Amaze Me Monday #119

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Welcome to Amaze Me Monday!

It is h O t and humid here in North Carolina with no rain in sight.
Our grass is brown, the azalea and hydrangea bushes are drooping, and it's only July.
The dog days of summer are here!

So glad you are here for the party; enjoy the features...

The Nest at Finch Rest ~ Breakfast Tea in the Garden

Back Porch Musings ~ Finishing Touch

The Gifted Gabber ~ Festive Upside Down Cupcakes

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So glad YOU are here, let's party!


  1. Hi Cindy,
    It is HOT here in Missouri too, ugh! Anyway, thanks so much for hosting such a lovely party each week.

  2. Thanks so much for the party Cindy !
    Hope your weekend was wonderful :)
    ( and you're week ahead even better )

  3. Thanks for hosting, Cindy! Hope your week ahead is lovely. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Thank you Cindy for Amaze Me Monday 119. Love visiting and joining in. Have a great week. We finally had some rain after about 6 weeks of very hot weather. A relief as there are forest fires all around the province and the smoke is everywhere and causing bad air pollution and lots of health related issues. It was a relief to see a bit if blue sky, clouds and get some rain.

  5. Thanks so much for the party! Hope you have had a great weekend!

  6. Do you remember winter? I wish we could bottle some of that chill to save for a Carolina summer! Thank you for hosting.

  7. Cindy,
    Oh, my dear friend. . .sorry to hear that you've entered the "dog days of Summer" so soon!!!
    I know it's coming soon to the Prairie, but for now, we're still lush and green!!!
    You have, once again, amazing featured guests, dear one!!!
    Thank you for hosting Amaze Me Monday! each week!!!
    Wishing a cooler and shower filled week ahead for you!!!

  8. Thanks for the party, Cindy! Hope it cools down where you are! We're just now getting in the 80's here in Michigan.
    Have a great week!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  9. Oh, Cindy - what a thrill to see my humble little garden room as a feature on your "amazing" link party line-up! I am so flattered, thank you for that!

    Have had lots and lots and LOTS of rain, and some company, so I am just popping in - nothing new- just a big ole huge smile on my face that you put there. Hugs.

  10. Really pretty features this week, Cindy. THANKS for hosting!

  11. Amazingly hot here in Texas, too. Whew! Thanks for having such a wonderful party! Stay cool!

  12. Oh Cindy it is hot hot hot and muggy in KY too. IT don't want to complain because we had a super cold winter! ha!
    Thanks for the link party! Sheila

  13. Thanks so much for the party Cindy!!! Sorry it's so hot there:).

  14. Thank you so much for featuring my little wicker chair makeover :)

  15. Cindy, thank you for hosting. This is always a great party.

  16. Lovely features.
    Hope you have a cooler week ahead.
    Thanks for the lovely party Cindy.

  17. Thanks for the fun party and have a nice week!

  18. We have had a hot spell and it is really dry here. I know what you mean by droopy plants. Have a great week!

  19. HOT here, too! Hope you are staying cool!

  20. Thank your for Amaze Me Monday. Always enjoy joining in.

  21. Thank you for Amaze Me Monday. Always enjoy joining in.

  22. We have been spoiled rotten with cool temps up to this week, when all of a sudden, we have real St Louis Summer weather. We've had lots of rain and floods, too much. But the temperatures have been lovely.

    Thanks so much for featuring the living room. We are enjoying settling in.

  23. Cindy, thank you for hosting the party. I always feel like I'm in good company when I'm here. It's a pleasure.

  24. Cindy,
    Thanks for the lovely party and Happy Monday!

  25. Thanks for the party....and for hosting.

  26. Cindy, thank you for the party. We are just suffering over here as well. I can't believe it's so hot.

  27. Hope you're off to a great start of the week, thanks for hosting, Cindy!

  28. Thank you for hosting the party, glad to join with my post on DIY your perfect Grey & Greize (frugally that is!).

  29. It's blistering hot here in Nebraska, too! Thanks for hosting the party, Cindy!

  30. Thanks for hosting, Cindy!....Christine

  31. Thank you Cindy for hosting! It is a fabulous party today. XO Jo

  32. Hi Cindy!
    It's really hot here too...I think we got up to 95 today! I feel your pain!
    Thank you for letting me share here! Have a wonderful week!! :)
    Kimberley @

  33. We live in the Nashville TN area and we have had a heat index of 105 degrees! You are so right it is just plain hot!! So glad to have discovered your blog!

  34. It totally made my night just now to get on here to see all the goodies you featured and see my upside-down cupcakes as one of the features! Thanks so much! Try to keep cool! --- Amy @

  35. Thanks Cindy for hosting this party!

  36. Great party...thanks for hosting!


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