Hoot! Hoot! He's So Cute in the Keeping Room

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Hydrangea Morning was productive and the cuttings are drying nicely.

I was so glad to have the hydrangea cut and in containers of water for the drying process
but I also wanted to place some around the house to enjoy while they are drying.

I found the perfect vase for just that
hoot-hoot...he's so cute!

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

You know I love birds, right?

when I saw this sweet little owl perched on the branch of this tree trunk vase.

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

Grouping a vintage tray,
pieces of silver,
a sweet scented candle
this charming owl vase
the perfect vignette in the keeping room.

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

Would you like to know where I found this adorable vase?


I had never heard of UncommonGoods prior to them contacting me to preview one of their home decor products.


As much as possible I try to shop local, support local artists and hire local trades people, so I was impressed by the UncommonGoods story...

In a marketplace overrun by mass-produced goods, UncommonGoods was founded on the idea that we would opt to sell as many handmade, unique, and one-of-a-kind items as possible. We love that our customers crave unique and well-crafted merchandise that can't be found at huge retailers who offer deep discounts by buying in bulk. We're also proud that more than half of the items we sell are made in the USA and a large number of items made overseas are supporting communities in developing countries. It’s also important to us to hire locally and we insist on paying our team members a living wage, not just minimum wage. This also means that the person taking your phone call, answering your emails, selecting products for our website, designing our website, and shipping your order lives here in the NYC metro area.

What sets us apart from the larger retailers out there is the quality and uniqueness of the items we sell and the way we treat our customers.

It's nice finding unique pieces for the home and should you choose items made by an individual artist you can learn more about them on their "Maker Stories" page.

This vase is the perfect size for the keeping room table.

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

UncommonGoods offers gifts, home decor, art, jewelry, kitchen, and the list goes on so when looking for unique decor for your home or the perfect handmade gift for that special someone in your life hop on over and check them out here.

I have my eye on this adorable porcelain blue bird vase...isn't he cute?!

UncommonGoods Porcelain Owl Vase in the Keeping Room

I love how this vignette turned out!

So sweet friend, what have you been up to?

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  1. I'm a fan of Uncommon Goods. They're a great company with really unique things. That blue bird vase looks like something I need to see up close. I'm off to their site to take a look now!

    Leslie Anne

  2. Oh what a gorgeous vase - and what a gorgeous keeping room !!!

  3. Adorable vase but as I am living on a frugal budget in an area of the country that is still struggling I couldn't afford most of the products I saw on their website, including the $60 owl vase, which by the way I would LOVE as I collect owls. Oh well. the blue bird vase not bad but still $22 for a vase a little steep for me. I shop thrift stores, estate sales, church tag sales and like a vintage vibe and Uncommon Goods had some nice things but if I am going to pay $60 for a vase, it would have to be vintage :)

    1. I so understand, I love a good thrift find too. When I can though, I do enjoy shopping at local shops and supporting artists that are striving to support themselves too. We can only do what we can, when we can. :)

      Thanks so much for coming by...hope you'll luck up on a sweet vintage owl soon!


  4. Hi Cindy!
    What a cutie pie! Love that little owl on your vase.
    I will check out their website. I am sure I will LOVE many of their items.
    Thanks for the referral!

  5. I agree, what a subtle touch of pretty whimsy you have there!

  6. Beautiful vase. My daughter collects owls and this would fit her home too. I will check it out. Sheila

  7. That is so lovely, Cindy! You are right, it is perfect for your table.

  8. That vase is pretty special! You'll probably never run into something like that while running around town. Great find. :)

  9. You have been warm lovely home and the vase is so pretty


  10. The vase is adorable!!!....I can see it also being filled with snowy branches at Christmas!...I have never heard of Uncommongoods...will have to look them up!

  11. Cindy,
    I adore the changing hues in your hydrangea, dear friend!!!
    The Keeping Room is lovely!!!
    This simplistic design of this vignette is a perfect decor complement.
    Thank you for sharing Uncommon goods.

  12. Cute vase! I've never heard of Uncommon Goods....looks like a great place to get items.....


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