Adding Sparkle in the Dining Room

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Having a formal dining room and living room at the front of the house is nice.
When someone drops by, these rooms help the rest of the house appear to be clean and tidy because they aren't used often.  Unlike the family room, which most days has loads of clean laundry on the sofa needing to be folded or waiting to be taken upstairs and put away, or this and that strewn about.  At least the front of the house is pulled together.

The furniture has its place and each piece will only fit on the walls they are on, so this room pretty much stays the same. 

Mostly what changes in the dining room is the décor on top of the furniture.
Years ago I bought these plastic bobeche to use on the candles in the dining room.  I don't believe they cost more than $5 each and I've have enjoyed using them.

Well, move over're being replaced!
I found a pair of antique crystal bobeche for song, so I brought them home.

For the dining room table I've used two crystal candlesticks and a silver mirrored plateau with some red Camellia fresh picked from the garden.

Even though the cold temperatures have nipped the edges in places, the Camelia are still so pretty.

I do love the sparkle from the silver plateau and the crystal.

Some things stay the same,
so it's fun adding a little "new to me" sparkle to the dining room.

Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Just beautiful Cindy, I like the sparkle with silver too!

  2. I love your sparkle - such a pretty room too! I agree it's nice to have the formal rooms you don't use much in the front. I enjoy fooling people into thinking the rest of my house is just as clean!

  3. Oh, I love sparkle anywhere, anytime and it looks really nice in your dining room. I have some big silver sparkly balls in a bowl on our sideboard in our dining room and they make me happy. :o))

  4. The sparkle and touches of red, added to your dining room décor more elegance and glam.
    Beautiful room.
    Happy Valentine's.

  5. Love it. I love walking through my dining room when I need a calm feeling.

  6. Bling is such a happy thing on a table! So beautiful! Blessings, Cindy

  7. Very pretty. You have just reminded me that I have some glass bobeche somewhere too. In one of the moving boxes I guess. Mine are glass but similar to your plastic ones. And they sure save my nice candlesticks and table from wax drips. Sheila

  8. The sparkle is wonderful, Cindy. I agree, having these two beautiful rooms off the foyer is just great and a little worry free! :)


  9. Cindy your dining room is beautiful my friend! That chandy and oh my those curtains.

  10. Beautiful and elegant, Cindy! I always love a little sparkle! Blessings! Pam @ Everyday Living

  11. Your Dining room is perfect and the new sparkle addition, made it even more so Cindy! You remind me, I have to work on my Dining room next, after I'm done with our closet!

  12. Love the sparkle you added to the dining room. Just the right amount.


  13. Those are gorgeous! Bet they really sparkle in the sunlight.

  14. Cindy,
    Gorgeous Dining Room, dear friend!
    I do love the sparkle of freshly polished silver and crystal!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Beautiful to visit the richness in a blending of darker woods. Such a hospitable home welcoming here.
    Love the grace and beauty you have given your home.

    I am visiting by way of Mary Alice and her wonderful downsized cottage life.


  16. Very pretty dining room, Cindy. I'm mad for your empire cabinet/dresser! It's a beauty! Thanks for sharing, Cynthia

  17. Beautiful dining room. I love the addition of the antique crystal bobeche with touch of red. Thank you for sharing with us from your home! Teresa


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