Country Roads ~ God is Good

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It was like most mornings are these days.

Up way too early,

tons on the to-do list,

another crew coming to work on the kitchen,

and today the search for pantry door hardware continues,

so after getting the crew on task I hit the road...

Two places to go and it would take a while to get there because these shops are out in the country.

It would take a good while at these antique/junk places, they are large and require deep searching to sift through piles in hopes of finding the hardware I'm looking for.

I was rushed but enjoying the scenery as I drove along

and kept thinking to myself how nice it would be to just slow down.

My heart was nudging me to pull over and capture some of these amazing sights with my camera.

It was the perfect time to do so, 
the early morning light was soft, the colors vivid,
there were so many magnificent sights, including roosters nibbling on the roadside...

there were places to go,
things to get,
the usual rush...rush...rush, so I kept on driving!

About 45 minutes later I reached my first destination, it was closed.

Another 20 minutes to my second destination, it was closed.

I knew God was nudging my heart so my rush could turn to slow,

turning my attention away from the to-do list and towards His beauty all around me.

Since I didn't listen earlier, slowing down and arriving at the shops AFTER enjoying the early morning sights, He saw to it that the shops were closed.

A coincidence,
these errands on my to-do list on a day when these shops would be closed?
No, it's a God thing.

He is so good
knew I needed a day to just  s l o w   d o w n   and   b e   s t i l l ...

I should have heeded to the earlier nudge,
the sun was higher now and the colors not as soft for taking pictures
but it was still beautiful,
very peaceful,
and I enjoyed every second...

 Having spent much time in the country as a little girl, there were always kitties with bobbed tails
and yesterday I happened upon a kitty at the edge of the cotton field and guess what...

his tail was bobbed!
Ever wonder why so many country kitties have bobbed tails?

Slow down sweet friend and enjoy your day!

"Be still and know that I am God."
Psalm 46:10

There were so many sights to capture so I hope you'll come back for Country Roads ~ 2!

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  1. A nicely reflective post with some very good shots in spite of the earlier hurry. And no, I've not noticed country cat with bobbed tails before! I must be more of a city girl than I realized. Have a great day and rest of the week. I know you must look forward to the weekends simply to have the workers out of your hair (unless, of course, they're working on weekends too. By now, you probably don't care, just as long as they finish at some point, right?).

  2. Lovely country pictures.

  3. A beautiful post Cindy...and what lovely country images! It's really cool what God uses sometimes to slow us down, isn't it?

  4. He is so good that way! Love it when He does things like that!

  5. This was a wonderful post, Cindy. Yes- I do think that there are really no coincidences. You were slowed down on purpose. You just needed to BE and not DO for the day. How often do we do that of our own accord? Not very often. Look at all those GREAT pictures you got, Cindy!

    I grew up with bob tailed cats, too...and newborn kittens put in a barrel with their mom to protect them....and sweet smelling new mown hay on the air. It is nice that you could kind of "go home" again-even if it was just for a day- xo Diana

  6. Hi Sindy beautiful post on the country
    I lived have nice day!!!!

  7. Beautiful country! Very much reminds me to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

  8. Beautiful photography! It is always so nice to slow down and appreciate the beauty all around us that God has given. Thank you for such a sweet reminder. Have a wonderful weekend :)


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