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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year to You!

I can't believe it is already 2011.  Time is flying by...does it seem that way to you?
Here in North Carolina temperatures have gone from 15 degrees and SNOW to a warm 50 degree day!
Loving plants that flower, especially in the winter, I wanted to share these Christmas Cactus with you...
The blooms were beautiful this year!

I should have taken these pictures a week ago as many of the blooms have fallen; however the ones that remain continue to display their beauty...


There are two Christmas Cactus plants.  One has deep pink flowers and the other has pale pink flowers with dark pink edges.
Do you have a favorite?

Isn't this puppy is adorable!!!

This puppy is VERY SPECIAL TO ME!
Since I was a very little girl, I have adored the little puppy that sat on my Granny's shelf ... I just loved him!
I've always thought he was the sweetest, most adorable little thing!
This little puppy has also been special to my Uncle John and when our beloved Granny passed, this was given to my Uncle John.  Granny knew how much he adored her puppy!

My husband and I love to frequent antique shops so over the years we have kept an eye out hoping to find a little pup like this...

This summer my Uncle John surprised me with a gift.  When I opened the package, it was GRANNY'S PUPPY along with a very SWEET note from my Uncle John!  I could not have been more surprised or happy!

Granny's puppy is now in a prominent place in my home!
will cherish both the puppy and Uncle John's note forever!



Thank you for letting me share sweet puppy and blooms with you!
I hope you and  your family have a happy and blessed 2011!
Please leave a comment and let me kow if you had a favorite bloom...

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  1. Love your cactus & your little puppy!

  2. I have a yellow Christmas cactus that was propagated from one my husband's grandmother had. It is an early bloomer, blooming around Thanksgiving.

  3. I did not get a Christmas cactus this year, so I appreciate you for sharing yours. I love the pale pink blossoms edged in the bright pink. Your little puppy is too, too cute. Your Uncle John rocks out loud!

  4. The puppy is the most beautiful thing you showed because your love of your grandmother came right through the computer screen. So sweet. The pink Christmas Cactus is more striking but the pale one is lovely in it's own way. Talk about indecisive...lol....Take care.

  5. Love the photos of the Christmas Cactus! A very lovely flower! Just love your treasure from your Grandmother and that your Uncle thought so much of you to give it to you with a special note! Delightsome!

  6. Your cactus is really beautiful! I have never had one, so I had no idea they bloomed so beautifully. Your little puppy is so sweet, too, I can see why you have always loved him.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. Your cactus is stunning both of them. I have one but it hasn't bloomed yet. Any day now....
    Your little puppy is adorable ~ Treasure it!

  8. Your Christmas Cactus are gorgeous. So pretty and both colors are beautiful. Your sweet puppy is precious. What a special gift and heirloom. Gorgeous vignette. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. All of your vignettes are beautiful and the photography is outstanding. Such a pretty color in the Christmas Cactus and your gift is a treasure. I enjoyed browsing your blog...this is my first visit...I'm a new follower. I hope you'll stop by my blog...I'd love to have you visit...Sue

  10. What an adorable puppy, his history ... tucked amongst your gorgeous cactus vignettes. I so love those cactus, I must restart myself with them once again.

    ~ Pop over for our CSN Giveaway ~
    Have a beautiful New Year.
    TTFN ~

  11. What a beautiful *pop* of color!
    Happy New Year!

  12. I just stumbled on your blog and it's fantastic....Love your style.


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