Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It is almost Valentine's Day and today I find myself reminiscing... 

I am remembering this time last year when MY SWEETHEART surprised me with the  wonderful VALENTINE'S SPA WEEKEND at the Grove Park Inn.

If you aren't familiar with The Grove Park Inn, this historic Inn is located in the beautiful mountain region of Asheville North Carolina and is absolutely beautiful!
Upon arrival you will want to allow the red coat, tall hat, and white gloved gentleman to park your car... you won't be needing it again!

This special VALENTINE'S CLASSICAL ROMANCE & SPA EVENT includes excellent shopping, evening entertainment, dining, dance lessons, dancing and on the last evening there is a Grand Ballroom Gala for dancing with a wonderful band, and ahhhhhhh...the SPA!

It was snowing, snowing, snowing!

This picture was taken while we overlooked the outdoor spa as we enjoyed drink, hor d'oeuvres and a warm fire in the relaxing den area located on the Spa Suites floor.

There are no words to describe how wonderful the outdoor spa is...
Dressed in your bathing suit and wrapped in your SPA robe, you will FREEZE as you leave the warm indoor spa area and head to the outdoor spa area...you will FREEZE!  But once you step down into the hot, bubbly spa and feel those warm bubbles on your freezing face, well it is absolutely amazing!
The outdoor fireplaces are magical...this is a wonderful experience, especially at night!

Notice the icicles, they kept getting longer, and longer as we leisurely enjoyed the beautiful view and scrumptious hor d'oeuvres !

This picture is of the inside Spa area, but the picture doesn't do it justice.  It is so unique with the stone walls, and ceiling with a sky light that spans the length.  You cannot see them in this picture, but there are water falls on both sides, wonderful massaging waterfalls, so great for soothing your neck and back ... ahhhhhhh!

Heading to dinner the Concierge offered to snap our picture...

We always have a wonderful time at the Grove Park Inn.
It is the most relaxing place to visit!  Marvelous dining, shopping, entertainment and did I say . . . R E L A X I N G!

I remind MY SWEETHEART, I tell him often...
though times such as this Valentines Day Romance & Spa Event, which we both enjoyed every minute of are WONDERFUL ...
I am just as happy and content being at home, on the couch, with a cup of coffee...as long as MY SWEETHEART is right beside me!

Happy Valentine's Day to you my sweet friends!

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  1. That's a beautiful place! I know that must have been a great experience!

  2. Lucky you! It sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. The Grove Park Inn is on my place to visit list!

  3. Cindy that weekend spa getaway sound devine~ Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your hubby ;-)

  4. Oh Cindy, that looks absolutely wonderful! We've been to Asheville once on a trip to GA to visit hubby's family for Thanksgiving. We stopped there overnight to go to the Biltmore for the Christmas tours. Although we had to leave the next morning and didn't get to see much of Asheville itself, I thought it looked beautiful. I hope to go back someday soon. I'd love to stay at this spa...LOL

  5. Cindy, I love Asheville. It is one of my favorite Southern cities. What a nice Valentine's surprise. Any plans for this year yet?

  6. That sounds wonderful....I want the indoor Spa installed in my house! LOL

  7. I've been there for their brunch and it is a gorgeous place. What a special destination for Valentine's Day. Gorgeous photos.

  8. I live in the Carolinas and I've never heard of this place before! I would love to send my parents there for their anniversary in March :D

  9. that is gorgeous,snow and all. i love the indoor pool area. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  10. What a great getaway...if I were a bit closer I'd love to go for a weekend. Hope your Valentines Day is wonderful.

  11. Hi Cindy, gorgeous place to visit for a romantic Valentines getaway!! Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting with me!

  12. Hi Cindy, Yes. I have heard of Grove Park Inn. What a dreamy way to spend time with your love. This is what romance novels are made of. Obviously you have yourself a real "keeper". *hugs*

  13. What a wonderful weekend! The Grove Park Inn is gorgeous!

  14. Oh what a wonderful memory! I have always wanted to go there and I'm determined to some day...maybe my sweetheart and I will be able to! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Sister Saturday Cindy!

  15. Can you say DREAMY!? What a wonderful memory! WOW!

    Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! :)


  16. Please count me in! I'm already a follower... My favorite post???? hmmmm I have 2.... The one of your outside with all of the ice on the branches and then the one with the candlesticks and bobeche..the images were so pretty! :)


  17. oh boy! i am jealous of how nice that looks! relaxing and cozy and just all around wonderful :)
    thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind words!


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