It Was Early Morning When I Noticed...

Friday, May 23, 2014

It was early morning as the warm morning sun was just beginning to fill the great room,

I was turning on a side table lamp for a little extra light when I noticed a glistening on the leaves.

The Pothos plant is easy to care for and will let you know if it's getting too much or too little water.  Too little, the leaves will droop.   Too much, the leaves turn yellow.  I don't think it is possible to kill this plant unless you totally forget about.
Thinking back, I've always had this plant somewhere in my home, but I have never noticed this before.

See the water droplet where the two leaves meet?

There were water droplets where leaves touched

and droplets dangling from single leaves too...

 I was  curious about these droplets so I looked for answers and some said...

-Smooth-edged leaves exude excess moisture when they have been over watered.

-Increased water pressure inside the plant causes weeping.

-Water droplets aren't a symptom of over watering at all, but that some plants exude moisture as new rolled-up leaves begin to unfold.

Hmmm, not sure these apply because my plant is dry and needs watering, and these aren't newly opened leaves.

So I continued to search...

-This is actually the result of a rather interesting event that occurs in some plant species.  The appearance of water droplets at the tips and edges of the leaves of a plant is caused by a secretory process called guttation.  It often occurs under conditions of moist soil, high humidity, and relatively cool air and it usually occurs in the early morning.

Though the soil is dry in my plant our outdoor temps had been fluctuating from a few humidly warm days to a couple of cool days, so possibly the water droplets were due to the cool morning air in the great room being warmed by the sun streaming in through the window.

Whatever the reason is, it was an interesting sight to see.

My little Pothos plant...

And this is Coco...

Have you ever noticed water droplets on your house plants?

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  1. Beautiful photos, Cindy...I love to capture water droplets with my camera. What interesting facts you have uncovered about this plant! I have a couple of these myself and don't think I have ever noticed the droplets on them. Here's another theory, maybe it just needed to have a good!

  2. Yes, I have! It's usually when the ivy has been very dry and then watered.


  3. Wow- No- I have never noticed that! Maybe it was just crying for attention?;>) LOVE that kitty cat! Makes me want one again-xo Diana

  4. You could have been a scientist! And by the way . . . I have an old trunk I use for a coffee table almost identical to yours! Love it.

  5. Your photography skills just keeps on getting better Cindy! Love the dew drop photos!

  6. I have seen water droplets on plants but not in this apartment. It's too drafty for that ;-)

  7. Interesting, even plants weep! Love Coco, such a cutie. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my Chippy Cottage Railing!

  8. How gorgeous Cindy! Learned something new today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. XO

  9. I've never noticed droplets like this on my house plants, Cindy, but I think it's very cool. Love how you captured this phenomena in the photographs. Coco is a pretty cat. Perfect name.

  10. That's a phenomenon that I haven't every encountered - fascinating. Good for you for doing the research!

  11. Hmmm. I haven't ever noticed. I'll be sure to look now. :)

  12. i don't even have house plants... -blush- but this is so interesting. and such a lovely photo op!

    and your beautiful coco would be a perfect photo op, any time. love her.


  13. I have never noticed this! And I have house plants EVERYwhere!
    (Love the fresh organic green in a room.) I will have to pay closer attention!
    Great post.
    Love your macro-photography!


  14. What a lovely room and a beautiful cat!
    Please drop by!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  15. I don't believe I've ever seen that on my plants before. I don't have a lot of real plants though. Your photographs are so pretty.

  16. No, I haven't that's fascinating! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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