Our Creekside Mountain Cabin Fixer-Upper

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So much has happened and I finally get to share it with you!

The mister and I have always enjoyed our RV; you may remember me sharing it with you here.   A nice sized 30' pull behind with a master bedroom, several pull out beds and a very comfortable kitchen and living area.  We love the mountains so that's where we usually head for our vacation and long weekend getaways.  Though we love a mountain view, to us there is nothing more wonderful than relaxing by a rushing creek or stream, so we would always choose a spot with water.  We loved getting away, but began to miss not being able to more comfortably host family and friends, so while sitting around the campfire one evening we began talking about how nice it would be to own a place in the mountains.  Time passed and the more we considered it, the more we felt that should our dream become a reality, we are to use this blessing as a place to bless others; specifically those in ministries, as a place to get away for some rest and relaxation.  We set out on faith and both agreed that if it didn't work out we were fine with that and would continue to enjoy our RV.

With a limited budget and high hopes we began the search for our mountain log cabin.  There were a few things we were hoping for:
-a rustic log cabin
-a rushing creek or stream
-a mountain view
-in the Boone or Asheville area
We love a mountain view, but knew early on that it may be unrealistic to find both views and rushing water, especially within our budget.  Everywhere you go in the mountains there are amazing views, so we kept a rustic log cabin with rushing water as our priority.  Along the way, my mister began to feel a true log cabin was a bit too "dark" for him.  Most have small windows which allows for very little natural light, they are wood from top to bottom and he wasn't sure he would find that enjoyable, so we broadened our search to other types of homes but the main criteria of rushing water remained which did limit the possibilities.  We went under contract a couple of times during our search, but for one reason or another each fell through and we believe that was God directing us right where we were meant to be, and finally after two l-o-n-g years, we closed on our creek side mountain cabin.
It's an interesting story, how we ended up with this cabin...
We looked at so many properties in our two year search.  This one had been on the market for a long time prior to our looking at it and listed with a number of different agencies.  It was about a year into our search when we drove up and I was pretty much sold.  The drive in and water on the property was absolutely beautiful, with not just ONE rushing creek but is bordered by TWO rushing creeks!  However, once inside and seeing the condition of the cabin we knew there was NO way we could come close to paying what they were asking.  The cabin needed just shy of a total gut job, it was filthy dirty and the smell...oh my...it was AWFUL!  Even so, it had so much character and we could see potential, but at that price we had to walk away.  I kept checking back to see if by chance the price had dropped, but it never did and then the cabin was taken off the market.  I was kind of sad, wishing we had taken a chance with a low ball offer way back when, but we didn't and now the chance was gone.  This place stayed on my mind so every now and again I would check to see if by chance it became available again and about six months later, in God's perfect timing, it did!  It was back on the market at a price much less than before, we made an offer and they accepted!

I am happy to finally be sharing our creekside mountain cabin with you!

Located about 40 minutes outside of Asheville the drive to the cabin is beautiful, especially just as you arrive at our drive.  You have to cross the "Mountain Car Wash" to enter our drive.  The car wash is where the creek runs from one side of the road, spills over the road, and continues to the other side and down behind our cabin...I was sold once my tires got wet!

You can see the rear view mirror to the left.  We were stopped in the middle of the road as the creek flows from the right side of the road as shown here and then across the road and continues down to the back side of our cabin.

The creek is flowing over the road and our drive is just ahead to the left.

Here's a video of the Mountain Car Wash:

As you continue down the drive the well house is on the left and you can see the back of the cabin as well as the distant mountain views.

This is the front side of the cabin and though hazy in this picture you can see more mountain views to the right.  This is a fixer-upper for sure and there is so much to do!  We need to redo the siding, gutters, painting, new entry doors, new posts, and the list goes on...but she's rustic and that's exactly what we wanted.

The bridge that crosses over the rushing creek on the front part of the property needs some repair work done which is way down on the to-do-list.  There is plumbing in the house so the outhouse to the right is just for show! :)

Video of the front creek:

Video of the front creek falls...

There is a two car garage, a small log cabin (I got my log cabin after all!) and an additional storage area to the far left.  I can't wait to do something fun with the log cabin; maybe a charming bunk area for guests?

On the right side of the cabin is an enclosed patio just off the kitchen.  It has built in seating and I cannot tell you how excited we will be to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching and listening to the creek that runs right beside.

Just around back these stairs lead down to a bridge over the creek to a center island where the creek divides and runs down two sides.  It is hard to see because of all the mountain laurel.

More stairs on the other side...

Here's a video of the back creek:

Some houses in the mountains are decorated with a beach theme and some French country.  Our goal is to have a mountain cabin that looks and feels like it belongs in the mountains; rustic and a little primitive.  It's time to go inside, but please keep an open mind.  There is so much to do in this fixer-upper.

