Tuesday, April 9, 2013

AMAZE ME MONDAY #1 ~ She Turned Out Pretty!

Welcome to AMAZE ME MONDAY #1!

I am so glad you are here because I've got something to show you!
Make Me Pretty is FINISHED!

Remember how she used to look?  Begging for someone to make her pretty...

She was flat on her back getting a good scraping
and it turned out that painting was the best option...

I used AS Chalk Paint.
Two coats of French Linen and then a wash with Old White.

I used some color wash tips from Yvonne at Stone Gable...




I will was NO fun doing the inside with all those cubbies!

So, what do you think...didn't she turn out pretty!
She'll be going to the shop, so I hope someone will grab her up soon...

Let's get to the party...

We put so much of our hearts into our homes so please share your
home tours,
can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Some do's please...
1.  Place a a link to this party in your post.
2.   Please  be a follower of this blog through GFC.
3. Copy and paste the web address of your post NOT your blog home page.
4. Please link new posts and limit to 3.
5.  Please visit a few other links and leave a sweet comment.

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  1. Cindy,
    I am so glad that you took over and brought back Amaze Me Mondays!! What a fantastic make over and what a beauty you have on your hands there!!

    Thanks again for hosting!!


  2. The transformation of your little desk is beautiful! Great job!!
    Thank you for hosting this new party!
    Mary Alice

  3. Thanks for the invite, Cindy. Love the desk.

  4. I'm so glad you're hosting the party Cindy.
    I LOVE the transformation of your desk! Beautiful!


  5. Wow- you made her beautiful once again! Thanks for the invite to participate, Cindy. I hope to get going on some more projects soon. As I told you, I'm kinda going nuts w/the new booth. LOL Best of luck with the new to you party. xo Sue

  6. Beautiful desk. Thanks for inviting me over. Following you now.

  7. Yes, it came out beautiful, Loving your desk!! Thank you for the invite to your great partyand for the sweet comments! Have a good week.

  8. Cindy that turned out so beautiful! It has a dreamy romantic quality about it!
    Thank you for inviting me over! So glad to join you! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Cindy,
    Congrats on your new party! I am so happy to be here at party #1!!!! Oh yes...she did transform into one beautiful gal. I think my memory is going bad...I didn't know that you had a shop...silly me:)


  10. Your desk turned out beautifully! I'm so happy that you are hosting a party and that I can participate.

  11. Oh my, Cindy, your little secretary looks so lovely all dressed up in her new paint. You are such a sweetheart to become the hostess of this party. I wish you much success!


  12. Cindy she's a beauty!! Thanks so much for hosting!

  13. The desk turned out great! Thank you for hosting and I'm your newest follower.

  14. She is beyond PRETTY- She is beautiful!!!! xo Diana

  15. Hi Cindy, What a beautiful transformation on the little desk. Love the color! I don’t think she will be in the shop long.
    Thanks for hosting.....

    The French Htuch

  16. This is a work of art! I LOVE the colour you used and how bright it became! :)


  17. She really did turn out pretty for sure, Cindy. Thank you for letting me know about your party and for inviting me to join, which is just what I did..Happy Sunday..Judy

  18. I must confess I was impatient to see what you did with your damaged piece. It turned out lovely! I'm really impressed, given the state it was in. Thanks for inviting me to the party and be assured I'll come back. I'm off to check some links on my lunch break.

  19. Wow that turned out great !!! Have a great start to your week

  20. Thanks for the party invitation -- can't wait to see the other links.

  21. Great painting job. Love to see an old piece with new life! Thanks for stopping by. Jane

  22. Your secretary desk looks wonderful- you did a great job. I'm sure it'll sell quickly. Thanks for the invite to the party. :)

  23. Cindy, she is lovely! What an amazing transformation you've given this piece. Isn't it wonderful that this darling desk now has a new life.
    Thanks for inviting me to join in your Monday party.

  24. Hi, Cindy! What a transformation! I love how your little desk turned out. So glad to be partying with you!

  25. It turned out great, Cindy. I know it will soon be a very special treasure for some lucky person.

    Thank you for inviting me to your new party. Best of luck!

  26. So happy to be part of your first party! (In the section where you put your blog or name of your post, you probably need to increase the numbers up from 15. I just put Cozy Lit House and got it to fit.)

  27. Beautifully done, Cindy! I love the size of this piece, too. Perfect for those of us in condo's.

  28. Oh Cindy, your little desk is gorgeous! She is a delicate little thing and white was the perfect paint for her! I love it. When I was a teenager, I loved old furniture then, like I do now and someone gave me a desk almost like that. I left it somewhere over the years, when I saw this I was reminded of my first antique.
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. Your desk looks gorgeous! What a great job!

  30. You did a gorgeous job on the secretary. I'm particularly impressed with those cubbies. I'm always so messy with painting the inside of cabinets, drawers and cubbies.

    Thanks for inviting me to the party.

  31. first time joining your party, thank you for hosting and your secretary looks phenomenal! love it! thanks for hosting!

  32. What a awesome transformation! It really turned out looking beautiful!

  33. Fantastic job on the secretary. That takes a lot of persistence! Thank you for hosting the party. I just became a new follower.

    Laura from

  34. I love that secretary and she turned out did a great job...thanks for hosting!

  35. Hi Cindy,

    Congratulations on being the new host for "Amaze Me Monday;" I'm looking forward to linking to your party!! Your secretary turned out soooo pretty -- great job!! I love old pieces like that, and you chose a great color. You really have a lovely home.

    I apologize for my delay in leaving you a comment. I ALWAYS leave a comment for the host as soon as I link on to a party; but last night it was sooo late when I linked on, I just went straight to bed. :) Thank you for hosting, Cindy, and have a wonderful day!


  36. Hi Cindy, I agree you did an outstanding job on that gorgeous old desk. Love the new look.


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