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Sunday, May 12, 2019

I began my blog back in November 2010.  My life and blogging were much different back then...

I'm still a southern girl, very thankful for the blessings and grace that God has so richly shown to me.  Our children have grown older and are now both married.  My days are still filled with things close to my heart; 
my Lord,
family and friends,
tending the garden,
fluffing my nest,
remodeling our cabin,
and these days my heart is overflowing with so much love for our first grandson born this past December.
I still love family heirlooms, the old and well worn, and believe our homes reflect the heart of those who live there, telling the story of who we are, I still enjoy filling my home with special pieces having tugged at my heart.  I love nice things that are practical, comfortable, and keeping the budget in mind I still find that searching and patience go hand in hand.  Above all, I still hope our home is a warm and cozy place for all who enter.

My favorite quote and verse are still why my blog is named Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home:
"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us." 
Winston Churchill
"Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
Psalm 23:6

I truly believe we shape our dwellings and our families by all the hope, love and encouragement we invest in it and them.  I truly believe when Jesus is the Lord of our lives, His goodness will fill and guide our lives and one day when our life here on this earth ends...those who put our trust in Him...can look forward to dwelling with HIM in heaven, forever!

I have not been blogging about home décor and the like for some time now but have continued with my weekly blog party Amaze Me Monday.  I am so thankful for all the friends I've met along the way and for all who come to party here each week.  But, for now Amaze Me Monday will be on hold and I will post when I feel led to do so.  For me, right now, rather than the time it takes hosting parties, decorating, taking pictures, editing, and then putting a posting together...I am investing in the amazing people in my life.  They come first.  I'll still post, as I've invested a lot in this blog, and it holds a special place in my heart...but it is not my priority.

Much love to you all and I hope you will continue coming to see me, as I will you!


  1. Hi Cindy, I'll miss your linky party but totally understand your decision to honor your priorities. And who couldn't DWELL on that adorable baby? Best wishes to you and your family. Pat (

  2. Oh your grandson is darling!! I understand your decision and will continue to stop by to see what you are up to. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. I absolutely agree, and amen. Your priorities are so very right. I think a lot of us have cut back that have been blogging since the early days. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, blessings, Debra.

  4. You are as beautiful inside as you are on the outside and I have been blessed to come to know you through your blog. I take extended breaks from time to time to watch children grow and change because the years are fleeting and will soon be gone.
    There is nothing in the world like that first grandchild and they place they hold in your heart. I am just thrilled for you---what a beautiful, beautiful child!
    I will watch for posts from you--when and as you feel led--- Love to you- Diana

  5. Cindy,
    Thank you for your inspiration in the past on your blog and from your weekly linky party. I appreciate all your encouragement by featuring posts from my blog and leaving wonderful comments.

    Blessings to you and to your family during the upcoming days and years making memories of a lifetime with them.

    Happy Mother's Day,


  6. Cindy, Thank you for hosting your party and all the time it has taken to do so. I understand completely, grandchildren won’t wait. He is adorable and enjoy him and all of your family, it is what is important. Wishing you God’s richest blessings...and sending my love, Pam

  7. What a blessing a baby is to the whole family! Precious photos my friend. And I thank you for all the wonderful Monday parties we've had over the years! Enjoy this time of your life! Sweet Southern hugs, Diane

  8. I totally understand your decision, Cindy. Enjoy that precious grandson and time spent with family and friends. Happy Belated Mother's Day 🌷

  9. Blessings to you and your beautiful family Cindy. I don't blame you at all, I would grab hold of that beautiful grand baby of yours and never let go. Enjoy your time with loved ones and I'm gad we will still hear from you from time to time. Best my friend. xo- maryjo

  10. Cindy,
    Blessings abound!
    I agree, time with family & friends is far too precious,
    especially at this time in our lives.
    I, too, continue to blog for my creative outlet,
    but I do it out of the love of blogging, not to meet a deadline.
    I used to get such a thrill out of the parties. . .
    and I still enjoying visiting them when time allows.
    Oh, your lovely family photos warm my heart.
    Savor the moments.

  11. This is a lovely post! Grandchildren are such wonderful gifts from God. I have learned so much about life through my children and grands. What a treasure you hold in your hands and when they smile your heart melts.

  12. Thanks for all the wonderful link parties that you have thrown over the years! Enjoy your beautiful life and keep us posted on updates.

  13. Your grandson is adorable and I totally understand wanting to spend time with him and the rest of your family. Thank you for all the wonderful parties you've invited us to. Keep us posted!

  14. Thanks for hosting Amaze me Monday for so many years. I have four grandchildren, so I fully understand wanting to spend more time with your family. Enjoy your family time!


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