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A Tip for Glass Beaded Napkin Rings

Friday, November 26, 2010

I was so excited last year to find these beautiful gold glass bead napkin rings!  They were on clearance during an after Christmas sale!

I was planning on using them for a tea a couple of weeks ago, so I gathered the napkins, pressed them nicely and then inserted one of the napkins into a ring to see how it looked.  It was really pretty!  I thought that I might try inserting the napkin a little different and as I was taking the napkin out of the ring...the stitching broke and the glass beads began falling to the ground!  Delicate lttle things!!!

Looking a little closer, I could tell the others were just as fragile with loose stitching and wouldn't hold up...So what to do!?!?

I went to the craft closet to get glue, a small brush and got to work...

Painting the inside of each napking ring, from top to bottom, they were coated good!

And then placed on some wax paper to dry!

This worked beautifully and they are now ready for the Christmas table!!!

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  1. I was curious about what you did with the beaded rings, so I came by and thanks, what a great idea Cindy.
    Thank you for dropping by pretty girl, glad you liked my table! The floor is also marble and the black is onix...there are mines here in this country, which is supposed to be a younger marble, more like alabaster, they have a green and a burned orange color too, very Italian as well. Thank you for inquiring on it.
    Have a terrific week.


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