Casting Soft Shadows ~ My New Score!

Friday, August 25, 2017

There is nothing quite like the flicker of a candle to warm a room.  I have a thing for lanterns, especially those made of punched tin.  The colonial style goes well in my home and the soft shadows cast in the evening is beautiful.

I've come across some nice punched tin lanterns here and there, but they are pricey, so I keep on walking.  Until yesterday that is.

For about 20 years now I have enjoyed visiting a primitive antique and reproduction shop that is about an hour away from me.   I wouldn't go too often and never came home with anything.  I couldn't justify paying the price.  I would o-h-h and a-h-h and dream of how nice it would be to have my house furnished with some of the amazing furniture and decor in this shop, but I was a looker only.  I recently learned the shop was closing, so I went and two things came home with me...yippee!

I was thrilled to score this red punched tin lantern and it's electric which to me is even better, there is no candle to worry about.  I found the perfect spot for it on the jelly cupboard in the great room.

The sun hasn't even begun to go down and already soft shadows are on the walls.  They look like dancing doves.

I got her for less than half price so I am one happy camper!
Yes...two things came home with me...I'll be sharing the other soon.

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  1. They DO look like dancing doves! Great find...I love it!

  2. It's very pretty! I looked at some lanterns a few days ago, but none came home with me.

  3. Love the way it spreads out the glow on the wall. I'm partial to your duck too.

  4. So beautiful! And amazing to get it to get it at half price. Bravo! Chy

  5. The light patterns on the wall that it casts are so pretty. You are going to really enjoy this now that the days are getting shorter. (Sob!)

  6. Cindy, the punched tin lantern is a beauty! I love its glow on your walls!

  7. That's very pretty, Cindy! I'm wondering if the other item was maybe a tole lamp (not sure if it was the same store......).

  8. Very pretty. We have one of the punched lanterns too. My hubby started collecting lanterns before it was all the rage:) What a trend setter:):)


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