Who’s Walking Who? The Sweetest Sight!

Friday, April 5, 2013

We were in historic Georgetown, South Carolina for the Plantation Tour of Homes.
Enjoying the view as we slowly drove down the streets lined with huge live oak trees all draped with moss, their branches cascading over the rooftops of gorgeous historic homes.

live oak tree

While driving along my husband noticed something interesting.

He didn’t mention it to me at the time.

I didn’t notice it at the time.

I was too busy looking out of the window on my side of the car, oohing and aahing at all the gorgeous homes we were passing.

But after making a few turns and then heading up another street, I noticed something interesting.

And I asked my husband, “Honey, slow down and look up ahead!  I’m not sure, but isn’t that dog walking that man?  And isn’t that cat following them?”

My hubby says, “Yes!  I noticed that a few streets back!” 

So we drove real slow and kept watching up ahead as they all rounded the corner.

We reached the corner and as we were turning I reached in my purse for my camera.

They were just a few houses up.  The dog had stopped.  The man was heading to go up the driveway and the cat was right behind him.

“Honey”, I said.  “Hurry up, I want to ask him if we really were seeing what we thought we were seeing!”

He sped up.  We reached the man.  I rolled down my window and asked.  Yup!  We saw what we thought we were seeing. 

The dog and cat were walking their human!

He says they take a couple of walks a day…every day!

I had taken a few pictures as we were heading up behind them. 



  Who's Walking Who

Who's Walking Who?

After we talked and were driving away, he stopped and smiled real big as I took the last picture…

Who's Walking Who?


Such a sweet man.  Such a sweet sight!

You can see these gorgeous historic homes here:
HOME TOUR #1~Historic Homes, Plantations & Gardens.


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  1. Oh- Did that kinda put a lump in your throat? What a wonderful glimpse into the life of another. Isn't that area just absolutely gorgeous though? Blessings- have a good night- We have such sporadic internet that I never know if I can get on or not. Been off half the day- UGH! xo Diana

  2. Many years ago I had a calico cat and when I took the baby stroller around our neighbourhood she would follow. Patty/BC

  3. What a sweet sight! I'm so glad that you were able to take pictures. I'll bet that the dog and cat are that man's primary joy in life!

  4. This is such a cute post. I love to see cats that in tune with their owners. How lovely. I expect it is a safe walk for all. I'm over from A Stroll thru Life. Lovely blog. Deb

  5. Great pictures and story ! Hope you have a great Friday and weekend

  6. That perfect gentleman made my day. What a treasure to have this record on your blog. Priceless.

    Happy weekend,

  7. HI Cindy and that is a sweet sight. I'll bet that little man's animals help him stay active! I have seen you featured at Marty's and Debbie's today! Congratulations! You are the most popular one today and I never tire of seeing your gorgeous home!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I am in love with this story and the photos! Thank you for sharing with us.



  9. Hi Cindy. Such a sweet situation. Very heart warming. I just came back from Debbiedoo's and saw your beautiful home featured there. It is all so elegant and wonderful. I love the den, the guest room and bath and the entry etc., etc., etc.! Now I'm going to see the homes that you saw on the tour. You live in such an elegant and beautiful area of the US. It's on my bucket list to visit some day..Happy Weekend..Judy

  10. Hi Cindy,
    what a cute story and don't you just love serendipitous moments like that.........so nice he smiled for you
    and probably loved the attention...............as he is probably very proud of his pet buddies...........
    Very cute..........and I am sure the pets love him, taking them for a walk a few times a day.........Fun Post!

    Take Care hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  11. Such a sweet post,cute how the devoted pets love and walk with the man of the house.

    Cindy I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful home and garden @ Debbiedoo's.

  12. Hi Cindy, This is such a sweet story to post. I love seeing the photos do the three of them and don’t you just love how the kitty is so sweet to sit and wait. How precious is that smile he had for you! Now I’m off to take the tour. Great post! Blessings.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    the French Hutch

  13. What a sweet story. Animals keep us young.

  14. How sweet that is. My cat used to follow when I walked my two BC collies up and down our street and no one was on a leash. Bet he has had them for a long time.
    I loved your post on A Stroll thru life. I am a new follower and I will be following you.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Hi Cindy, How cute is that? I bet he never dreamed he would be viewed by so many people just doing something he does twice a day every day. That's so sweet, thanks for sharing! Gina

  16. So sweet.

    Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. What a neat story. Animals have a sense about humans and keep us young and alive. Glad you captured this on your camera. XO, Pinky

  18. Cindy,
    What an amazing sight, indeed!
    I love the photo of the man smiling...his pose,
    and the cat sitting picture perfect...its pose!!!
    Thank you for sharing the normal, yet extraordinary
    happenings of life!!!


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