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HGTV~Press Pause & SNAP!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have you ever been watching TV,
grabbed the remote,
pressed pause,
grabbed your camera,
and started snapping pictures of the TV?

  HGTVHGTV Gardner's Diary

Well, every now and again I have and when my kids were living at home they thought I was NUTS!

Our house is old. We just finished our guest bathroom remodel and there are many other projects in the works.  For me, this means I keep my pen to paper…drawing floor plans, gathering inspiration, choosing possible finishes, researching costs, and keeping all of this information on file.  Knowing these projects will be done over time, I’m always working on them so that when Mr. Heart says he's ready to start...I’m ready too!

Our kitchen is small and the appliances could go kaput at any time.  Years ago when watching HGTV’s segment on a small kitchen packed full of great features…I hit pause, grabbed my camera and started snapping!  I still love this kitchen and keep it in mind as I continue planning my reno...

The Keeping Room is located to the left of the kitchen...

And here is the tiny kitchen...

cararra marble

This next picture shows the whole kitchen and there is so much in this small space. From left to right you have small counter with appliance garage, a stove/oven/hood, small counter with appliance garage, counter space over the dishwasher, double sink, counter space that curves to the next wall with a bit more storage and the fridge!  That's a lot of kitchen in a small space.  Thankfully there is an island that offers a place for the microwave drawer, more storage, work space, and additional seating.  

This garden arbor caught my eye...

garden arbor

I liked how this arbor was constructed.  They reused columns and built them up on brick pillars, added a pergola top to the columns, attached a metal arched topper and hung recycled lattice on two sides.  The brick walkway directs guest right through the middle and down a path to garden statuary...

garden statuary

I still have a dream.  I dream of a stone terrace and walkway that I hope will one day replace our deck...

garden walkway

This was an old Candice Olson bath remodel episode and a bit modern for my taste, but she packed everything imaginable into this tiny bath.  Having a small bath that I needed help planning I got a lot of ideas from this plan...

Candace Olson

Love the hatbox commode located snuggled between the vanity and tub…

Candace Olson Bath

Since Mary Emmerling and Kitty Bartholomew, HGTV has been playing on the TV at my house, whether I’m actively watching a show or it is playing in the background as I clean, it's usually on.  I would see great ideas that I knew I would forget once the show ended, so I'd hit the pause button, grab my camera, and snap a picture or two!

It doesn't happen as often now since pinterest has come along.  However, just this week while watching my FAVORITE evening series, I saw something that caused me to pause and snap...I'll be sharing it with you soon!

Although these pictures may not be of pinterest quality, they make for great resources to keep on file as I am planning our projects and I still go back to them.  See, I’m not nuts!  

Do tell…have you ever pressed pause to snap?


HGTV Gardner's Diary

What a garden shed!  I snapped a picture of this a couple of years ago when featured on A Gardener’s Dairy with Erica Glasener.  I wish HGTV would bring this show back!
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  1. LOL- Nope! I've never done that but it makes sense to me! I love that pergola and that garden shed!!! Great ideas all the way around- I can see why you wanted a record of them- xo Diana

  2. I Love HGTV and all their inspirations. Hope that you get all your projects done. Thanks for you sweet visit to my table this week.

  3. I've never thought about taking a picture of a tv show but it makes sense! I loved Kitty B. and miss many of HGTV's earlier shows.

  4. I haven't done that, but I might now....Happy weekend wishes and thank you for sharing at the hop :-)

  5. I've definitely taken pictures of the TV screen. :)

  6. I think your kitchen is just about perfect in size. In fact, one of my first posts was about kitchens and how bigger isn't always better. I noticed your dining chairs are the same as the ones I have at the cabin! We have four and the backs are different on the set but two of them look just like yours. I did a post last week on garden sheds. I love the one you showed! There really is so much potential to make sheds cute, isn't there? I've never taken a picture of a TV screen, but that's a good idea. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Yes, I've made photos like this too. Now I use Pinterest, I'm following you now. I'm slowly changing the kitchen and just replaced all appliances. Hope the countertops won't be far behind. I love the little shed. I have a board on Pinterest for playhouses. I'm going to pin it!

    Enjoy your weekend Cindy.
    The French Hutch

  8. I've snapped a few pics from the TV, too! Love all the pics you've shared.

    Jan ♥

  9. I keep screencaps from my computer all the time. Sometimes in the middle of an episode of a tv-show I must pause to have a better look at the backsplash for example and why is there always an actress in front of it???

  10. I had to laugh! I am so low tech I can't even pause the TV. (no TIVO) I think you are so smart to be gathering ideas all the time. We have a lot of work to do on our old house and I find it daunting. Great ideas here.

  11. Beautiful inspirations, Cindy. My favorite is the garden shed. I would love to have one but will use it for a painting and craftting place...Christine

  12. No, haven't done it, but love that little kitchen. I am definitely a Pinterest person :)

  13. I am in love with that kitchen! That is basically what my dream kitchen in my mind looks like. Swoon!

    I have never paused to take a photo of something, but now that you've given me such a great idea I'm sure I'll do it in the future! I often do pause when I'm watching a show and something catches my eye because I have to yell at my husband for him to come look :)

  14. Hi Cindy! Now you have one on me as I've never snapped a picture on the TV. Great idea though. Don't you miss Mary Emmerling and Kitty Bartholomew? I still watch HGTV from time to time but it's just not like it used to me. I've pretty traditional and they just don't have any shows like that any more.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I never thought of having a camera nearby for sightings you like on HGTV. What a good idea. And so glad I scrolled down to read the toothpick idea. I've struggled with a knob for a few years and I think those days are over --can't wait to try it!

  16. Cindy, this is a great idea. Normally I just press the record button really fast when I say something I like so I can go back and watch it. :) This is even better!


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