PINE FURNITURE ~ A Bit of Color!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

These days it seems pine is not the preferred wood for furniture.

Pine pieces at my shop don't sell well, like this dresser with mirror by Lexington.
It's such a nice dresser, but there has been no interest.

That's the one, behind the little Christmas tree...

Lexington Furniture

Recently I came across this hutch by Colony and I fell in love!
It has such pretty lines and there is so much storage space in the bottom,
so even though it's pine, I brought her home.

Pine Hutch

I like pine and these pieces are in great condition,
so if I were keeping them it would be hard for me to cover them in paint.

But, they are for sale so I brought them home for a makeover.

Lexington Dresser

To keep the pine from bleeding through, I painted this piece with one coat of Zinsser Shellac…

Pine Hutch

and then two coats of AS Country Gray.

Pine Hutch in Country Gray

The dresser already had a good coat of shellac,
so I just painted it with two coats of AS Pure White.

Lexington Dresser

Both pieces were finished with clear and dark wax and are now at the shop.

Lexington Dresser in AS Pure White

Here's a closer look at the detail...

Lexington Dresser detail

Pine Hutch in AS Country Grey

Pine Hutch in Country Grey close up

Pine Hutch in Country Grey

Two painted you think they look better?


Pine Hutch in AS Country Grey 

How about you, like pine furniture?
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  1. My oldest son loves unfinished pine. He likes a rustic look. That top photo reminds me of the paneling and kitchen cabinets in my parent's house. My sister started to paint it, or change it, but decided against it.

  2. Cindy, both transformations are really amazing, they will sell now, I'm sure. I do not like pine, I painted my pine headboard, finally, a nice grey and my hubby even likes it. Men are notorious for loving wood grain, and my hubby is no exception, but he said he really liked it painted.
    Hugs, cindy

  3. I like pine because no one shudders and breaks out in hives when I paint it! I just love how paint brings out the lines and design of the furniture. Love the colors you did with these pieces!

  4. Wow, these two pieces look so much better having been painted! I love the hutch. My dining sideboard and hutch, table and chairs are a pine stain and I would love to paint them but hubby says no. They are a good quality set and I can live with them the way they are. Guess I'll have to! Have a great week. Pamela

  5. They both look beautiful, Cindy! I'm sure they will both go fast. I almost picked up a sample pot of that color yesterday when I was getting my quart of Old White. I went with Duck Egg instead so I could do my little jewelry armoire. I have two pine bookcases with drawers in our sunroom that were in my son's room at our old house. I've decided to leave them "as is" and not paint them. I like the warmth they bring to the room.

  6. Cindy they look fabulous!! I'm sure they'll sell quick!

  7. I actually really like pine furniture. But the pieces look great painted too. I wish I could get that dresser. Been looking for one for over a year and just can't find one in my price range.

  8. I like pine a lot, even if it's not the popular trend right now on blogland. Thus said, your transformation is beautiful!

  9. I like pine, tiger maple, cherry...but not oak! In Ca there are lots of modern, generic oak pieces that I don't like at more classic/traditional wood, furniture styles and finishes. Your pieces look nice.

  10. I actually love wood pieces, but I like painted, too. You did a great job on these.



  11. Pine lends itself to paint so well and your two pieces really transformed well! Love the neutral color now. :-)
    Best of luck on their sale!

  12. These both turned out great! I bet they won't last long in your booth now! :)

  13. I'm sure they'll find new homes now! Wow! I can't believe it's the same hutch, love, love, love it Cindy! You are amazing at the brush as well!!!!

  14. hope they sell quickly for you -- paint improved everything by a mile.

  15. I have a great pine piece sitting in my garage right now just waiting for some paint. It was great seeing how your furniture came out which was wonderful by the way. I would like to paint mine a color but color sells so much slower than shades of white. I think I may have to make a Bedloo about it. Bedloo is a voting app that you can use on your blog. Hope you will come over and check out my blog. It was great reading yours.

  16. I love the before and after images of the cabinet. It really looks new!

  17. I love the pieces much more painted, by far! I'm sure they will sell quickly now!


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