Sunday, January 22, 2012

I hope you are having a great weekend!

While in Florida
my mother-in-law was telling us stories about the bears that she sees in her yard and she also told us about the
white squi rrel.

Though in the wee hours of the night he did hear all the dogs barking like crazy due to the bears, we never saw the bears.
BUT, we did see the
white squi rrel!

I am an animal lover
and though some think on squirrels as well, a version of a rat,
(an older woman once informed me her opinion of them)
I happen to like them
was thrilled to actually see one that was white!

Of course, I immediately grabbed my camera and began taking pictures like a crazy woman!
Unfortunately there were a couple of things working against me...
 I was far away,
taking pictures through a WINDOW,
and the white squi rrel was fast...

I changed my camera setting to the highest zoom option...

Isn't he something...I was so excited!

I know, I know...
It doesn't take much to thrill me and seeing a white squi rrel surely did!

Here's lookin' at YOU my sweet friend!

Love your sweet comments, you make my day!


  1. We don't have white ones around here, but I have heard there is a place in Tn. that is loaded with them. So cute.

  2. Hi Cindy,
    I love squirrels and I am so excited when I see them playing in the park. I have never seen a white one. He is amazing! Thanks for sharing his cuteness today and have a delightful Pink Saturday weekend.


  3. Cindy!
    How sweet.. I just moved to Florida, so I will be keeping my eye out!
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. How cute!! Cindy I never saw a white squirrel before not even on all my trips to Florida.

  5. They are darling. I think I have heard of albino squirrels before. Did this one have pink eyes? You got some great shots, Cindy!


  6. how neat! seeing a white squirrel would have excited me too. last week we had a few turkey vultures across from our house. as soon as i grabbed my camera and went outside they flew away. luckily i was able to grab a picture of one in flight. thanks for sharing your pics!

  7. Oh my gosh, I've never heard of a white squirrel. What fun for you to have seen one and had your camera handy. I'm sorry you didn't see the bear, but also kind of glad as I think that might be scary.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. What a little Cutie! I would get excited too as I live in Floridia and will be on the look out now too! Thanks for sharing these precious photos!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  9. So neat! Thanks for sharing the cool photos.



  10. I hope it isn't a ghost squirrel- unless it is friendly. Like Casper.

  11. Oh I know what you mean! It is SO cute! We have a white squirrel in the park beside us and because we live in a rather artsy area people care...ALOT lol! We ow have "White Squirrel Way" Which is a street... and the coffee shop adjacent to it has the white squirrel as their logo (Hanging over the store, then there are cups, shirts...even refrigerator magnets!) LOL and there's white squirrel postcards too, in another art store just a block away, literally pictures (of good quality) taken by local photographers!
    How's that for excitement?! LOL As for me, I'd much rather see bears ;)
    Thank you for this cute post! He's adorkable!


  12. What an amazing little animal! I would have been very excited, too!

    Good luck with all the wedding plans!

  13. Cindy, I have a real affection for squirrel ( but not other rodents, giggle) I would have been over the moon to see this one. Hugs and smooches and wishes for a beautiful week ahead!

  14. We have white squirrels here. Your guy is a little different. He has a little dark fur too. Ours are albino grey squirrels.
    Great pictures!

  15. I live in Ontario, Canada and have never seen a white squirrel. I happen to like them too and feed them every day around our home. They have as much right to a good life as any of us, I think. Deb=^..^=x4

  16. amazing!!! I'd love to see a white squirrel.

  17. Cute squirrel Cindy. I've never seen a white squirrel. There is a town in Illinois that is home to lot of them.

  18. Bears in the yard??? I don't think so! ;) The albino squirrel is so cute! Albinos of any animal are definitely rare. We had a couple of albino crows (one not completely) in our area several years ago. I probably one of the few who never saw them but then, of course, I don't have a daily commute which would allow me to do so. I need to get out more often...sigh

  19. I'm an animal lover, too, and love squirrels. I've never seen a white squirrel before!! Beautiful! I'm your newest follower! Nice to meet another "Cindy" with similar interests!
    Cindy @Art,Books,Tea

  20. I've never seen a white squirrel before! Wow! That's amazing!!

  21. What a little cutie pie! I love it. We have squirrels around our house and we talk to them all of the time and they chatter at us every time we drive into our drive or come out of our house. They are a lot of fun.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. Just ran across your post on the white squirrels...I have them in my yard...and I love them...They are very difficult to get photos of ...the only time I've gotten some fairly good shots are when I drove my car close to the trees they were in...don't know why they aren't afraid of my car...Have a beautiful week!!!

  23. Love the white squirrel pictures, especially the one with the red cardinal in the took my breath away!


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