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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blogging friends are the best!  So sweet, encouraging and willing to help when asked.  Since many of you have gone through makeovers and remodels, I'd love to hear any tips you could share! 

Here is what we are working on...
We have a nice sized master bedroom.  Large enough for a king sized bed, several dressers, camel back sofa, chair, and end is a nice size.  However, the master bathroom is tiny.  Our home is a bit older and to date there have been no major renovations.  Over the past few years we've had to call in the plumber due to the master shower needing some faucet repairs.  After the last repair, it was explained to us that next time they would have to remove a large section of tile to do repair work in the wall.  Well, that was bad news and good news.  Bad news, in that the tile is original, so to remove some of it for repairs would mean having to re tile the whole shower.  Good news, in that my hubby said, "It's time to REMODEL."  Yipee!!!

As you know, one thing leads to another and as we began to plan for the master bath remodel it wasn't long before we realized that we would need to tackle the master closets first!

  My husband's closet is on the other side of the bedroom and is the typical long and narrow closet with double bi-fold doors.  My walk-in closet is adjacent to the master bath.  This is the current floor plan of the master bath and my walk-in closet; total dimensions are 8' x 14'.

 Wouldn't you agree that if you are going to invest the time, money and inconvenience to re-do a master bath, that it should be as large as possible?!  So the question became, where can we re-locate my walk-in closet so we can incorporate the current one into the new master bath?

Behind my husbands closet, which again is on the other side of the master bedroom, is a small area that we have used as a multi-purpose room.  The main function is an office for my hubby, and also a place to store extra dishes and knick-knacks, magazines that I don't have the heart to throw out, and linens.

Since we have a guest bedroom downstairs and the kids are out on their own which means we also have two extra bedrooms upstairs, we decided that that we should convert one of the upstairs bedrooms into an office for Mr. Heart.  In doing this we could combine the multi-purpose room and my hubby's current closet into a new master closet, so we got busy!

Access to this room is in the hallway.  We had already begun working when I took these pictures, so please excuse the mess...

Don't you just love the sheep and cow wallpaper?  The previous owners choice and I'm glad it is coming down...

We began removing all the stuff and all the shelves...

This shelving is behind the door.  Most of the knick-knacks had already been removed but there are tons of magazines!  Are you like me and keep old magazines forever?

My hubby asked me to come take a look at his "handy work" before he went any further.  He wrote our initials and the year on a 2x4 which was to be encased in our home forever.  He always thinks of the sweetest things that mean so much to me!

This is my sweetie, working hard and patching the doorway where "our" 2x4 will be!

This is the view of the new closet area from our bedroom and through the entrance of my hubbies old closet door.  See the gray patch on the right?  This is the old doorway from the hallway into the old multi-purpose room.  

Mr. Heart patched and sanded, and patched and sanded some more.  He really worked hard!

The lighting came from Lowe's and were very inexpensive.  They have a vintage look and add just the right amount of light.

Here is the painted closet area ready for the shelving install...

We got several quotes from closet companies and the one we chose was very reasonable.  They were able to configure this area to give us even more room for our clothes and shoes than in our previous two closets combined...did the happy dance!!!

Here is the finished master closet...

There is a jewelry drawer, built in hamper and I am really going to enjoy having the shoe cubbies! 

I can't wait to move everything into our new closet so we can turn our attention to planning the new master bath and I would so appreciate your suggestions...
What do you think is a must in the master bath?
Any bath remodel experiences and tips you can share?
Do you have a favorite tub?  Claw foot, jet tubs, or one that recirculates & keeps the water warm?

 I love hearing from you, so let me know you visited!


  1. I wish I could help sweetie but all my taste is in my mouth. I'm looking forward to reading what the others have to say. It's going to be lovely.

  2. Cindy, y'all are doing a great job! Your husband is to be commended for his hard work.

    I have friends who have jet tubs that wish they didn't, and I have another friend who loves her. We just have a large soaker tub. I am of the mind that if it has parts (like a motor) I'd rather not have it upstairs. Our bedroom is upstairs, too. I would invest in some of the fancier shower heads for the shower. And I like the look of wide molding around the mirror instead of that metal piece. Rhoda of Southern Hospitality did something about a bathroom remodel where she used the wide molding (I think there's a company that sells it). Can't wait to see what you do, and I love the closet. So neat!


    Sheila :-)

  3. I am having closet envy. I love what the two of you have accomplished.

  4. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. You have such great taste, I know it will be beautiful. I have a blogging question. How did you make the small layout plan of your bathroom?

  5. Looking good...I'm soooo jealous (just kidding)...hoping your weekend is a good one!!!


  6. Wow, your closet came out great, that will be fun refilling it I am sure!!
    Can't wait to see what you are gonna do with you new Master Bathroom, I am sure it is gonna be great having all that room.
    A few years ago we started a redo for the same reason as you pretty much. Hubby and I did all the work so it took us quite awhile, but we are
    delighted with the results. I am thankful everytime I get into the newly tiled shower,
    came out great!!

    Blessings for a fun and pretty new bathroom,

  7. Oh My! It looks like it is going to be a dream come true..can your hubs come over to our place and help my hubs get our closets done?

  8. That closet is like AMAZING! You are so lucky! We are redoing our bathroom also. I found a 5ft granite countertop with the sink bowl in it for 60 bucks and now I am having to work with the color of the granite.I have a soaker tub and I loooove it. I cant wait to see what you choose.I will be following along:)

  9. Wow, Cindy, I want your closet. That is great that you could use that other space to make your closet bigger. Ours is tiny and cramped and has a huge double window in it which is really bad for clothing. Be sure and keep those blinds shut. The sun will fade your clothing especially something that is just on a hanger a long time and not being worn. I have had a few pieces ruined. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much for linking to the party.

  10. Have heard both pros and cons to the jetted tub, but have personally never had one. I love those slipper tubs, but one wouldn't work here so maybe our next house. The closet is wonderful, but have to agree with Kim about sun-damaged clothing -- keep the blinds mostly closed. Great job!

  11. Oh Cindy I am sooooo jealous of your closet! It is just wonderful and you guys did such a great job right down to picking the perfect lighting for that space. It is making me want to tackle ours and maximize the space that we do have. Thank you so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week! :-)

  12. Love, love, love that closet!! Those shoe cubbies are a woman's dream!! Enjoy!

    Speaking from experience, get the tub with the recirculating bubbles and a heater. We have had both and the jets irritate my skin after 5 minutes plus the water cools down too quick for me. I love the gentle, what I call air bubbles and I am a hot water gal so the heater is awesome!!

  13. Pure closet envy - I am telling you, pure envy!! I love your closet. My Master closet is tiny - long and narrow. I don't buy clothes or shoes because I have no where to put them! Great job by the way - I really do like it and I am so glad that you had the space to do this - it is wonderful!

  14. You, Kim, and I have the same situation with a window smack dab in the middle of our closet! I advocate keeping the blinds closed to prevent sun damage! It may not look the best from the street, but I'd rather not have sun damage. How wonderful to be starting this project. Mine is on the back burner for a little while longer. ~ Sue


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