The Dining Room

Monday, March 4, 2013

Hi Sweet Friends!

I promised I would take you on a tour of our home so WELCOME to the dining room.

We still have to-do lists for most of the rooms in our home and is why this room is one of my favorites, it's finished.

Antique cherry table and chairs in the dining room.

The hydrangeas in the centerpiece are from our daughter's wedding
and were placed on a crystal cake stand on top of a silver tray.

After the wedding reception my sister took home some of the large centerpieces so she could dry them for me.   We've dried hydrangeas before and they kept their shape and color, but these shriveled up.  She dried all the hydrangea from four very large arrangements but due to the bloom shrinkage I ended up with only one centerpiece.  I do love it and it reminds me of an amazing day!

Antique cherry table and chairs in the dining room.

Hydrangea Centerpiece

Dining Room Buffet

Antique cherry furniture in the dining room.

The dining room table and chairs were purchased from a local antique shop

and the buffet and china cabinets are from my husband's family.

Silver tray and silver in the dining room

Formal Dining Room

Cherry  Dining Room Cabinet

The empire chest was purchased at an auction

and is where I store doilies, candles, note cards, tissue paper, gift bags, and ribbons.

Antique 1800's Mahogany Empire Chest in the Dining Room

The chandelier is Schonbeck.

Schonbeck chandelier in the dining room

Formal Dining Room entry from the front foyer

I hope you enjoyed touring the dining room!

To tour more of our home go here.


  1. Cindy - your dining room is beautiful and looks so large. I dream of having a huge dining room! Your furniture is wonderful and, I especially, like your dining room chairs. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your dining room is absolutely lovely, Cindy! Beautifully decorated!
    The hydrangeas are great. That's strange that only a few made it.

    Have a great day.

  3. Yes sweet friend, you do have a lovely dining room. I have a special love for dining rooms and your dining furniture is beautiful! I agree with you..some rooms in our home are also; "finishd for now." Have a great week.

  4. Cindy, your dining room is beautiful. I dry my own hydrangeas, in water, that come from my yard. Occasionally they don'y dry properly but most of the the time they dry beautifully. xo, olive

  5. Cindy,
    Now I see something in this beautiful room that will featured at my Nifty Thrifty Tuesday party...please feel free to grab my featured button for your blog (it's located under my header).


  6. Love the dining room. I think the hydrangeas are really pretty, and a wonderful way to remember a very special moment in you and your families lives. Enjoyed the tour. :)

  7. Pretty room Cindy with beautiful antiques.

  8. Cindy, Your dining room is gorgeous with all your beautiful antiques. So glad you were able to salvage enough hydrangeas to make a centerpiece.
    Mary Alice

  9. Oh Cindy,

    I love your dining room furniture and everything! And those window curtains! WOW!

    You know what I've found with Hydrangeas? If I pick them when they're really fresh, early to mid season, they don't dry well. The blooms left til later in the season, just as they're about to change or are changing dry the best. I just cut them and stick them in a vase until they're dry! I'm sure the Florist used very fresh Hydrangeas, at the peak of their beauty and that's why they didn't dry well. JMHO

    Have a great week...

    Jan ♥


  10. You have home sweet home....:):)the furniture's look elegant. A warm and a inviting home...the dining area looks wonderful...thank you for this share...:):)

  11. You know, Cindy, I like that the hydrangeas shriveled a little...they're beautiful like that and have an antique flair about them. Love the dining room. So many lovely pieces!

  12. Cindy - What a beautiful living room. It looks like the same color paint as my dining room...soft and pretty. You did a wonderful job on the whole room- xo Diana

  13. A beautiful room. I know you enjoy surely did a great job.

  14. Beautiful home beautiful dining room! Some hydrangeas preserve better than others. One secret is to dry them when they are a bit older because fresh blooms shrivel. I cut mine for drying when they start to look papery. It can be an interesting look though and yours look pretty neat in the crystal bowl.

  15. Your dining room is beautiful and very elegant. I love your antique table, chest and china cabinet. Really gorgeous room.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. An elegant yet homey room. Thanks for posting. Would you share your paint oolors? Thanks, Marty

  17. Your dining room is absolutely lovely. The table and chairs are beautiful, as are the family pieces--perfect blend. And your table centerpiece is not only super special, but so beautiful too. Lovely! ~Zuni
    PS - The plaid curtains are exactly what I plan on doing, once I find the color mix that I have in my mind and heart. :)

  18. Hello Cindy~
    What a lovely home you have created! The furniture is handsome and the centerpiece is sure to make everyone smile whenever they see it and are reminded of that special day. I love your wood floors. Have a nice week,
    SHawn :)

  19. What a nice and large dining-room. The colours make it very peaceful.

  20. Your dining room is gorgeous. I love your beautiful table and heirloom pieces. So nice to see the beauty of the wood. The hydrangeas still look amazing, so nice you have them. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  21. What a lovely room! I particularly like the wallpaper in your hallway, and that stunning chandelier. (I didn't see the source on that - did it come with the house? Lucky!) I can only imagine how much fun it must be to open that Empire chest - full of beautiful treasures! (Definitely beats the closets full of exploding disorganization that I am harboring. Hmm...a goal...)

  22. We all are haunted by that dreaded To Do List, but I think yours should be a pretty short one. Your dining room and receiving area are beautiful!!! That Empire chest....wowza, wowza, wowza!!!! I am SO in love with that!!! Your home looks well-loved and cared for, and you have decorated it beautifully! The wood floors alone just make me lightheaded!!! I'm off to visit other rooms in your house!

  23. Lovely empire dresser! Your dining room is so beautiful!

  24. I love the empire chest! Your dining room is so elegant and roomy! This is my one regret when building our home that I didn't make sure our dining room was bigger!! Have a blessed day, Tammy!

  25. Your furniture and floors are just gorgeous! You must have some lovely meals in there! Happy Wednesday from the enchanted oven.

  26. Cindy your dining room is beautiful! I love your crystal chandelier. I bet it puts off the most amazing sun rays in that space. Thanx for partying at THT!

  27. It looks stunning! congrats both on the room and your daughter's wedding!

  28. Your dining room is beautiful! Each and every detail is perfect. I love the dried hydrangeas.

  29. Hi Cindy, I'm just coming over and following you from Home and Garden Thursday. I haven't seen your blog before and it is very lovely. Your dining room is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more. Please, stop by the Cottage for a visit. You would be most welcome..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  30. Your dining room is beautiful. Such a lovely home you have!

  31. What a gorgeous room! your hydrangea are lovely. I don't know anything about drying them but these are beautiful!


  32. You have some beautiful pieces in your dining room. Just lovely.

    Great to have you at SEASONAL SUNDAYS!

    - The Tablescaper

  33. Hello Cindy, your dining room is lovely - love the green color on your walls. Love the way you've displayed the floral arrangement - I think sometimes with Hydrangeas letting just a little water at first then letting it dry out helps. I do appreciate you sharing your lovely home with Home and Garden Thursday,

  34. Beautiful!! Will you share information about your chandelier?

  35. Your home is beautiful, Cindy.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest


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