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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Since sharing about the front porch and my choosing to keep things simple by filling the urns with ferns The Front Entry ~ Keeping It Simpleour porch has become very eventful.

The Barred Owl is back and a pair of Carolina Wren's decided one of the ferns would be the perfect place to nest and raise their brood.

The Barred owl is perching in the top of the tree at the end of the porch (see him?)
the Carolina Wren's nest is the urn underneath the porch light...

About the owl...

It seems the Barred Owl really likes this spot.
He will stay for a few days, disappear, and then come back again.
We enjoy spending cool evenings rocking on the porch and the owl doesn't seem to mind us.
We don't mind him either, such a treat having an owl so up close and personal...

Here he is cleaning his talons...

He will snooze for a while,
then take a gander to see what we are up to...

Sometimes he will go back to sleep,
and sometimes he will keep one eye on us...

Now on to the Carolina Wren's...

Early mornings I would notice potting soil on the porch floor, just beside the urn.
At first I thought it may be squirrels
but soon began to see some leaves and pine needles being added just beneath the fern...

For days there was only one egg,

then another egg,

a few days later there was another,

and yesterday she laid three more!

Now there are six eggs...

This is the view of the nest through the glass in the entry doors...

It was through these doors I was able to snap these pictures...

Even though there are already six eggs,

it seems they are still fluffing their nest... 

I planted ferns to keep the front porch simple, but it has become lively with the owl and wrens!

How about your porch, anything interesting perching or nesting close by?

The Barred Owl has visited many times before that you can see here...

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  1. Your porch is absolutely beautiful and I love, love, love ferns!!! The only thing perching on my porch was a wasp nest which we quickly disposed off!!! Have a beautiful day!!~~Angela

  2. What a beautiful post. I love your porch.. I mean, hello? it's gorgeous. The visitors are so special though!! Thanks for sharing :)))

  3. What a beautiful owl! You are so lucky to have him. He must like you. I have the wren problem too. They just love urns. It makes it very difficult to water the plants. I don't even put my big wreath on the door because a nest wii be in it. It makes life difficult with baby birds on your front door. My mailbox already has blue bird nest.

  4. Gee, nature in full swing! I'm so surprised the wren actually chose to make its nest right beside a main door, but what a beautiful sight. Love your amazing pictures.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  5. Unfortunately we don't have the fun and excitement you're enjoying with your porch visitors. Your photos are fabulous!
    Thanks for the visit, Cindy.
    Mary Alice

  6. I don't know which I love more ... your porch or your little critters! Great photos of the owl and bird. What a treat to have them right outside your door.

  7. Your photographs are wonderful! I am currently watching an American Bluebird couple build their nest in a box on my back deck. Right. By. The. Grill.! I won't even let my husband cook out because I don't want to upset our little blue birds!

    Thanks for sharing photos from your neck of the woods!

  8. How special! What a treat having that owl so close to get those wonderful pictures- Amazing. I really enjoyed this post...I'll have to share it with my husband who loves anything about birds.

  9. Your porch looks so inviting, no wonder the bird life can't get enough!

  10. OMGoodness! You will have good luck now. That's what they say about having an owl at your house! And look at those eggs. I didn't know a bird would build a nest that close to the ground. They must have been a ground bird at one time---much like the mourning doves were-but they do build a bit higher now---but with very messy nests that only last through the hatching.

    We have two baby squirrels that are visiting our back porch every day. They are so cute! xo Diana

  11. Your porch looks simply elegant, love the large urn brimming with ferns anf the amazing wildlife shots!

  12. How sweet and so cute!

  13. That owl is a gorgeous creature! We have one in the woods and I got a glimpse of him tree-hopping the other day but he doesn't come close to the house. I found a wren's nest a couple of weeks ago at the cabin as I was getting into the golf cart to take it for a spin...except I couldn't...The mother wren flew out of it when I went to sit down. I then saw the nest that she had made in the dash! There were at least 3 or 4 eggs. Next weekend I will be going back and I'm pretty sure I will be hearing some baby birdies chirping!

  14. How wonderful that you have a nest in your lovey front porch fern. You captured some wonderful photos through the glass.
    Oh my that owl is a hoot, giggle. Great photos.
    Seriously your porch looks lovely and so welcoming. Big Hugs. P.S I hope you will be sharing at the hop.

  15. Cindy, Your pictures are spectacular and I especially like the owl! Wow! .. and those eggs are so sweet. I always enjoy the sound of birds (nature coming alive) in the spring.

  16. Cindy,
    Beautiful!! And I LOVE the owl!! Amazing!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!!


  17. Cindy I love this, the owl is gorgeous and the wren is so cute taking care of its nest. It is truly amazing how they make one of them isn't it?? The eggs are pretty too love that camera shot. Enjoy your lovely vieing.


  18. That owl is amazing! Such clear photos, it looks like he's your friend!

  19. Hi Cindy,

    Your ferns look so pretty and perfect for summer! I used to put ferns on our front porch ever summer for years; I later switched to geraniums and caladiums. :) Those wrens are something; we get them here and they are sassy little birds. :-D My sister used to have one nest in her hanging plant almost every year. I really love your pictures of the barred owl -- such a handsome and interesting bird. I'm amazed that he comes around in the daytime and close enough for you to take pictures. Wow!

    I enjoyed your post and hope you have a great weekend!



  20. Gorgeous porch! The owl is too cool:)


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