Antique Horse Weathervane in the Kitchen

Friday, April 21, 2017

As I turned the corner my eyes landed on that amazing antique weathervane and it was love at first sight.  I've always had a thing for them, old copper weathervanes.  My preference would be one with a horse or rooster, but truth is, I like them all.  For years I've wanted one but they've always been out of my reach, cost wise, and this one?  Located on top of a cupboard, I had to ask one of the sales people to get it down so we could find the price and I had my fingers, toes and maybe even my eyeballs crossed in hopes that this one would be in my price range.  It took two people, one to steady the ladder and one to handle the weathervane.  It was large, the stand was at least 40" tall, and one of the feet on the base was broken, but wow...what a beauty.  Once down where I could reach, I quickly leaned over to turn the tag and sure heart sank.  There was no way I could pay that.

Maybe it was worth that amount, but it wasn't within my budget, so I asked the sales lady if it would be possible to make an offer?  She said yes, and I did, but no luck.

I frequent that antique shop often and a year went by as that GORGEOUS piece remained on top of a cupboard, until one day as I rounded the corner and looked up to dream about it was gone.  My heart did sink a bit and I quickly began thinking how they are all so expensive, it was amazing, so I should have bitten the bullet and gotten it...but I quickly came back to the reality that it wasn't meant to be mine.

In a close by city there is another antique shop that I go to quite often and the next time I was there guess what I saw? Yep!  That amazing piece was sitting on top of a table in one of the booths.  I know it was the same one because you just don't find them like this very often, the base has the same broken piece off one of the legs and the price...still the same.  

A good six months had passed and it remained on the table top of this booth but one day while there I noticed the vendor tending her booth, so I told her my story and she remembered being called with an offer a l-o-n-g time back and then she said that he's make me a deal if I was still interested.  Well, of course!  I asked her what it would be and guess what?  It was still not within my budget, so I thanked her for being kind enough to come down in price, we continued to chat a while, and then I went on my way.

Fast forward another six months or so and while at this shop with a friend and we found ourselves in this same booth and this piece was still sitting on the table top, so I began sharing the story about me seeing this at another shop a l-o-n-g time ago and how it's been in this shop now for a l-o-n-g time and I met the vendor and she came down a bit but it was still high for me .... and that's when I noticed something amazing out of the corner of my eye lying on a bench covered with quilts ...  an old copper horse that used to be part of a weathervane!  And guess what?  It was ONLY $25...yippeeeeee!

Once home I laid out a towel on the kitchen counter, reached for my copper cleaner and got busy polishing.

Here she is with some spring flowers and birds added to my vent hood in the kitchen.

Isn't she lovely!
I am so glad I waited and kept paid off big time!

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  1. I love it - and it looks perfect up there! I change the shelf above my stove with the seasons but I have been wanting to find something to put up there in between. Such a great look!

  2. What an amazing find! We in Louisiana would call that Lagniappe. Or I just prefer a "God hug."

  3. Sometimes the memories of the hunt are just as special as finally finding that special item. Great piece, congratulations.

  4. OMG... looks like she found the perfect home. It looks perfect. Have a great weekend, Cindy.

  5. What a great find! It pays to wait, but I do know the pangs of regret when I pass up something out of my price range. It really looks good up on the shelf.

  6. Look how handsome he is! Good things come to those who wait.

  7. So very glad you finally got this beauty home-and she looks much nicer after you polished her. Love the look!

  8. I LOVE it...and now I want one! The hunt begins. I used to ride...and still do love horses. Sheila

  9. Wow, your patience surely paid off! Love it!!

  10. This is awesome Cindy! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  11. Oh wow Cindy... I love it. I am still in love with your new kitchen too. I miss my big kitchen so much!

    I happily pinned several photos to my pinterest group board... Twice Loved - Best of Vintage Style Bloggers... If you are not a collaborator ( I think you already are) send me an email and I will add you~

    I'd love for you to stop by my new blog as well --- we are building a new home in Alabama ♥♥♥ --- Thanks so much... Brooke

  12. I love happy endings......and good deals! Yay~! The Lord blessed you with that find. You have a lovely spot for it. It's perfect!


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