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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The sun is coming up and streaming into the den.  
As I look through the curtains I see hints of fall...

We had a storm last night with high winds, so the first fall leaves have been shaken from the trees and sprinkled across the deck.

Last summer Mr. Heart surprised me with this garden cat, wasn't that sweet!

While trimming hedges I found a fallen birds nest so I placed it in this little basket.

This summer we chose Lantana for our deck planters.  In shades of pink, purple and orange, they are holding up beautifully in the hot afternoon sun.

I have always loved rabbit foot ferns.  This one is tiny now and I have high hopes that it will grow, grow, grow!

These two beauties are Shamrocks with such dainty blooms.  The green has white blooms and the purple blooms are pink.

Mr. Heart and I enjoy having our morning coffee on the screened porch and it is so much fun watching the hummingbirds enjoying this orange Lantana.

Hosta's do really well as potted plants.  This hosta and variegated ivy have been in this pot for several years now.  The hosta blooms are beautiful and is a nice greeting for friends coming to our back door.

This planter is in the center courtyard and is full of Geraniums and Lantana.

Several years ago I planted Impatiens in a few pots by the screened porch steps and every year since we've had volunteers come up.  Sometimes the volunteers are bright red and sometimes pink, it's always a surprise!

I love hearing from always say the kindest things!

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  1. Your flowers and plants are beautiful! My flowers didn't survive this heat...hubby forgot to water them while I was away! :-(
    I can't wait for mums...I have a lot of them around the yard during the fall!

  2. Hi Cindy! Thanks for the bird photo tips you sent me the other day. I saw the e-mail, but have totally been backed up lately and haven't had time to reply. Appreciate the tips though!

    I really like the cat and planters you have. Pretty ones like that are so hard to find these days.

    Like you, I love those volunteers that come back. For years, we didn't have to buy impatients to line our walk way because we had white impatien that came back for about 4 or 5 years. Hard to believe it's time for fall plants and falling leaves. Not quite sure where summer went, but it flew by this year!

  3. Everything looks beautiful in your yard, but I do love those little hints of fall. It is very cool and rainy here now, and I am loving it!

  4. Your planters are stunning. Wow! I also like the little impatiens that grow around your steps. They are so sweet!

  5. What a wonderful garden you have! I had never seen lantana until I started blogging and now I'm anxious to give it a try. Gorgeous!! Love your shamrocks and all of your statuary, too! You really have such a great place to relax in and enjoy. Our weather is little cooler today after some rain yesterday and it feels wonderful. Have a great holiday!


  6. Love all your blooms and your healthy looking plants!
    The view through your curtains is lovely and inviting!
    Its still very much summer where I live...and I dont mind a bit!
    But when fall settles in, Ill be content with it as well :)
    After all, she does have a beautiful way about her xo

    Deborah xoxo

  7. It all looks so fresh and inviting. I love volunteer flowers especially when they are as pretty as those impatiens. It's been a while since we had any rain here and I am so looking forward to being trapped inside with the gentle pitter patter of the rain. Have a wonderful week. Patty

  8. So pretty, Cindy! So cozy and inviting! Hey, I never even considered planting hostas in planters! Great idea! Your plants all look healthy and happy. Must be you have a reeeeally green thumb! lol! We've been having some leaves falling into the yard, too. Definitely feeling a little autumnal around here!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Such lovely plants, flowers and garden elements. Looks so serene and green. I hope you have a great week!

  10. Hi Cindy,
    Hopped over from Mosiac Mon. So glad to have found you! I too have a passion for gardening. Your deck looks so warm and inviting. I love Lantana, but often forget to plant it. Love your kitty and basket. I have a basket, similar to yours planted with small black eyed susans. I too love those volunteers that surprise you. I love how they mingle along your bottom step. Now following you.

  11. Oh it looks so pretty...and I love your cement pot and kitty!!

  12. I so enjoyed your lovely photos of your flowers! Just gorgeous!

  13. Hi Cindy,
    Your yard is lovely, I can see that you love to care for it. I also love volunteers, even when the columbine volunteers in the lawn, I am happy!

    Thanks for the visit!

  14. Cindy,
    Your plants are beautiful. I gather that you can over-winter at least some of them;. Hostas in a pot wouldn't survive the winter here in Canada, but they do just fine in the ground. I enjoyed my tour around your southern garden!

  15. I love your garden tour! It is lovely, and your flowers are so sweet. It IS true, summer had flon by, and Im kind of happy to see it go! :P


  16. Your images are absolutely lovely and I adore those urns!


  17. I also love volunteers. I have volunteer wave petunia by the front walk every year. Your pots a lovely. Take care and enjoy your week:)

  18. HI Cindy! Everything is so beautiful and you've taken some lovely snaps too. I'm partial to beautiful hosta and yours looks so healthy!
    The little volunteers look so sweet. I just love it when this happens.
    Thanks for popping in.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Lovely! The lantana are pretty and I love the kitty. Like where you put the nest. Wonderful!

  20. I enjoyed that lovely little tour of your garden - lantana is new to me - what beautiful colour!

  21. Oh how lovely! I have been thrilled with my one lantana this year also. You can be sure I will be getting more next summer. I never thought of using hostas as container plants. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  22. Gorgeous post! thanks for sharing at Cottage Flora Thursday today! i love those steps with the volenteer impatients....beautiful! xoox, tracie

  23. Cindy~
    Beautiful shots!
    And I adore your sweet sentiments on "the nest"
    Seriously...just beautiful...

  24. Hi Cindy,
    Love your deck, and your lantana and your shamrocks!

  25. I love your first photo! It has a rather ethereal quality to it.

  26. your photos knocked my socks off!!! I am LOVING the urns you use as planters too!!!
    since the summer is winding down here in Alberta, it will be nice to be able to see all the flaunts both past and present from all those who get to garden year round. I made FF open to photos from past gardens for those who are in climates that stink on ice like mine! lol
    Thank you so much for linking in this week...and for flaunting with me. I look forward to many more flaunts from you!
    Friday's Flaunts are a privelage for me to host. I love getting to be inspired by some of the most wonderful gardeners I have ever had the privelage of "knowing"
    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

  27. Cindy, your flowers are so beautiful. I love your urns with the flowers. I sure agree with you about the volunteer flowers. My lantana comes back every year. I do hold my breath to see if they'll surprise me though. Great photos.
    Have a great weekend. I'm visiting today from Pink Saturday.

    The French Hutch

  28. It's another Pink Saturday...and I pray each one of you will have a great week-end..and even some pink sugary fun! God Bless you

  29. Great idea putting the found bird's nest into the planter!

  30. I love your garden and I know how much work it takes to keep it nice. Mine did not fair as well since I was ill most of the summer. Lantana is a favorite for my garden.

  31. Gorgeous ~
    This is my first visit to your beautiful blog and I'm just smitten..
    Happy weekend hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  32. Such a pretty post---thank you!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  33. This was a beautiful post, thank you!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


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