Friday, March 22, 2013

Oil Paintings by Marjorie H. Francis Zaman ~ A Lady I Never Knew

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman, or Marnie as she liked to be known, was a lady I never knew but I think I would have liked her. 

About a week ago, on a warm and sunny day, I drove into the parking lot of one of my favorite antique shops.  Before choosing my parking spot I was already intrigued. I parked, opened my door, and my eyes began a journey, as displayed across the shops brick front was oil painting after oil painting.  I was captivated.  There were ships sailing across blue seas, flowers, churches, and hillsides.  Marnie’s paintings were beautiful.

The story goes that Marnie was born in NY in 1924 and settled in our home town some 25 years ago.  She discovered painting later in life.  Her favorite scenes were landscapes, ships sailing and hometown scenes.  She also painted a pet or two, her own living room and a self-portrait too.  Marnie’s family sold most of her estate and paintings to the antique shop upon her passing.  Oil paintings are usually out of my pocketbooks reach, but we struck a deal and three came home with me.

You may remember this antique mirror from my recent post Clutter Solutions. 


The antique mirror has been replaced with this painting…

Antique Mirror

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Oil Painting

A couple has walked through the woods, down the pathway, and into an open meadow heading to a church in the distance.

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Meadow Trail

Just a little to the left is another painting…

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Oil Paintings

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Church Oil Painting

A sweet stone church nestled beside blue waters…

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Church

In the den where the theme is equine...

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Horse Oil Painting

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Horse Oil Painting

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman Horse

There is just something special about these paintings.  They are beautiful and Marnie put her heart into each one of them.  She is no longer here and surely she would want them to be treasured by someone, and these will be!

This is Marnie in her self-portrait…

Marjorie H. Francis Zaman

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Cindy-What beautiful paintings. She was a really talented lady...and look how sweet her self-portrait is. What a dear woman...and good artist- xo Diana

  2. Oh, to have that talent, what a blessing. Lucky you, what a great find.

  3. These are lovely my friend!!! Oil paintings are absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing these with us and the background about the artist! :)


  4. Beautiful paintings Cindy! I also love your alabaster lamp with that pretty shade!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Cindy, the paintings are beautiful! The horse one is really unique! And I simply adore your alabaster lamp! That's on my "bucket list," but I haven't found one I could afford that was in good shape yet! :)

  6. Gorgeous paintings ! I love the gold frame also ! Your entry way looks great ! Have a wonderful day and weekend !

  7. Very nice finds Cindy! She was quite the artist and all three look beautiful in your home!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh lovely paintings, I really love the frames too. Hugs, Marty

  9. Lovely happy you shared a little history behind this talented lady and her work as well. Love her self portrait as well!

  10. The paintings are lovely partly because of her choice of subjects and of course her talent. I am sure Marnie would be pleased that you love her work and gave her paintings a good place to be enjoyed by others. I like the one that shows the ripples of the water as it flows down stream past the church. How special to own not one but three of her paintings.

  11. The paintings are really beautiful. I can see why you were drawn to them. I'm so happy they have a new home.

  12. These are beautiful paintings that I know will be cherished in your home.
    Mary Alice

  13. Hello Cindy, these are fantastic - so many people discover their passion or talent late in life - it is a treat that you were able to get these three - I know you'll treasure them for a long time to come - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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