Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dining Room is dressed for Christmas.

It was a happy day when we found the dining room mirror.  A few years ago Mr. Heart and I were at an estate sale when I spied a mirror that would be perfect in our dining room.  Things were a bit pricy that day.  As we made our way over to get a closer look, I was preparing myself that it may be out of my reach,  but was so happy to find it being offered for a steal...SQUEAL! 

To dress it up for Christmas I added two swags of garland adorned with green leaves and gold fruit.  One swag is added on each side...

A shimmery gold ribbon bow with lots of embellishments is then added to the top  and the ribbon is tucked into the garland...

One of my favorite trees is the little one on the dining room buffet.  I call it our Little Tweet Tree because it is so small and decorated with tiny bird ornaments.

Each year my mom gives us girls Waterford ornaments.  The smaller ornaments are pefect for the small Tweet Tree...

On the buffet are deer that sit on each side of the little tree, all of which sits atop gold shimmery runners ...

A simple centerpiece includes a mirror base, crystal candlesticks and a gold urn with red flower arrangement.  A dove is added for a little extra touch.  There are two of these florals, one is on the dining room table and the other...

...finds a home on the empire chest...

That's the dining room dressed for Christmas.  Can you believe there are only 12 more days to go!

Thanks so much for visiting, I love your sweet comments and can't wait to read yours!


  1. Your dining room is gorgeous. I love your mirror, what a fabulous find. Your reindeer are also just stunning. Such a beautiful vignette. Hugs, Marty

  2. Cindy, your home is so elegant! I love how you embellished the mirror. That little tree with the birds is beautiful too.

    Well done!

  3. Morning Cindy,
    wow, your dining room looks so lovely and festive.
    Love those pics with the mirror reflecting your tree in the other room, looks just like a magazine picture. Beautiful. The whole room is beautiful,
    you are a very talented decorator.

    We tried to put a magnolia garland in our dining room light fixture and it looked great but made the light looks so dim I didn't like that part.
    so will have to think of another option I guess. lol

    You have a great week ahead enjoying the Christmas Season sweetie,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  4. Cindy your dining room looks stunning and I LOVE LOVE the shot looking thru the mirror at your tree, BEAUTIFUL!! Martina

  5. I LOVE the mirror, Cindy...I'm so happy you got a good deal on it, too! And I love your tweet tree. too! It's darling! You have a lovely dining room and it looks perfect all dressed up for Christmas. Yikes...12 more days?!!


  6. What a lovely dining room! The light is so welcoming a cozy. Love the garland around the mirror and the floral arrangements!

  7. Love the vignette on the buffet and really love the empire chest. Gorgeous wood on that.

  8. NO I can't believe there are only 12 days left before Christmas. Where did the time go? People don't like it because we start Christmas so early, but I would actually like about 2 months of Christmas cheer. I love the mirror too. I would have jumped on it too. Everything is beautiful.

  9. That mirror is gorgeous Cindy and looks perfect in your Dining room. Love how you dressed it all up. Pretty waterford too. I will take that chest off your hands any day any time:)
    P.S. I receive my pillow today...LOVES it!

  10. The decorated mirror and decor look beautiful! Pat

  11. The Christmas tree reflected in your mirror is magical! And I love your decorations! Everything looks so elegant! ♥

  12. That mirror is just smashing Cindy. What a find and you have turned it up a notch for Christmas. I have now started saying "small Tweet tree" over and over.

  13. Your dining room is just lovely dressed for Christmas. That mirror is perfect for your room, and those bird ornaments are adorable. That empire chest is beyond beautiful.

  14. What a stunning dining room. I love the Empire chest. Beautiful! Your artful decor is so festive and warm. I imagine guests linger for hours at your house.

  15. How lovely it all is! The mirror is to-die-for! And I love how you featured it in the room with decorations. Just enough too! Beautiful.

    Stopping by from Savvy Southern Style.

  16. Your home is so beautiful, Cindy! I love how you adorned your mirror and I love your little bird Christmas tree....Christine

  17. Everything looks so glamorous, yet warm and inviting, too. I absolutely LOVE the tree reflected in the mirror. I know you'll have a beautiful holiday. Enjoy!

  18. Your dining room is absolutely and completely GORGEOUS!!! You are a magician with ribbon, lights and Christmas baubles!
    I love it!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. Oh, my goodness! What a beautiful dining room! I love your beautiful mirror and the garland of ribbon around it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Love how you adorn that mirror!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Great mirror find and love the way you have decorated with bow and greenery. So elegant, especially with the reflection of your gorgeous Christmas tree. What a beautiful dining room. Thanks for sharing. ~CJ

  22. Cindy,
    Everything looks stunning!!


  23. Beautiful!!

    Merry Christmas!

  24. these pictures are stunning. super happy I found your blog. loving it. definitely following. If u get a sec I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl turned LA local. thanks, love. xo

  25. How gorgeous! Love your empire chest and those sweet bird ornaments.

  26. Yes, I know we're supposed to be looking at the decor, but I HAVE to comment on that out-of-this-world Empire chest!!!!!! I literally gulped when I saw it! That is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I have ever seen!!! It's magnificent! I want it!!!! :-) Beautiful decor all around, and your Tweet Tree is sweet as sugar. You did a marvelous job with the mirror, too! It's gorgeous in and of itself, but the Christmas treatment really jazzed it up even more. Enjoy your day!

  27. The photograper has done an awesome job. The tweet tree in the mirror is a pretty photo. I just love all the photos and the story of your mirror is great for I have had some of the same feelings. I keep coming back to view your tweet tree for it is so sweet. Merry Christmas and Happy Tablescaping. Pam

  28. Beautiful dining room, Cindy! Love your mirror.

  29. That mirror is decorated so beautifully, and the bird ornaments are so sweet. You really know how to decorate, my friend, and I enjoy coming to visit with you and seeing all your dazzling ideas. It is a combination of lovely and unique - two of my favorite things.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  30. What a lovely dining room you have! Your Christmas decorations are so pretty in this room. I especially love your pretty mirror.

  31. Your dining room is beautiful!

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday! May you have a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!

  32. Beautiful! Have a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  33. Your house looks beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas & thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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