Ugly Duckling Turned Beautiful Swan ~ I Had My Doubts

Thursday, November 12, 2015

It was a long, long time ago when I found her; an old dresser abandoned by the roadside.
The drawer fronts were not attached to the drawers and leaning against one side.
The old mirror and frame that holds it in place were dismantled and leaning on the other side.
She was old, broken and dirty...the perfect curbside find.

The mister reattached the drawer fronts to the drawers and after a good cleaning she was used for storage in a spare room at our old house.  Jumping ahead a number of years and after moving to our current home, the base of the dresser was used on the screened porch for a while and for the last couple of years it has been stored in the garage.

As I shared in my Guest Room Sneak Peek, I was searching the attic, garage and all my stashes to pull this room together with little to no cost.  This dresser came to mind and as I pulled her from the garage, seeing the condition it was in, I had my doubts about ever using it again.

She looks awful here, but just wait! :)

The ugly duckling before being turned into a beautiful swan!

Not only covered in dirt and grime,
there was mold here and there from being on the porch with potted plants sitting on top.

Curbside find with peeling veneer, mold, dirt and grime...but I'm not finished with her yet!

Much of the veneer had already come off but there was more to be removed.

Curbside find with peeling veneer, mold, dirt and grime...but I'm not finished with her yet!

I removed the rest of the veneer by using a slant edge putty knife with a sharp edge.
Some of the veneer was loose and easy to remove.  Other areas took a bit of muscle to remove.

Scraping off the old veneer with a putty knife...wait til you see how she turns out!

After removing the veneer I gave her a good cleaning; inside-out and top to bottom!
Next, I painted on a couple coats of Annie Sloan Louis Blue chalk paint and finished her off with a little clear and dark wax.

Louis Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a little wax!

I tell ya!  That Annie Sloan chalk paint is a miracle in a can.
It's so easy to use and the results are always amazing!

The drawers were lined with pretty paper with a sweet faint scent and the finishing touch was adding crystal knobs with little silver details.

Annie Sloan Louis Blue and crystal knobs...she looks so pretty now!

This dresser is old and though she's been given a new beginning, she is still showing her age.
You can see it in the mirror where the silver backing has been slowly turning black over the years...I love it!

This dresser has been given a new life, but she is still showing her age as the mirror is slowing turning dark as time passes.

After a little elbow grease, a good cleaning and she is!

Ugly duckling turned beautiful swan in this colonial farmhouse guest room.

Ugly duckling turned beautiful swan in this colonial farmhouse guest room.

The ugly duckling turned to a beautiful swan and is perfect for our colonial farmhouse style guest room!
Did you see the guest room reveal?  You can see it here.

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  1. there is clever, and there is genius, and you my dear fall into the second category... this is a stunning renovation and how pretty it looks in your room now.. just perfectly stunning, thank you so much for sharing and inspiring others..

  2. It's gorgeous now! I felt for you on that veneer. I had to do the same thing with coffee table I redid. It was tedious!

  3. Cindy,
    This is one amazing transformation, dear friend!!!
    What a precious treat to find that when we think something is 'done',
    there's still another life within if we just seek and find!!!
    Thanks for sharing, encouraging and inspiring!!!

  4. HI Cindy! Oh, the little dresser turned out beautifully! Love the soft blue and you really gave new life to this piece. Can you believe I've never used AS paint? I've got to break down and use it one day! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I'm impressed - that mirror fits beautifully on it!

  6. What a beautiful redo! It looks so great in your new cozy guest room. That room would be a delight to stay overnight in. Great job!


  7. She's a beauty. I love chalk paint and I agree, a MIRACLE in a can for sure


  8. What a gorgeous transformation! I had my doubts when I saw that first photo but wow what a great job you did!!

  9. Your ugly duckling is most definitely a beautiful swan now! Terrific color and a perfect addition to your charming guest room. Jane

  10. What a pretty piece! It's amazing how a little chalk paint can bring new life to furniture. Good job!!!

  11. You did such a nice job of making over this piece. It looks great in your guest room.

  12. A lovely transformation! Your guest room is very inviting--I'm sure your guests will love it.

  13. Beautiful!! What a great transformation!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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