Pottery Barn Picture Wall and a Bit of Wrestling!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pottery Barn
Our daughter was married back in September and it was an amazing day!
So much beauty...
so much love...
a special day we'll always cherish.

When the CD of wedding pictures arrived, I have to admit I wanted them all!
Of course I knew I couldn't order them all, but in considering which ones to order I began asking myself how I could display the them? 


Wall galleries are nice, but a wall full of wedding pictures?  
The more I thought about it, I realized this could be a bit much if not done right.


Do you ever wrestle with yourself, and then begin reasoning with yourself?

Well, I was wrestling and reasoning with myself...
all the pictures are so pretty so I can order as many as I want,
and it was a day to remember,
so who cares if I have a shrine wall full of wedding pictures…

I bet you think I’m crazy don’t you?
Well, it really was hard narrowing down my want list and then finding a way to display these special photographs, but thanks to Pottery Barn I think it worked out very well...t


While out shopping with my daughter I noticed some collage picture frames that were hanging from a peg and chain on a wall in Pottery Barn.
Hmmm, I thought...I really like the looks of that!  And that was that!
I purchased some frames and placed my picture order!
Here is our wedding picture shrine wall…


Our son in a professional shot taken of him…

Photo #6

Our girl, this photograph is one from her bridal portrait session …

Photo #4

There are so many benefits of a collage picture wall...
the ability to put many different pictures in just one frame,
a more streamlined look,
 and less cost not having to purchase all those extra frames.
After all the wrestling and reasoning I was able to achieve my shrine wall full of wedding pictures…


  Photo #1 
I am thinking about gathering family photographs from great grandparents down to our children for another grouping to hang on the wall as you go up our stairs.  Hmmm...not sure if I’m ready for more wrestling and reasoning with myself right now!

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  1. Cindy, what a lovely gallery! We did our gallery on a kitchen wall, behind the breakfast table. We love it! It has sparked so many conversations and memories of our times together. The wedding photos are beautiful!

  2. It looks fantastic! I have so many photos around here, I've had to resort to putting the newer photos on top of the older ones, in the frame.

  3. Cindy, that looks wonderful! I love those frames! And just think, if there's another wedding in the family, you can change some of the pics out to reflect both events if need be. Your daughter is beautiful and your son is GQ handsome. Did I mention how handsome your son is? LOL

  4. What a perfect way to display memories of this special day. Your arrangement is so pretty. I also love your leaded glass with toile behind it. Yes, I often wrestle with myself. laurie

  5. Cindy, these are beautiful! I think you made a great choice with the collage frames. So very pretty displayed with the plates as well.

  6. Cindy- THAT looks great! I ordered WAY too many wedding pictures of both daughter's weddings. I ended up putting a 12 x 16 of each one of them (hubby and wife) and then I ended up doing a couple small ones and the rest went into an album. Your daughter is beautiful! And..your son is very handsome! You did good, Mom....very,very good! xo Diana

  7. Cindy,
    Your collage of pictures is wonderful. I was browsing through some of yout daughter's wedding photos on a previous post too, and thought they were beautiful. Nel got married in September and I still haven't seen the professional photos yet. If you want to see some of the wedding pictures, I posted them on Oct. 20. Please tell your son that is a very nice picture of him. You have such a lovely family, and the bride was stunning.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Your wall of photos is very tastefully done and is really beautiful. You have beautiful children, enjoy seeing them, after all, like you said once or twice, it is your house. :)
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. HA! I did say that a time or two didn't I! In the beginning, I was picturing 20 different frames, in many different sizes, on one small area of wall...too much! You are always so sweet Cindy...thanks so much!!!

  9. I love this Cindy, your home is lovely and I think you really did a great job with this.

  10. First off, your children are gorgeous!!! They both, honestly, look like models! And I think you have displayed their pictures in a wonderful way! Love the frames you used, very nice! :)

  11. Love how you solved your problem! It looks just perfect. So perfect in fact, that I thought you were showing a picture of what you saw in the Pottery Barn catalog. It looks professional and uncluttered and just right.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    all that reasoning and wrestling has paid off in a wonderful wall. Love that look, and you did a great job
    accessorizing it all.............just lovely, but your daughter was even more lovely, so beautiful, so know you are a proud Mama, handsome son you have there too.

    Blessings, Nellie

  13. This is the perfect way to have a "shrine". LOL!!! These frames are beautiful. No wonder you wanted to order them, the photos are fabulous, and they're such a lovely couple!

  14. Gorgeous photos!! Love how they're displayed.
    Mary Alice

  15. I loved the way you displayed your daughter's wedding pictures. Simple and Tasteful! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Fondly, Susie

  16. Beautiful pictures! I love how you displayed them!

  17. Cindy your picture wall turned out amazing and I love your bench too! Thanx for joining THT.

  18. This is very nice! What a great way to display such precious photos! =D

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  20. hello! found you via nifty thrifty tuesday.... and glad i did. same issue with my son's wedding pictures looking like a "shrine"..... i really like what you've done and will be pinning it for just the right spot. thanks!

  21. You can never have enough pictures of the ones you love! Great Job on the display!


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