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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dwellings          Needlepoint
For as long as I can remember I have loved needlepoint.
Pillows, footstools or framed...I love it!
Finding these in antique stores, I always wonder about who stitched each piece and the time it must have taken them.  Some are so intricate.
Many of the pieces I have collected over the years are in our den.
This one is framed with a velvet border and kept in a built-in bookshelf...

This small needlepoint hangs in the hallway across from the den...

Here is a closer view...

This oval framed piece was one of the first pieces I ever purchased.  It is paired with a blue and white tea pot that was my grandmothers.
A very special keepsake!

A black and white treasure with a saying that is oh, so true...

This little needlepoint is one of my favorites, I love the frame...

These pieces find their home on the wall...

and on the table...

and a needlepoint footstool in front of the sofa...

 I have many more pieces throughout my home but I wanted to share my latest find with you.
Last week a friend and I went to a couple of antique shops and I was thrilled to find these two beauties...the time it must have taken to stitch them!

I didn't care for the black frames and they filthy dirty,
but I knew I had the perfect place for them!

Look at this glass, they were filthy!

So I cleaned the glass and painted the frames with paris grey & a touch of old white CP and VOILA'...

Here they are in their new home, our downstairs guest room.

Yes, for now just a peek at the guest room,
it is still a work in progress.  Lots going on, so more to come soon!


  1. Your new ladies look lovely in their refreshed frames. This was a great find!

    I love needlepoint and need to start a collection like yours.

  2. I love it too~I was hoping you would paint the black frames with the ladies in it!! They are marvelous~I am planning to meet with an older lady who needlepoints all day everyday! Hoping to sell her work in my etsy shop soon~it is such a lovely craft.

  3. Cindy you have so many pretty ones and you displayed them all beautifully! Love the paint job on those frames. My favorite is that little one on the stand near that pretty little silver lamp!

  4. So lovely and love the way you painted the frames so cute... And love the foot stool... its a beautiful piece...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  5. are so blessed to have found such treasures! I do needle crafts myself and and feel a rather sickly feeling to think all my beloved pieces may end up in a shop one day, but then again, perhaps that's where they need to be so someone special, like yourself, can find them and love them in their home. Have a blessed day~~Shine

  6. You've truly found some wonderful pieces of needlepoint, Cindy. I love all the different little places you've found to display them. Your recent ones are gorgeous, & yes, must have taken so many hours to do. Obviously done by loving hands who didn't know anything about! I used to do a lot of crewel & cross stitch, but the eyes can't handle that kind of intricate work anymore. :( Can't wait to see your guest room.

  7. Wow thats alot of flowery goodness! LOL Nice decorations there!


  8. Your latest needlepoint finds are so pretty and dainty! Love the bench, too! Can't wait to see the guest bedroom final reveal!

    I'm hosting a give-away, come by and enter, if you'd like! :)

  9. Your needlework pieces are beautiful! They are definitely works of art just like the doilies and such that I love collecting. A guest room should be warm and inviting and it looks like just that! Looking forward to seeing more.

  10. All of your needlepoint goodies are just beautiful! Your ladies are awesome and look so much better in their repainted frames.

  11. Cindy, you have such a pretty and unique collection. I love needle point too. In fact I remember being a teenager and trying to do some of my own. That did not work out to well for me LOL! I bought an owl one at sleepy poet, I think with you girls. I still am searching for just the right place for it.

  12. I love needle point too. You have a marvelous collection! So pretty!

  13. Cindy, your collection of needle work is wonderful and beautiful. I often pick up pieces like these as they add character just as you have shown us here. Have a terrific week, olive

  14. Beautiful! Lovely workmanship! Thanks for sharing joann

  15. Oh my what wonderful treasures and each one is showcased to perfectly. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. They are so lovely, all of them. The two new ones are perfect in your guest room. You did a fabulous job on the frames! Enjoy!

  17. I've been stitching needlepoint since I was a child. Love stitching. Do you stitch yourself? Your have some lovely pieces. It's nice to see someone appreciate these works of love. It takes a lot of time to stitch these treasures. ~ Sarah

  18. What a beautiful collection you have. I love imagining the time and love that went into needlework, too. Patty

  19. Your needle points are beautiful! And the new ones are fabulous! I love them, I can see why you snatched them up. The makeover that you gave them is perfection!
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. It's amazing how a lttle paint and imagination can change things!
    You have a lovely home and needlework collection!

  21. Well, Sugar, it's my first time here. I try to follow Beverly's advice and visit one Pink Saturday chick I've never visited before so here I am. Your red sofa picture drew me here from the Linky tool, but I also indulge in needlework. I have many projects to finish and may not get to them in my lifetime though. ;-) Darling blog and post.

  22. Happy Pink Saturday Cindy Sweetie...
    A gorgeous share indeed. You have such a pretty and unique collection. I love needle point too.

    The footstool was my favorite. It took me back to one that sat in my Grandmother's room by her red velvet chair. Thank you for the beautiful memory today.

    Your ladies are just beautiful. Your home is gorgeous and I thank you for sharing some of the corners with me today. Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  23. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays, all of your needlepoint pieces are lovely. I think your v.ignettes are so gorgeous. Wow those two recent pics you have are exraordinary, the work I agree must have been tedious but the reward so great. They look beautiful in your guest bedroom the color goes perfect with the chair.

  24. You really have a beautiful collection. I love the way you have them displayed in the warm cozy corner of your home. Thanks so much for sharing:-)


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