As you enter the stairway is just in front of the door.  We love the knotty pine walls and they will be staying as is.  The carpet runner continues up into the upstairs hallway...it's got to go...it stinks!

Some of the pictures I am sharing are from the many previous MLS listings.  Several things we love about the main living area are the large windows, the stone fireplace and the knotty pine walls.  The ceilings are low and are ceiling tiles which we will be removing and hopefully what's above can be left exposed.  I am not a fan of the floor tile, but we will have to see what we can do about that.

The fireplace doors are in good shape, just really dirty.  I may paint the brass and grill above in black.

Looking the other direction you can see the entry, stairs and can get a better view of the ceiling tiles...yuck!  The air condition vents are really low and guess what?  There hasn't been a central heat and air system in this cabin in years and we need the head room, so out they go!!!

This is the eating area just off the kitchen.  To the left is a doorway that leads to the garage-now-turned-master-bedroom, laundry and half bath.  The white unit sitting on the floor is an oil monitor and is how most folks in the mountains heat their cabins.

The kitchen is spacious with lots of cabinetry and even a pantry down on the far right by the back door that leads to the deck area.  It's all got to go...top to bottom!!!

This is the garage turned master bedroom.  Now don't you want to take a nice soak in that lovely tub?
Oh my goodness...there are no words!
Just behind the tub is the laundry room and the door to the right as you go back into the kitchen is a half bath.

It's all got to go!  The master bedroom, bathroom and laundry will all be totally reconfigured.

Got to go!

Got to go!

The cabin needs a ton of work but it is spacious at 1700 square feet.
Upstairs there is a huge hallway, two bedrooms and a full bath.  The pine hardwood floors are in great shape and will be refinished.   The carpet runner, ceiling tiles and track lighting in the hallway have to go!

This is the upstairs bathroom.
It is spacious and all but the cedar walls and ceiling will be redone.

Bedroom #1.
The hardwood floors and double doors leading to the upstairs balcony are the positives.  The ceiling tiles, light fixture and wallpaper will be removed and the hardwood floors will be refinished.

Bedroom #2.
Like in the first bedroom, the hardwood floors and double doors leading to the upstairs balcony are the only positives.  The ceiling tiles, light fixture and wallpaper will be removed and the hardwood floors will be refinished.

One last look at the creek...this sealed the deal!

We have so much to do and a limited budget so it will be interesting to see how she turns out; we are hopeful and will give it our best shot!  The first list to accomplish:
-redo electrical
-remove ceiling tiles and replace with tongue and groove or leave floor joists exposed
-new flooring downstairs
-new master bedroom
-new master bathroom
-new laundry room
-new kitchen
-entry doors
-replacing some windows

Living 3 hours away, it will be a challenge but I think we are up for it.  I hope you'll follow along to see how she turns out here!

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  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!! So glad for you😍

  2. I am so happy for you!! You are living my dream....if I were a bit younger! We bought a vacation property with a creek when we were younger and it was wonderful. We had big plans for the house on the property, but it turned out that it was too old and too dilapidated to be saved. We bought a camper to keep on the property, but I have always missed getting to fix up that old house. I will be following your progress each step of the way and live my cabin up-dating dreams through you. God blessed us richly while we had the property. We have wonderful memories from there. I know God will bless you too as you prepare to use the blessings he has given you.

  3. I am SOOOO very excited for you, Cindy. Looks like God 'brought you home' on this one. I can actually 'see' it all done. We have done this 15 times over the years-bought a fixer-upper and redid it top to bottom. You will have a beautiful, quaint 'showplace' there when you are done. It is overwhelming at times when there is so much to do and you are working within a budget but I know you will do it--one step at a time---just like we did in the past.

    I have a feeling that you will bless many, many people as a ministry with your sweet new home. What a great place for someone to go and let the troubles of the world just be washed away by the song of rushing water.

    I am THRILLED for you and thank you for sharing all of this with us. Blessings---xo Diana
    ps Now go get busy--you've got work to do!!!! lol

  4. Congratulations for living your dream. So much potential in that home, the setting is beautiful. I love your style and cannot wait to see the progress. God bless!

  5. It is going to be great. I know you will have that place looking wonderful in no time, but the views outside will keep you outside for much of the time. It will be amazing what just a little muscle to clean it will do.

  6. Wow Cindy! I see the potential. We have visited the area and its is stunning. I love the water too, and we are building in the mountains now in Alabama. I can see many a memory to be made. Wish I was closer to help! I could use a good project... lol. Can't wait to see it come together. I have sold off a ton of country stuff that would have been perfect for it! Congrats!!

  7. Picture-perfect spot! Congrats! Enjoy every minute.

  8. Cindy, oh my stars! What a beautiful piece of property with so much going for it! You, my friend, will have the challenge of your life managing this project, but I cannot wait to see the journey. I am very happy for you!

