught my attention. I think because it's so different with those gorgeous windows but you have to wonder about the practicality of working in a space with so much sun coming in. But I think if it was positioned correctly or you had some light control it would be a joy to cook in! Thanks for sharing these, Cindy! I'm definitely going to be pinning a few! :)

  16. Love #2 with all of those windows. Also love the lack of any upper cabinets. In Oklahoma, you would definitely have to have some kind of window coverings for sure!


  17. How can you choose a favorite? I cannot! There are so many ideas here, so it'll be fun to see what you pull out from each picture to use in your kitchen. I found you at Met Monday. I love your blog title and tagline. :-)
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  18. Number nine is my absolute favorite. And, the whites always are a winner for me. But, I wouldn't want ornate chandeliers in my kitchen. I love chandeliers, but I would be able to find another lighting fixture that would suit me more in my kitchen.

  19. Love 4, 6 and 8. What a hard choice it would be!

  20. oh good golly how can one pick? they are all soooo amazing! great inspiration! Please come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and share this post with us.

  21. They're all so fabulous, but I really like #7.

  22. Oh, amazing kitchens, Cindy favourite is #6, the dark one with stone/slate flooring - so cozy, and I would feel like I was cooking in a castle lol Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla


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