Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mr. Heart spent last Saturday at the antique mall with me and we had a ball.
I have to take this opportunity to brag on him, my hubby actually enjoys antiquing.  We have the best time strolling along together and I’m thankful that he never…
asks if he can wait in the car,
finds a bench,
checks his watch,
asks me to hurry up,
or rolls his eyes when I say for the umpteenth time, “oh, look at this!”  He’s GREAT!

On this outing, we didn't have much luck with antiques, however there were some things we found interesting...

 like this beautiful white table with a sea of bright blue bottles in many different shapes and sizes…

antique blue bottles

antique blue bottles

There were many re-purposed old ceiling tiles, everything from wall art to shelving…

 antique ceiling tiles

My hubby found this sign and made sure he showed it to me…


How do you like this one…

antique signs

This was a first, I’ve never seen a tub transformation quite like this…

  claw foot tub 

You can have this claw foot tub couch, cushions and all, for only…



If you have been following for a while, you know that we just finished our guest bath remodel and are currently looking for a vanity stool.  WELL, Mr. Heart found this one and was so excited to show it to me…

vanity stool

Hmmm, white with red sequins.  What do you think...should we have gotten it?



  1. Hmmmm..somehow I have a hard time picturing your butt on a red sequined vanity chair-but then again, what do I know?;>) I love that your hubby likes going along with you. My hubby would just as soon shoot himself with a nail gun-xo Diana

  2. Hi Cindy,

    My husband doesn't mind shopping for antiques, either -- aren't we lucky? :) That cast iron tub is quite the conversation piece, and the P.M.S. sign is really cute. I have one of those blue bottles, have had it for years, and I think it's so pretty when the sun shines on it. It looks like you had a fun day.

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  3. My hubby likes to come antiquing with me too. I LOVE that dresser!!

  4. Red sequins. Hmm. No comment. I loved your tour. That is one thing we have in common. Love those window shopping trips too! My Cowboy is the same. Sometimes I am tired and ready to go before he is. We're more the Cowboy primitive style so our snaps would be a little different that yours. Do you use your phone? Or a camera? I always feel so weird taking snaps thinking they'll send the photo police after me. What is your experience with it?
    Thanks so much for sharing your day I really enjoyed it. BTW on Wednesday I'll be posting a Date Night link on my blog. I would say your day sounded like a might fine date to me. Come over and link it up!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. Looks familiar! My hubs enjoys it too.

  6. LOVE the PMS sign!! Sounds like you and your husband have a great time while on the hunt.
    Mary Alice

  7. What a sweetie! The chair had good bones, but the sequins have to go! Maybe sometimes it's easier to just pass and keep looking! LOL

  8. The chair would definitely make a statement! It's pretty! Love the blue bottles and some of the signs. The bathtub...oh my! That would be a conversation starter! lol Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  9. How fun and how wonderful that DH will go along and enjoy. Now as for the vanity stool, I think best left at the store. lol Hugs, Marty

  10. The sequins are a bit much for your elegant bath. The tub is way overpriced. It is wonderful to shop with your husband. Joe is the same way, in fact I tire out long before he does.

  11. I feel a blue bottle collection coming on:) did you buy any?! like the ceiling tile and the PMS sign. I'll pass on the tub and the sequined red seat :)


  12. That tub sofa is hilarious! My favorite thing in your post is the charming car.

  13. How fun that your hubby likes to go antiquing! I'm not sure if my husband actually enjoys it, but he's a great sport about tagging along. :-)

  14. Cindy, My husband enjoy antiquing but there is a limit. I could spend the entire day at antique shops and thrift stores but Steve has about a three hour limit before he is bored. I guess I am lucky that he last that long! I am glad you passed on the stool. xx, Sherry

  15. Cindy,
    Sounds as if the two of you have a wonderful relationship!!!
    "Mr. Ed" goes with me antiquing...but after a few minutes finds the couch...or another husband to visit with!
    We both do our own thing in the antique Mall...but he's always a phone call away!!!
    Sometimes there are GREAT FINDS, sometimes it's SLIM PICKINS and then there's the EMPTY HANDED!!!
    Great hunting for your vanity stool!!!
    P.S. Visiting from Susan's!!!

  16. Looks like you had a fabulous day. I can't get over that table of blue bottles. I know a few of those would have come home with me!

  17. Love me some antiquing! Usually, my husband despises going and ends up finding something he loves!

    Jenna @

  18. How special that your hubby enjoys antique shopping. My husband enjoys it at times, depending on the where and when.
    Love the blue bottles. The tub sofa is definitely a creative repurpose. ;-)

  19. Love the blue bottles and the little fire truck.

  20. Oh my gosh - I happen to be in Charlotte for business and stopped by Sleepy Poet today...I'm fairly sure I saw several of these items this afternoon :)....the purple bottle display really caught my eye and I laughed when I saw that sequin chair too. Interesting shop and I can totally see why you and your husband enjoyed poking around it for a bit.
    Kelly @ Babiole de Windsor

  21. Cindy,
    Sounds like we are both lucky ladies...Mr.CC likes to shop for antiques too:) Not lovin' that vanity stool...good thing that you passed on it.


  22. Cindy thank you so much for visiting my blog~I'm thrilled! Ok, first I want all of that cobalt glass!!! Second I adore the antique ceiling tile and have an almost identical one in my living room over a mirror. And third~just signed up to follow you. <3 melissa from "the tinsel"

  23. I love getting to go along shopping. Thanks for snapping some pictures of the cool finds. The bottles are amazing all together like that. I was wondering how their prices were, then you showed the tub price. Now I know. But that is pretty darn amazing! If Anthropologie had something like that, they would have priced it at nearer to $2,000 most likely. Maybe that was a steal.

    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  24. The cobalt Bottles and the fire engine really need to come home with me.

  25. Love all the blue glass. It makes me want to change my kitchen accent color from red to blue! But that vanity stool -- pardon my saying so, but I think it looks like it belongs in a backstage dressing room at a strip club!

  26. Sounds like a great day!!!! My hubby like antiquing too!!! I'm so glad:) Love the we are made to love sign!! New follow. Follow me back at

  27. How refreshing! Its so nice having fun "together". That tub-re-do is amazing.

  28. oh my goodness so many wonderful treasures! xo P.S. thank you for sharing at the hop

  29. Wow! the tub looks interesting - just can't imagine someone cutting it...I feel privileged to have mine! Love the blue bottles, the dresser and the signs. Dearest does love antiquing and Estate sales - we do have a marvelous time together - one of God's blessings, don't you think!? I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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