Five Chickens in the Keeping Room

Friday, June 26, 2015

No more blank walls!

I have been searching for months to find artwork for the keeping room.

At first I thought a long and narrow canvas would be the way to go.
A painting of a cow or cotton field; something farmsey (should be a word!) since the keeping room has a farmhouse style.

After searching on etsy and visiting local shops, I finally found it!
Scattered about in a consignment shop were five antique prints that spoke to me, so home they came!

Antique Poultry Artwork in the Keeping Room

All five were taken from antique poultry books.

These four are in gold frames with a touch of black around the edges.

Chicken Artwork in the Keeping Room

Two of the chickens are from Cassell's Poultry Book 1890.

TALBOT Cochin Cock
Mr. E. Tudman's Partridge Cochin Cock
First Prize at Birmingham, 1870  A Kendal 1871

Buff Cochin Cock 'SAMPSON'
Mr. Tomlinson's Buff Cochin Cock
Winner of the Birmingham Cup in 1860 & 1861

These two are from the Illustrated Book of Poultry by L. Wright 1880.

Black Orpingtons The Property of the late Mr. Joseph Partington
The Property of the late Mr. Joseph Partington

White Leghorns Mrs. Lister Kay
The property of Mrs. Lister Kay  Winners of many prizes.

The four in gold frames make for a nice grouping.

Prints from the Illustrated Book of Poultry by L. Wright

Cassell Poultry Book Collection in the Keeping Room

The fifth chicken was in a folk art style frame.

I love the old string twisted around a nail for hanging.

Folk art style frame for White Dorkings Property of Mr. O. E. Creswell

It also comes from the Illustrated Book of Poultry by L. Wright 1880.

The original string was too old so it was replaced with brown ribbon for hanging.

White Dorkings Property of Mr. O.E. Creswell

White Dorkings Property of Mr. O.E. Creswell
The Property of Mr. O.E. Creswell

Cassell Poultry Book Collection in the Keeping Room

White Dorkings antique print in the keeping room.

White Dorkings antique print in the keeping room.

It's nice having artwork to fill the blank walls and I think these go great with the style of the keeping room.  The gold frames will stay gold for now, but that might change!

Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments, they make my day!

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  1. Your chicken prints are lovely and very "farmsey!"

  2. Gosh, those are perfect! Love that they are vintage. Jane

  3. That looks great! Your "chicken" area.

  4. I have a Rooster lamp in my kitchen that was my Mom's. When I was young, I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Now it means the world to me. Go figure.

  5. Love your hen lamp and the art. I spotted your chandelier--I bought a similar one for my new breakfast room. It looks gorgeous in your dining room!

  6. Nothing better than chickens everywhere!

  7. What wonderful wonderful old prints, Cindy! Can't believe you found all of them in one place. Love the lamp -it is the perfect companion piece to your artwork. It was worth waiting to find something just right----and you did! xo Diana

  8. Your keeping room is absolutely gorgeous. The chicken prints look perfect in the room!

  9. The frames are wonderful and the touches of red are perfect in that space. Nice going! cluck-cluck!

  10. Absolutely perfect, Cindy! Beautiful additions!

  11. Cindy gorgeous and I love them paired with the lamp. Super chandelier too


  12. Love the chicken prints.....but I think my favorite was the chicken lamp!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Beautiful, and to have found four of them was really a great find! Looks great with the chicken lamp.

  14. Cute cute prints! Your keeping room is lovely. I am loving your old that a Jackson Press? Or, that's what they call it in KY I believe. Sheila

  15. You struck gold Cindy!...These prints are amazing!!!....Perfect for the wall and the room!...

  16. These are wonderful Cindy! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  17. I love your chicken prints, Cindy! They look perfect in your keeping room. :) I enjoy finding just the right artwork for our walls here; I can just tell when I've found that special one.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week.




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