Fall Front Porch 2017 ~ Warts and All!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

It's fall ya'll and I am so excited!
Already the temperatures are cooler and the leaves are changing colors here in North Carolina.  We've gotten a lot of rain this spring and summer so we are supposed to have a colorful fall this year.

It's apple season in the mountains so last week when we were there working on the cabin we stopped in a rustic little mountain shop we passed on the side of the road that had more apples and pumpkins than you could shake a stick at.  This is the first time we've gotten mountain pumpkins.  There were regular orange pumpkins, some so big it would take three strong men to put it in a truck. Seriously, I've never seen such HUGE pumpkins!  There were green pumpkins, gourd shaped pumpkins, white pumpkins, tall and flat pumpkins, and lots of pumpkins covered in warts, so we stocked up!

Of course, pumpkins aren't the only fall decorations for the porch, but I did keep it simple and mostly used items already on hand.  I used pumpkins, a flag, leaf garland, pine cones, and some corn too!

The flag says "Welcome" and is pretty blowing back and forth in the wind.  There are two fall leaf garlands that are joined in the middle with three large pine cones.  

I forgot to mention when telling you about the pumpkins that we also picked up two bunches of Indian corn for the front door.  I just hung them by the string they were tied together with, no extra ribbon or anything fancy, keeping it simple.

These pumpkins are on the side porch.

That's my fall front porch for 2017...warts and all!
I've just started adding fall touches inside too so I'll share that soon.  I bet you've already finished decorating haven't you!?


  1. Your porch looks very festive for the fall season.

  2. Beautiful, Cindy! 💕 I've just started too. You have quite a head start on me.
    Blessings to you, sweet lady.
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

  3. Beautiful, Cindy! I have porch envy. I miss my old porch! Happy Fall!!!!

  4. Cindy, your porch is perfectly dressed in autumn finery! It says welcome!

  5. Your porch looks stunning, Cindy. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Your front porch is beautiful, Cindy! I adore pumpkins with warts....they are so unique and interesting. Your front doors are beautiful, and the leaf swag looks perfect.



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