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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whew, I feel as if I have been in a whirlwind! There was Thanksgiving, Christmas and then we had to make two separate trips from NC to Florida and staying for a week each's been crazy!
Mr. Heart and I are back home and hopefully won't be going anywhere else anytime soon. I am ready to stay put!

On our way home this weekend we stopped by an antique store in Thomasville, GA and boy it was nice! There was something for everyone in this shop and I know you would have enjoyed it, so here is a peek...

With everything from new furniture to fine antiques, lets just say I was loving this place from the moment I stepped in!
So many ideas from table top decor to furniture groupings...

The style, fabrics and colors on this sofa and chair were fabulous; a touch of contemporary meets traditional, I like it!
And the chair was really comfy!

Love the curved lines and nailhead trim on this chair...

The chairs with this garden set were SO heavy. Even Mr. Heart had a hard time sliding them out from underneath the table!
The tag should include the wording..."serious muscle needed!"...

This unique circa 1700 framed artwork consists of wax seals on parchment paper and could go home with you for a mere $550!

A pair of dainty and shimmery silver elegant!

Possibly this barbers chair was invented for the barber who kept losing his stool?  This stool is attached, so no chance of it being misplaced! And one wheel will easily slide the stool from the left side to the right side...So unique!

It has everything, including the strap for the barber to sharpen his blade!

I just loved this lamp with it's removable snuffer...

Someone must really love marshmallows. This sign and several pillows had the same saying...

Quail anyone?...

Ok, are you ready for the pièce de résistance?
This was it was for me anyway, I could have backed my truck up and taken these next few items with me!
I just love the
blue and white checked chairs...
the glass top table...
the large mirror, floral arrangement and even the chandelier...

and this damask chair with pillow too!
But especially this gorgeous highboy! I have been keeping an eye out for a highboy and this one was a beauty!!!

Nope, nothing came home with me. It was a day to look and drool, and that I did!
Such a beautiful shop, wasn't it!
I sure hope you enjoyed the tour. Did you see anything you would have taken home with you?


  1. So many beautiful things!! I would love to visit a shop like that!

  2. Hi Cindy ! Oh gosh- cool post !! And i just cracked up about the Marshmellows sign LOL Happy Monday ox

  3. Beautiful Cindy! I spied a lot I would like. Glad you are staying put now. We must plan our next outting!

  4. Beautiful shop, but it does seem a little pricey! Great inspiration though!

    Lou Cinda

  5. What great pictures! I must admit, walking up and down the aisles of any antique shop is truly a passion of mine. This one looks fabulous! Susie

  6. The store is full of wonderful items and very posh. I want a marshmallow sign. I have a marsh mallow gun we shot them at each other at Christmas.

  7. I see some beautiful things I'd like to have. Love the scalloped table! And the lamps are gorgeous!

  8. Wonderful shopping trip and I did not even have to get out of my jammies!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. I would definitely love to see this beautiful shop in person!

  10. A store full of so many goodies!! What fun.

  11. You really photographed some lovely things! I love the first chair and the last chairs--beautiful!

    Thanks for taking us on a tour.


  12. Love it! thanks for sharing Joann

  13. What an awesome shop! I could have brought home most everything you have showcased, well in my dreams, anyway! :) The blue and white checked chairs were gorgeous!

  14. Thank you for taking us on such an interesting trip! Love so many things here! :D


  15. I would love to shop there! I cannot believe you did not buy must have super willpower!

  16. What a terrific place to shop with lots of great eye candy~

  17. Now that looks like my kind of shopping day! What a fabulous store! I could get lost for hours in a place like that!

  18. It must have been hard not to buy anything. I saw so many things that stole my heart. Thanks for the eye candy!
    Have a super day.

  19. Thanks for taking us along with you...enjoyed my trip:)


  20. Definitely alot of new mixed in with the old. I saw several smaller things that I would have loved to check out but the chippy green dresser and especially the blue/gray(?) table in the picture above the lamp with the snuffer. I love it!!

  21. OH, that is my kinda store! Beautiful things!

  22. Love, love, love the wingchair and highboy! I think I have the mate to that wingchair! :) Donna

  23. What gorgeous treasures~ I am loving those beautiful greens!!! Thanks for sharing your shopping trip!! Feathered Nest Friday will be up shortly if you want to share over there too!

  24. Nothing better than antiquing, and especially finding a new place to check out. Gorgeous items in this shop.
    Your newest follower, Mary Alice

  25. I love those blue checked chairs too and the glass top table, we would have had a tug of war if I'd have been there and if I'd had alot of money on me:) Thanks for the tour!


  26. wow I showed my son in law that barber shop chair and it is amazing...I am in love with the first chair!

  27. What great items. The ball thing-y that's in the picture above the marshmallow sign: I have one, but in the shape of a wreath. The balls are terrific and can be used as a light fixture. They have been at Wisteria and featured in Veranda.

    Thank you for sharing this fabulous post to Potpourri Friday!

  28. Oh, I love the marshmallow sign! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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