Thursday, March 28, 2013

Arched Mullions
Currently we have cherry cabinetry and wood floors in our kitchen.  I really like them and wouldn’t change a thing except our appliances are very old, there is very little storage and even less counter space for preparing meals.


Looking in from the great room there is a hallway to the left, the dining room straight ahead and the den to the right.  Yup, FOUR entryways into our kitchen!  Four entries doesn’t leave much wall space, so there aren’t many cabinets-very little storage and not much counter space-so very little prep area.

 As we continue planning plan our remodel, we aren't sure if we should relocate the new kitchen to the great room which would be a large eat in kitchen.  Or, remove the refrigerator wall to incorporate the den for a keeping room kitchen.  Deciding on a floor plan is proving to be the challenge, but I am having fun looking at kitchen pictures for inspiration.

These kitchens are pretty amazing, take a look and pick your favorites...

1.  Love this vintage kitchen with lots of charm…
Vintage kitchen

2.  Unique island…
Vintage Kitchen Touches

3.  Gorgeous stove…
Unique Stove

4.  Love the white cabinets, marble and the dark wood for the island and floors…
Gorgeous Kitchen

5.  A bit of France…
A Taste of France

6.  Open floor plan with a vintage/contemporary vibe.
This view is of the kitchen sink area…
Vintage Contemporary touches

This view into the keeping room…
 Open Concept

7.  Simply elegant…
 White Kitchen

8.  A touch of blue and fancy furniture details…
A bit of Blue

9.  Deep warm tones with tons of bright storage…
 Storage Galore

10.  Unique seating…
  Eat in area

11.  Oh so lovely…
 Glass Cabinets & Warm Woods

12.  Bright cabinetry with warm rich floors, classy!
  Arched Mullions

13.  Fancy chandelier & marble…

14.  CHARM, from top to bottom…
kitcheninspirfrom houzz

15.  Such character with stone walls, stained cabinetry and a mega stove…

I’m drooling!  What's your favorite?


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(pictures saved in a file over time so I don't have the references.  Will be happy to add link if you have a source. :)


  1. Even if I had an option for a new kitchen, I wouldn't be able to decide. Anything would be better than the outdated 70's version I have now.

  2. We are in the process a well to renovate our kitchen !!! Hope you have a great day

  3. It must be so exciting and fun for you planning these nice changes at your home. I really like the kitchen in the seventh picture, the elegant and simple one. Of course each one you showed is gorgeous. You have very good taste so I know your remodel will be great. Thanks for the compliment on my Easter party post. Wish I really could have all you sweet girls over for a real party. Wouldn't that be fun! Have a blessed Easter with your family,Cindy.

  4. Wow ~ they're all gorgeous, Cindy, but something about no. 6 really draws me in. I have always liked the idea of a keeping room too.

  5. loving the last one, but would be happy with any and all.

  6. They are all great- but I love #13...and #8-but I could be happy with any one of them- xo Diana

  7. Hi Cindy,

    They are all droll-worthy! I have black granite and white marble .. along Roth white cabinets and an island that is dark. It's a two toned look:). Have fun deciding.


  8. Those are some gorgeous kitchens, for sure. I love the one with the blue island and the blue ceiling kitchen. After our fire I spent many hours thinking about our cabinets. Because we were doing upgrades, like adding square footage to the upstairs, in the end we went back with the very same cabinets we had. I regret it now...but decisions had to be made and I don't hate them...but they don't make me swoon either. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.


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