Nature Elements on the Porch

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The porch is the first greeting guests receive when they visit.

Our southern traditional style is simple.
There are rocking chairs,
urns filled with plants for the season
and often there is a flag blowing in the breeze.

I hope folks feel welcome at first step on our porch.  

We have quite a few visitors who never step foot on our porch but still feel welcome.
Barred owls frequently visit and birds often set up house in the urns on the porch.  You may remember our Simple but Lively Southern Porch,  

They say birds will often come back year after year to nest in the same spot.   It's true.  The Carolina wrens are back and we're having more babies!

These birds are tiny, brown with white markings and their tails stick straight up in the air.

Last spring the urns were filled with ferns, but this year I chose to use geraniums, Spring Flowers on Southern Porch. 

The plants don't seem to matter to the wrens.
With two urns on the porch, the only difference this year from last is the urn she chose for her nest.  This year she chose the urn to the left of our entry and last year it was the urn on the right.

Once on the porch you can easily see the backside of the nest.
As we open the door for guests, time and time again the comment is the same; "Did you know you have a nest on your porch?"

In the center of the geranium is the nest opening and as of now it looks like we'll be having four babies!

I love it when nature decides to add natural charm on the front porch.
It's the best kind, if you ask me!

Does nature set up house on your porch?  Do tell!

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  1. I do believe that is a Bewick wren. They have strange little mannerisms. They hip and hop about up and down. I haven't had any around for awhile. But they act different from other wrens.

    1. They do look a lot alike! Compared to the Bewick's gray underbelly, the Carolina Wren's is more buff-reddish. The Bewick isn't usually found here in North Carolina. The best way to tell is their song, she's a Carolina Wren.

  2. Cindy how fun to have a tiny nest so close and be able to wgs, Joatch it and the mama. You have a beautiful porch. Hu

  3. How positively wonderful! Can't wait to see the babies! Your porch looks great! I too am a fan of red and white geraniums! Love them! They are soo showy! Take care,Cindy

  4. Hi Cindy! Your porch looks lovely and how sweet to have the little birds feel so at home there. I don't know my birds very well, but that is one cute little one! :) Hope you have a nice weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Your home is stunning and I think it's so cool that the birds gravitate to your porch! They love shelter from the rain and wind so it's a good thing. Your urns are enough to make anyone feel welcome besides those feathered guys. The pic of the eggs is precious!

    Happy Summer, pretty lady!

    Jane xx

  6. The only nature on my porch, is lizards and June bugs and the occasional monarch caterpillar. How exciting to be able to watch the nest and its occupants up close and personal. Love the little eggs!

  7. Awww! I know you enjoy watching the nest. The egg color is so pretty, it looks like something that someone needs to paint.

  8. What a coincidence, Cindy! I just this moment got done shooting photos of newborn baby wrens who made a nest on my front porch in my fern. I found the nest last week after I was watering a the mama flew out and started giving me the "what for"! Since then I have been carefully watering and yesterday I discovered the babies had hatched! There were five eggs, identical to those in your photos (which were fabulous, by the way). I was planning on posting them as soon as I see them grow a little more! How precious are these sweet little birds! Having little birdies on the porch does make it quite welcoming...that is, if Mama bird doesn't scare you away!

  9. Cindy,
    A Welcoming Front Porch, indeed, dear friend!!!
    Love the urns filled geraniums!!!
    We, too, often find nests in our Gardens On Crooked Creektt!!!
    At the present, we are awaiting the arrival of our second "batch" of Cardinals!!!
    We are the habitat to #4~#6 bunnies!!
    One resident rabbit, affectionately named "Pee Wee", has been with us for nearly 3 years!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us. . .inside and out!!!

  10. Yes it does Cindy! Last year we couldn't open our front door for about a month because a little bird built a nest behind a wreath I had hanging...loved seeing the little babies!

  11. Oh, that is so sweet, Cindy! Your porch is beautiful and obviously very welcoming.


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