The Best Little Laundry Basket & the Ironing Board?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When I shared my laundry room with you, I promised to tell you about my little basket.

The basket hanging on the wall, see it?

laundry room

Here you go, a little closer look…

laundry basket

In the laundry room there is a sink, with paper towels…

laundry sink

There is also a clothes dryer, with lots of…

laundry room

LINT!  Lots and lots of lint…



So what’s a girl to do with used paper towels and ALL that LINT?
It gets put it in the best little laundry basket ever.
With no room on the floor for a trash can, I had to come up with another solution.
So a little basket, some ribbon and a hook screw…voila!


Speaking of laundry rooms…

We’re making some plans and I’m looking for ideas for storing the iron and ironing board.
Take a peek at these solutions found on pinterest.  If you have any ideas…I’m all ears!

Ironing board






I may just have to do this…


Nice storage in the closet, but I’m hoping for a better solution for the ironing board and iron. 
Where do you keep yours?

Hop on over here to check out the LAUNDRY ROOM


  1. Cindy, your laundry room is charming and unique! I love it because toile is just about my favorite fabric in the world. I'm not sure if I would ever tire of it. :) Good idea for disposing of the lint and paper towels.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.


  2. I don't like the pinned ideas as they seem to be too stable. I passionately dispise ironing, yet I iron most everything! So I want my surroundings to be as pleasant as possible. I store my ironing board and iron in our "supply" room and in cold weather set it up in my girl cave (a/k/a the basement), but when it's nice out, I iron on the deck--in the sun--with the birds singing and fresh air surrounding me!

  3. Your little basket is adorable. It sure beats the plastic grocery bag I use for the same purpose in my laundry room. :)

  4. A very stylish way to hide the lint. Love it. Love your laundry room too. I like the idea of an ironing board in the drawer.

  5. Love your little basket - great idea. Right now my ironing board is exactly like the last one-on the door. In my last two houses I had drop down ironing boards and I absolutely LOVED them. If I redo one more house I hope to put the drop down in again-xo Diana

  6. My ironing board is built into the wall and I love it and highly recommend it! Loving your basket and your beautiful laundry room!!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    I love your laundry area:) The sink is darling and I like your lint basket. My ironing board is learning up against a wall .. Storage is always an issue. Our home is a fairly good size but when designed by men ~ perhaps they don't consider things like the importance or laundry and food storage space?

    My blog is up and running again..(problems with blogger!) It's good to be back!

  8. Clever AND pretty! What a lovely laundry room you have!

  9. I want your laundry room! It's charming! I'm afraid I store my ironing board like the last picture. I hate to iron! I always end up burning myself :(

  10. Hi Cindy.
    Your laundry room is just delightful, so cheery, and that was a great idea to put that basket there. Necessity is always the mother of invention as they say!!
    My laundry area is in the garage, and that is the one thing I would change about my house if I could, but it
    does the job. When I see laundry rooms it does make me want to do something to try and spruce my area up a little, so think I might buy some new rugs for out there at least, and ponder about anything else I might be able to do to guzzy it up, there has to be something, right?? lol

    My ironing board is a chair, that turns into an ironing board and step ladder and it sits right
    in a corner of the kitchen, so it is readily available. Have to say don't use it as much as I used to because we bought a steamer, so most of the time I use that anymore. So much easier.

    Well, sweetie enjoy that lovely laundry room, you really did a great job on it....
    Blessings, Nellie

  11. I am lucky enough to have the original built-in ironing board in my 1932 kitchen! I absolutely use it, even if it is a bit awkward for others to be in the kitchen when I am ironing.

  12. I love your laundry room - it's so cute.

    I tried earlier and got through, then got a phone call and forgot to let you know. It's still working fine. I use Google Chrome.

    Jan ♥

  13. Your toile laundry room is really pretty. I love toile.
    I leave my ironing board sitting in the middle of the floor of my laundry room all of the time. Silly, but it's large and there is really no place to put it. I like all of the Pinterest ideas, one day, when I have an updated laundry room, I will probably put mine on a hanger somewhere.

  14. I would be very wary of any of the fold down ironing boards! My Mother had one and no, it was not stable at all. Also, check the size of the fancy, tricky boards: they are almost always smaller! I love ironing (yes, I really do, and iron a lot) and there is nothing like a regular, put-away, stand-alone board! I'll be doing a post on my board and the adorable cover I had made, and my laundry room redo, in a week or so.


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