Summer Porch

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I spruced things up on the porch and shared the new porch pillows with you, but guess what?!

I realized that I haven't shared the other summer touches added to the porch and thought I better get to it before autumn arrives!

Spring flowers were replaced with geraniums and sunflowers...

Some roses and pansies were added too...

There are quite a few Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus on the porch, they do really well out here.

I bring them indoors when the weather turns cooler and by Thanksgiving many are in full bloom,
love them!

We have our coffee and breakfast on the porch most every morning and often eat our supper out here too...

I am loving the new pillows, they really brighten things up...

Little birds were tucked here and there and lots of scented candles were added...

The candle light looks so nice when we sit out here in the evenings and it smells good too...

This antique furniture vice is being used for hanging the birds nest...

You can check out how it was used it for the July 4th holiday here.

The view of one side of the porch...

And the view of the other side...

I can't believe how fast summer is flying by, are you ready for autumn?

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  1. What a gorgeous space! I bet the candles at night are just amazing....I'm loving the peaceful colors you chose too. It looks like nap time to me.

  2. I can't believe how fast summer is going either. I am so antsy to DECORATE for Fall but don't want the cold weather that follows! I just LOVE your porch, I have always wanted a screened in porch and now know I will never have one as this is our LAST house:) Love all your accessories and look forward to seeing it in the Fall!

  3. Cindy...I would give anything to have a screened in porch and I think I would Pin every picture I could of yours!! I simply love the detail and the cool summer feeling of the white decor. The wicker and glass adds to that ambiance. And I know you love the scent of candles as I do...such a wonderful touch. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Maybe someday my little dream will come true! :)

    Jane xx

  4. Beautiful Porch! I know that you enjoy it. I have used my porch so much this year. I live in New Jersey so I can only use it from mid spring to about late October, but I enjoy it every moment that I can!

  5. Your porch is lovely and so welcoming. I don't want summer to end!!!

  6. What a beautiful, inviting porch, Cindy!

  7. Your "porch" is nice than my house! It's lovely and inviting.

  8. What a perfect place to have coffee Cindy. Your home always inspires me to keep going on mine.

  9. What a pretty porch! I bet you enjoy sitting out there with your family!

  10. Cindy,
    You have such a charming all the chippy painted pieces out there.


  11. Oh my gosh Cindy this is the first time I'm seeing your pretty porch! I LOVE all the chippy furniture pieces you have out there! The whole space looks so pretty...I would spend all my time out there!

  12. Cindy, this is the perfect porch! I love all of your accents and the furniture pieces are so charming. I think I would be out there all day! Everything looks so cozy and serene. It's beautiful!

  13. So pretty! All you girls with screened in porches sure make the rest of us jealous. :)

    You don't see them that much in Texas but they sure look sweet.

  14. Your summer porch is just gorgeous!

  15. I've always loved this area of your home Cindy, and you just keep making it look beautiful every year! Love all the sweet touches you added and changed. :-)

  16. Hi Cindy,

    I'd have my coffee, and simply linger here...for as long as I could before realizing that time doesn't stop, even in such a pretty porch, and the clothes won't get washed by themselves!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely hideaway!


  17. Cindy, Not much is nicer than a nap in a screened in porch. Love the look of yours!! Mine stays so dusty and dirty most of the time. I can't just use a leave blower because I have siding half-way up on mine. Do you have any hints on how you keep yours so clean?


  18. love the fan. did it come that way or did you make it? i am just coming from stone gable.

  19. The porch looks beautiful. Oh how I wish I had a nice big porch like that. You keep it decorated so nicely. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  20. Beautiful porch, Cindy! It is so warm and inviting!....Christine

  21. Hello Cindy, your porch is beautiful! Summer is passing by so quickly - I do look forward to fall - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  22. This looks like such a cozy, homey oasis. I can see myself sitting there with coffee, tea and a good book. Or just perhaps staring outside at all that beautiful nature. You are truly blessed:).

  23. LOVE your glass topped white wicker dining set ,,,,,have been unsuccessful trying to find that exact style,,,,any suggestions? Have a good night....Thanks


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