Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OK, I've seen it all!
After picking up a shower gift from Crate & Barrel I get in my car to head back home.  I leave the mall parking lot and work my way into the turn lane traffic when I see a "speck" and wonder...WHAT IS THAT?
(Can you see the speck?)

Well, like most bloggers, I keep my camera in my purse just in case a Kodak moment arises, so I quickly think...I'll take a picture of it so I can zoom in to see what the heck that is!  Just then the light turns green, traffic starts moving and I am trying to keep an eye on the road while I have one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand is grabbing my purse, fumbling to find my camera and get it out of my purse, then out of the camera case, turned on and then up to my eye so I can snap a picture...
all while trying to stay as close to this car as I can...
cause I am so curious and just have to find out what that speck is!
(Do you see it now?)

So, I snap a few pictures and we stop at the next traffic light.
Still just seeing a speck, I think...I'll turn on the cameras DIGITAL ZOOM 2.3 OPTION!  So, I make the camera adjustment and...

I can't believe it!  As the light turns green and we take off again, I can now see it and notice it is twirling in the wind around left and then back around to the right...DO YOU SEE IT!?

Don't laugh...I know, I know...it doesn't take much to amuse me!
So, have you seen anything amusing lately?!

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  1. OK this is funny because yesterday I went to Walmart and I grabbed a cart, well something funny hit my hand, I looked and I had a grasshopper as a friend shopping with me. He stayed the whole time too:) Good shot!

  2. This is too funny! That little guy has tenacity!

  3. Wow - You have a good eye! That is so funny. He's hanging on for dear life. :)

  4. For a minute I thought it was a tornado. He is holding on for dear life...I love all things nature and would take all outside shots if I could get away with it!

  5. Adorable story! Good thing you had your camera ready :-)

  6. He looks like he is hanging on for dear life!!


  7. Haha! That's funny. He must've hung on awfully tight!

    Welcome back!


  8. You are sooo funny!!!!
    Welcome back Cindy!

    Pamela xo

  9. I am awed that you could drive and take the picture or pictures! I will only do this at stop light. We have way too much traffic here to take chances. Lots of times I will turn around, find a place to park or at least pull over and try to get whatever. I do have to say that grasshopper was strong to hang on like that! Maybe just wanted his picture on your blog! Good catch.

  10. That is too funny! Oh my God how cute is that?! He's so adorable! How did you spot it Id be blind to that! Great and funny story ;)


  11. Too funny! Poor little guy..hanging on for his life!
    You have a good eye Cindy!!

  12. giggle we had a similar hitchhiker recently too. Fun post. Hugs!

  13. Cindy, thanks for sharing a this as it made me smile ...It was sure hanging on !!

  14. So funny, because this is exactly something I would do, and the little guy looks like he is hanging on for dear life. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Cindy, that is fabulous, truly a Kodak moment. You must have good eyes, dear lady, to have seen that!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. This is a terrific capture! And you must have great eyesight to have seen him in the first place!

    Yes, I certainly missed you! And I am so excited to hear that you are planning on joining in on Potpourri Friday!

  17. loved this. so funny. just be careful when you drive.....not to crash you and the speck

  18. I love stuff like this! That little guy has a huge will to live!



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