Kitchen Reveal~ish

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hi sweet friends!

 I wasn't sure what to call this post.

You see, most everything has been installed except the pantry doors and a little crown molding, but there is still a bit to do before we can move back in.  So I am so excited to share our Kitchen Reveal~ish with you!

The cabinets are white shaker with a little beaded detail for the perimeter and cherry raised panel for the island.  The counter tops have been installed.

Here they are installing the piece of soapstone that goes in front of the kitchen window...

There is one more coat of sealer to be applied to the wood floors so paper is still down for added protection.  

Marble for the island...

Holes have been drilled for fixtures...

The front cabinetry still has the glass and shelves to be inserted...

The subway tile has been installed
and in this picture the plumber was on the way so all the plumbing fixtures had been laid out for him...

Next is the tile grout and sealer...

The floor guys were coming the next day to apply the last coat of sealer to the floors so the paper was removed.  The little pieces of blue tape are areas they will touch up prior to adding the last coat of sealer.

This view is looking in from the great room....

The oven wall...

The ovens and dishwasher are by Thermador.
To the left is a steam oven and to the right is a microwave, convection oven, and warming drawer...

Wrapping around to the front window wall...

As you can see there is still a bit of crown molding to be installed...

Wrapping around to the rangetop wall...

The drawers were built to accommodate the gas line but the top one needed a little tweak which is why it's missing. The rangetop is a 36" BlueStar with four gas burners and a griddle...

The Sub-Zero fridge panels still need to be installed...

 The dishwasher panel and one of the island cabinet doors still need to be installed also...

We are thrilled with the fixtures!  I can't wait to start using them...

The new floors are getting their last coat of sealer and the existing wood floors are being re-sealed so everything had to be cleared out (again!)...

The laundry was cleared out too.  Say bye-bye to the brown paneling, it's being painted...

Yikes...that sink is ugly naked without it's skirt!

The furniture and furnishings were moved to rooms with carpet or to the great room where the floor has already received the final coat of sealer.  Our house is a BIG MESS...

The floors have been sanded and are having the last coat of sealer applied.
Notice the shiny floors in the dining room with one last strip waiting for sealer...

Here's what we have left to do before moving back home and getting things in order...

~ Seal the grout
~Install the pantry doors / a bit of crown molding / appliance panels / cabinet door & drawer
~Fix several pot light holes that are too large for the light trim to cover
~After all is done our cabinet maker will do some final touch ups

Thanks so much for coming by!  I hope you are enjoying following along with our Kitchen Remodel Diary.

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  1. It's stunning all ready! There are so many similar things I want to do when we redo our kitchen! I am just drooling over all your love love it!

  2. Its all gorgeous and you are very fortunate to have such a beautiful place as the heart of your home. Don't know what your experience with gas burners is, but I have a range with 5 burners and I don't really care for how tight it can be when you are cooking. I think 4 is so much better! Enjoy, especially with all the holidays coming up. Don't think I would want to leave the room!

  3. WOW!!! THIS is reveal-ISH! Oh my, can't wait to see the REVEAL! Cindy, it's perfect; rich, romantic, and radiant!


  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the countertops and pretty sink fixtures. Thermador is a great brand- very attractive too! You must be beyond thrilled! Soon enough the mess will be behind you and you'll be enjoying all this!

  5. You had me at soapstone! Amazing how good everything looks even with plastic. Lovely.

  6. So beautiful! I bet you can't wait until everything goes back in place. We have done this once and what a mess moving furniture and so many items. Best part was eating out. Your struggle will all be worth it. Such gorgeous floors and a fantastic kitchen. Hope you enjoy it soon.

  7. Can I ask your kitchen out on a date? My hubby won't mind until I come home from said date and tell him I want one of those. :D It's beautiful! Enjoy.

  8. Just beautiful! I love the white! I can't even imagine living through such a remodel but you have done so in grand style.

  9. Oh- Cindy- You are almost "home" with the project and it is just beautiful! I love all your choices and it is going to be absolutely fantastic...and it will "live well" for your family. Whooo Hoooo! xo Diana
    oh yeah- Your GREAT room? NOT SO GREAT!!!!

  10. This is one fabulous kitchen remodel. I said, "Oh my goodness" so many times my husband asked me what was wrong. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the reveal . . . and I think we'll just bring our party to your house for Thanksgiving.
    Bless you dear Cindy,

  11. It's a beautiful home even if you are not done yet. The kitchen is so pretty and bright....Christine

  12. The kitchen is stunning! I love the sink wall! I bet you just can't quit staring. :)

  13. I know you are so excited! It's so pretty, what a great Christmas for you!!

  14. Gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. I just love, love your kitchen! I can't wait to see the entire "final" reveal. I know it will be breathtaking!

  15. There is an end in sight. You must be so excited!

  16. A dream kitchen for sure! Love the counter tops and the window! The big mess will be so worth it! Love it all, your one lucky lady!

  17. Your kitchen is amazing. I really like the glass cabinets: they are beautiful.

  18. Hi! Your kitchen is positively gorgeous! Love everything about it. Enjoy every minute!

  19. OMG! It is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  20. wow, Cindy, this is just breathtaking, congrats on getting through it all!

  21. Wow...your kitchen is stunning....I love that you have two farmhouse sinks...and swooning over the marble countertop!...Can't wait for the final reveal...hope you get to move in soon!!!

  22. Stunning my dear WOW!You must be almost thrilledish:)

  23. It is beautiful already,
    I spotted the blue and white toile Country Life pattern fabric in your laundry room
    I have my bedroom all done with that fabric from years ago and I still love it
    I seen something laying in your bedroom also

  24. Your kitchen is absolutely amazing. I love your marble on the island--wish I had the courage to take care of marble--I don't! What yumminess will come from this lovely space! I do feel for you though, the rest of the house is a mess and I've lived through that myself!

  25. Beautiful! I know you are so excited to be almost finished with this project.

  26. Oh, wow you are going to have one gorgeous kitchen for the holidays!! Thanks for sharing! Share it again when complete and I will feature it!!

  27. YOUR KITCHEN pictures are MY inspiration pics. Absolutely PERFECT! FINALLY , I have photos to show my cabinet maker. No more trying to make someone else understand my vision. Thanks so much for sharing!


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