  9. This will be just wonderful after your magic touch! I love the Ashville area. So happy for you. Sheila

  10. Oh my goodness how exciting!! What a beautiful location! It looks like we could be neighbors -- we are in Balsam west of Waynesville. Can't wait to watch the process:-)

  11. I see loads of potential!!! The outcome of the work will be a memory and you will have a place to come to that suits you perfectly!!! Happy for you finding your dream and hard work never really hurt anyone!

  12. What a gorgeous setting! Looking at the pictures, I can jus hear that creek as it cascades down the hillside. The house has so much wonderful potential. Congrats!

  13. What an exciting journey you are on and what a magical place to take it. I can't wait to share in the transformation. On behalf of future ministers who will visit, let me thank you. About thirty years ago at a particular stressful time in our family and ministry we were invited to spend a week at a couple's cabin built for the purpose of providing a get-away and retreat for ministers. It was in the mountains near Creede, Co and exactly what we needed. To this day, I recall a very personal time spent with God on the side of that majestic mountain at Wagon Wheel Gap. We were even able to take my retired minister parents back there a few years later. What a blessing that was for all of us. So thank you for being sensitive and providing a place where ministers can be refreshed and healed.

  14. Cindy, is your cabin in Tenn or North Carolina? my family has a lake house 45 miles from ashville in Tenn on Douglas Lake. Your cabin looks amazing ( love the car wash ) and I look forward to seeing your journey and updates. Best of luck!

  15. How exciting!!! I would love to have a place in that location! It is so beautiful there. we have visited several times! Can't wait to follow along!

  16. Oh Cindy, this setting is just amazing. Lot's of work, but it will be worth it!!!

  17. So So happy for you...it is absolutely beautiful!! The mornings you will spend listening to that stream will keep you young. My husband always says about our lake house....the minutes we spend looking down the river will add time back to our lives!
    And I kinda like the tile in that room....quirky and I think you could do fun stuff in there because of it!!!

  18. This is really beautiful and you should have a lot of fun getting it the way you want. What a lovely place

  19. Cindy, I am so happy for you. The setting of the property is stunning with the views and the water. I will look forward to your journey as you work on the house, a fun project for sure! I love that you will use the cabin for ministry! Blessings~

  20. Congratulations on finding your dream home! My suggestion, put in huge windows in the upstairs bedrooms. Don't hide any of that awesome view. It was made to be enjoyed.

  21. Lovely cabin and location! We have had our WVa mountain cabin by a river for 23 years. We have done some renovations. But like you we have always had a limited budget and live 3 hours away. But we have gone there as often as possible. Sometimes are just for relaxing and enjoying. It is livable. Others times we undertake a project that takes us many trips to finish. The screened porch has been painted and rescreened several times. This year it will be repainted again including the floor. There are two new decks and one remodeled bathroom. Outside wood siding and trim painted several times. There is a new tin roof and a lovely fence to keep farm cows out of the yard. So........don't rush at doing all your renovations. Deep clean and decorate to your tastes. Then spend time enjoying and spacing out the projects. Good luck and enjoy!

  22. It looks wonderful!! So peaceful!
    Did you know that you can put (thin) laminate flooring right over tile?? Our daughter did that in their first house...
    Just a thought...
    Anyway, congrats on your find!

  23. Oh wow, Cindy, what a diamond in the rough.....there is nothing more peaceful and delightful than the sound of rushing water, it is so relaxing and like another world. I remember us all
    wading in lil mountian creeks when our kids were young and we visited the Smokey mountains. and
    enjoyed that so much. Congratulations on your wonderful find and hope yall have many many
    enjoyable and memorable times there with your mister and the family.
    Look forward to seeing all that you do as you update it and make it beautiful.
    Blessings, Nellie

  24. How exciting! I know you will transform this house into a beautiful "home away from home." Mountain cabins are so expensive here in Colorado but I have the same dream to find one our entire family will be able to enjoy. The hunt is part of the fun!

  25. Congratulations, Cindy! How exciting for you and your family. I have no doubt you'll make your new mountain retreat into a show stopper. Congrats again, Cynthia

  26. How wonderful! I love the setting. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  27. This is a very exciting find! We used to travel in a motorhome so I know the feeling and often wondered what it would be like to have a home in the mountains. I like the character this home has and of course the setting is wonderful so that makes it all worth while! It will be a bit exhausting to travel and work but I know in the end you will be so happy. Congratulations on your new mountain cabin!

  28. So excited for you! You found the most beautiful spot! That creek is breathtaking, I can just hear it! I love the part about how you knew the second your tires hit the "car wash!" It's a gorgeous piece of property and so peaceful! The cabin will be amazing and I'm excited to follow along on your work with it. Those big windows are amazing! ~ Kristin www.whitearrowshome.com

  29. This is a wonderful rustic cabin that was meant to be for you and your husband ! I loved reading the story.
    It looks great inside, can't wait to see how you redo it dear Cindy.
    Congrats and blessings.


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