The Stone Front Porch

Monday, March 11, 2013

Front Porch Columns

Hi Sweet Friends!

The weather was beautiful here this weekend,

we've moved the clocks forward,

and spring is right around the corner...yippee!!!

We have been doing some remodeling around here which has included updating the front porch...

Front Porch Columns

We do love our porch!

It's the perfect place to enjoy an early morning or late afternoon
rocking in the chairs with a cup of coffee or cold lemonade.

Lately though,

we've been noticing more and more loose mortar and chipping tile,

so we knew it was time for some an update.

Front Porch

The current tile is terracotta.

Notice the blue stone behind the planter, this is one of the stones we are considering...

Porch Urns

We knew we wanted stone rather than tile,

and the color scheme we were looking for,

so we visited several stone yards to see what was available... 

 Tennessee Gray Flagstone

We chose Tennessee field stone for the front porch walls


blue stone for the porch and stair treads.

 Tennessee Gray Dark Flagstone

The order was placed,

the pattern and mortar style were settled upon,

and a few days latter the guys set everything up in the driveway and on the front lawn. 

Tennessee Flagstone

tennessee gray flagstone

For days they chiseled,

and cut,

and re-chiseled stone.

Matt is the owner and he is sizing up the situation with his right-hand-man…

stone pillars

Originally we had stairs coming straight down from the porch,

so we changed that up a bit by extending the stairs and adding curved wing walls…

stone wing walls

  curved stone wing walls 

stone front porch

It took about a week for them to complete the project.

The stone needs to cure a while before a sealer could be applied so they will come back to do that.

The column trim had to be removed for the stone to be installed and is still missing in these pictures...

Tennessee Blue Stone

We chose a messy mortar look to give the wall an aged look.

As we complete projects on our home we add farmhouse touches,
we wanted it to look as though the stone porch has been here for a very long time.

front porch remodel

Tennessee blue stone porch

The carpenter has since come and the column trim is now complete.

stone front porch

Front porch     

Now we are waiting for the warmer days of spring so the stone can be sealed,

hopefully it won’t be long . . . I'm so ready for warm weather!

For a tour of our home go here.

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  1. WOW Cindy it looks absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to work outside in the gardens...hurry up spring!

  2. Beautiful!
    You picked the perfect look, it blends so well.
    I bet you are thrilled, such a pretty home.

  3. Hi Cindy! Oh, the stone on your porch looks just gorgeous! Love your porch and your house. Guess what? Your home and my home look pretty similar. Yours is prettier but if you'd like to see, you can click on "My Home" under my header! My shutters are white but I really like your black ones.
    Hope you're doing well and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Cindy, your home is just beautiful and I know you must love the new porch and stairs. Your landscaping is beautiful also. Maybe warm springtime weather will arrive soon and your porch can get sealed. Thanks for the sweet comments you have left for me recently. I appreciate your friendship via blogland very much.

  5. It's perfect! I love stone around a house, or even a stone house. We have lost of those in certain parts of Texas.

  6. So beautiful!...LOVE front porches and that stone is lovely...enjoy!!

  7. Your new stone looks incredible! I know you are really going to enjoy this area now that it looks fresh and new.

  8. Something happened to my comment! :/

    LOVE the stone! Your porch is so pretty, and I like the curved stairs. You did a great job planning the redo! :D


  9. Wow, Cindy, it's just beautiful! I think the stone really enhance the beauty of your home. I wish porches were a "thing" here in AZ, but it's all about the back patio and privacy around! Love those rockers, too!

  10. Hi Cindy, You did an absolutely beautiful job of making the new porch look authentic and original to your home. GORGEOUS! Marty, also in AZ.

  11. Cindy,
    WOW!!!! It looks outstanding...wonderful curb appeal.


  12. Cindy- It looks absolutely wonderful. That is a big job well done. I bet you just sigh and smile every time you drive up to it. GREAT make over- xo Diana

  13. It is beautiful Cindy. I love that porch. We have stone around our bay window and love it.

  14. Cindy, Your front porch is GORGEOUS! Great pictures of the porch in progress. What a job!
    Happy Monday!


  15. Compliments the rest of your house beautifully! I just love stone.

  16. Hi Again,
    What a delightful front porch, it is gorgeous, I could just see some ladies with those antebellum style dresses on sipping tea there!! lol
    I think both ways looks amazing............beautiful yard too hon!! Very very nice............and I bet a lot
    of fun and enjoyment sitting out there for sure, glad you got her done just in time for spring, so you and hubby can sit a spell and enjoy the beauty and probably the scent of lovely flowers. Hope you have many
    hours of great enjoyment out there on the porch.
    Blessings HON,

  17. Oh Cindy!!! Beautimous! What a lovely home. The porch is a gracious and gentle transition. Looks smashing! I always wish I had that kind of eye. Really, you have done a lovely job and created a true Southern Plantation Beauty! So very happy for your family and friends. Enjoy! Also, bless you for a wonderful blog.

  18. Cindy, your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love the stone you all chose ... it was meant to be! Your yard is stunning ... so lush and perfectly manicured!

  19. Hi Cindy, Your home is lovely, and the porch is wonderful. Love the colors that you chose. Wishing you and the family many joyful moments on your front porch.

  20. You've done a wonderful job and it really blends well with your house! There's nothing quite like sitting on your front porch and watching the world go by! Hope you and yours have many happy hours out there.

  21. So pretty - what a great impact! Take care, Laura

  22. This is truly a wonderful change, I love the idea you had and how it turned out! It does look old timey! :)


  23. WOW! What a beautiful change the stone makes, and it blends perfectly with your red brick. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  24. This looks absolutely fabulous!!! That stone looks just right with the house! You have a lovely home! =D

  25. You have a very beautiful home and property Cindy. I love the new stone on your porch. They did a great job installing it on the flooring and the stairs. It looks fantastic. It's nice to see so much green there too! I'm visiting from Home and Garden Thursday. Blessings, Pamela

  26. Found you at Treasure Hunt Thursdays.... I absolutely love your front porch transformation! Were they able to lay the stone directly over your existing porch? I would love to do something similar one day to our front entry... my favorite part is the wing walls you added. Fabulous!

  27. It's fantastic. The porch looks like it had always been that way.

  28. This is just gorgeous! We will be doing something similar to our portico in the next year or so. Love it! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven.

  29. looks incredible. I am sure you will have lots more time out on the front porch now!

  30. Whoa, what a beautiful improvement! Wow, just gorgeous to say the least! Love the beds too.

  31. Stunning! There are few things as lovely as a porch. Well, maybe a porch made of stone ;).

  32. turned out fabulous, what a gorgeous home!!

  33. Wow! What an amazing transformation - very dramatic - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  34. It turned out absolutely gorgeous!!! I can see myself sitting out there after dinner on one of those fabulous chairs looking out and chatting as the sun goes down
    Just beautiful.
    Would love to have you share this at a party I'm cohosting!
    Many thanks and big hugs,

  35. Just gorgeous!
    It is amazing how much that adds.
    I can't help but notice you have trees that aren't bare. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  36. In very nice. Love the stone on the floor. Susan @

  37. Beautiful blog...I'll be back. Love the verse on your header too.
    So true...Lucy~


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