Farmhouse Touches in the Great Room

Saturday, January 10, 2015

 It was a whirlwind as we moved back in the house,
and with little thought we quickly placed things here and there.
We were just happy to be back home and in the nick of time to do a little decorating for Christmas.

With all the decorations packed away,
I am eager to do some fluffing and have started in the great room.

Itching to use these old farmhouse shutters, I pulled them down from the barn shed out back.  They still had the tag on them from years ago when they were priced for sale in my shop.

I love the weathered wood.
Though most of the paint has long been worn off, there are remnants of greens and blues, the perfect colors for this room.

Old and a bit rickety,
rather than hanging them I decided to place them on the primitive hutch,
resting against the wall.

In front of the shutters I added an iron candle holder and a couple of homespun hearts.

A dainty white orchid in an ironstone pitcher.

This mouse door stop is tiny and was a gift from a friend.
I don't believe I have ever used it as a doorstop,
but often use it to add that special little something to vignettes.

In the evenings,
the candlelight adds a soft glow to this corner.

With a bit of Christmas money I am heading out to visit a few of my my favorite antique shops, should be a fun day!

The orchid is AMAZING!
To see the intricate detail of this tiny, quarter sized orchid up close...WOW!

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  1. The touches of white really set off the drama and texture of the old shutters. I think a lot of people search for these, but then either end up with a weird looking set or don't know how to display them just right. You did the perfect job on both accounts!

  2. I think they are perfect there! I love all your vignettes, so well-styled!

  3. Love you site. The shutters are perfect for the setting.

  4. Love the shutters. I'm on the lookout for a pair


  5. Hi Cindy,
    What a lovely and cozy corner. I have always loved your swan or is she a goose? Whoever she is....she is very pretty!!
    Liked the addition of the shutters, a very nice touch, and enjoyed your whole vignette.
    Hope 2015 is being good to you so far.

    Blessings Galore,

  6. Is it possible your mouse is the Greenville sc mouse and not a door stop?

  7. Oh, I love this, Cindy! The shutters look great and set off your other pieces so well. Love the swan and the mouse, too!


    Sheila :-)

  8. What??? You had those shutters for sale? What were you thinking? The room looks so lovely with them.

  9. Love the way that all looks together!

  10. The shutters are the star of the show, Cindy! I think we all love them and maybe want to steal them! lol! Great job!

    Jane x

  11. BEAUTIFUL vignette Cindy!! LOVE the old shutters and LOVE that pretty cabinet...the whole space looks fabulous!

  12. What a neat way to use the old shutters and it makes for such a cozy corner. Warm and inviting, just what I like. Hope you have a fun day with your Christmas money!

  13. Cindy, how exciting to see you enjoying your home again! Love the shutters! The room feels so cozy and inviting. Enjoy it!

  14. Happy Saturday, Cindy!
    I have some serious shutter love going on. Lol That is such a pretty corner.
    Hope you find something that you love while antiquing.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. Cindy,
    Love the weathered wood on your farmhouse shutters!
    The angle of them placed atop the primitive cabinet gives a touch of dimension,
    far more pleasing to the eye!
    The vignette you've created is stunning, dear friend!!!
    Enjoy your shopping with gifted money!

  16. A cozy and charming corner of your great room, Cindy, with the shutters adding to that cocoon feel. The orchid in the white ironstone pitcher is very, very pretty, and my favourite farmhouse touch here!

    Happy weekend!



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